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“Before working with Carly I was stuck in a pattern of pushing and striving in my business, very much operating from the masculine and overriding my intuitive guidance. Whilst I did make things happen, it came at a big cost to my energy, wellbeing and family life. I most certainly did not want to continue working n this way! I was also stuck with how to package up my skills and experience into a service that would land with potential clients and to be honest, to gain the confidence start seeing clients in the first place!
With Carly’s guidance bit by bit I dropped into my feminine essence and started to trust that my work would come through me I just needed to get out of the way! In our time together I packaged up simple offerings and attracted 7 clients with a free discovery session, 2 whom expressed interest in continuing to work with me. As a result of our work together, I am now being paid for my mentoring work and have upgraded my capacity to mentor others from a place that is 100% natural and unique to me as well as being sacred and potent for my clients. And I’ve only just begun.

Carly helped me to see that I already have all that I need to bring my work into the world – she always related to me as if I already was what I was seeking, which helped me to see it too.  Her clear and grounded energy was such a gift and I can honestly say that the upgrades I experienced working with her have had a deep and lasting effect on my business (and life). I absolutely loved working with her and would do it again in a heartbeat.” Rachel Ross, Soul Guide and Mentor at Earth To Self, South Coast NSW, Australia.



“Before we began our work together,  I felt a little lost, and a lot overwhelmed by life’s circumstances.  I felt as though I had wonderful things to offer, however was frustrated at not being able to bring ideas down to earth with loving action.  Working with Carly, it was as if she had walked along the path before me, illuminating a string of lanterns. We healed old wounds and consciously moved through any challenges as they came up. With Carly’s guidance, I connected deeply with the light and dark parts of who I am which lead me to feeling more whole and Goddess-like than ever.  As a result of our work together, I gained the courage to run headlong into a wall of resistance to bring my gifts into the world as a natural health practitioner. The best part is that after working with Carly, I no longer feel the need to look outside myself for answers – Carly has gently, but swiftly, guided me home to myself. ” Kayla Kooistra, Wellness Mentor at Sage and Wild, Sunshine Coast, Australia.


“Before I started working with Carly, I knew that there was something blocking me in a few different areas of my life, I wanted to bring in more love for myself and to allow my Goddess self to have more a voice in my life, but I was unsure of how to do that. When I sat down and really asked myself if I wanted to work with Carly my soul was saying a big HELL YES, I just had this feeling that the work we would do together would have a huge impact on my life. One of the biggest things I learned while working with Carly was that when it came to me working with my clients and the value I placed on that work wasn’t in alignment with my soul because in all reality if I’m willing to have enough value in myself to work with Carly then i need to have the same value when it comes to the work that I do. After working with Carly, I’m a lot stronger, at peace, free-flowing and loved up in the self-love department. I am so very grateful that our paths crossed, Carly is an amazing mentor and it has been one of the best decisions to work with her over the last 6 months. 
One of the main things that I have noticed with myself is that when it comes to following my intuition more I am able to do it without questioning and I have an even greater trust in life.” Serena Daly, Kinesiologist, and Youth Mentor, Gold Coast, Australia.

I knew from the moment I saw Carly’s glowing and gorgeous face in an online video, that I simply had to do whatever it took to work with this gorgeous woman. I reached out and my nerves dissipated almost from the first moment we started speaking – from there it was in person sessions, Skype calls from her overseas adventure, constant Facebook group support – love, light, being held, space and goodness! I was a ball of triggers and “stories” when I first started working with Carly. The 1:1 private mentoring program changed my world – for the absolute best. I am grounded more often than not now, rather than being a permanent resident in my mind. I’m far better at being present and living in the moment. Knowing and trusting that things just are. Being open to receiving and giving but in a much more balanced way. And most of all, taking the time to acknowledge and give myself a giant pat on the back for all that I’ve achieved and the changes in me.

If you are on this page and reading these notes, you’re almost there, so close to making a decision that will change your life and you won’t regret. Lastly, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to Carly. You have changed my world and for that, I’m eternally grateful.” Kim Somerville, Texas, USA.


Before working with Carly, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to create in my life, but couldn’t envision how to manifest it. Carly helped me clarify my goals, identify and own my worth, and helped me embody more of my creative light. She also advised me on all of the practical details, like setting up my website and getting the infrastructure for my business set up. I am now earning money from a business I didn’t know existed a year ago. I get to earn my living and help others by bringing my natural talents into the world. My business wouldn’t exist without Carly’s expert intuitive and practical guidance. She is the best!Lydia Brown, Voice Coach and Founder of Your Joyful Voice, Brisbane, Australia.



“Ease, Grace, Flow and Space! After wrapping up six divine months of working with this goddess, this is how I feel. I was on a bit of a coach hiatus before Carly. I know the value in great support but I just hadn’t found someone I wanted to work with so closely, it’s like I knew she was coming. A few weeks before she announced she was taking on clients, I had a download that I needed to be working with her, but couldn’t find a thing on her website, so just left it where it was. A thought. Until her email announcement dropped and I was on it straight away. Life is about being connected, you have everything you need within you, but sometimes you just need the support of a divine human to guide you through. Carly has illuminated for me, what was sitting just below the surface, waiting to come out.” Emma Newby, Coach :: Creative :: Photographer, Brisbane, Australia.


“Before working with Carly, important parts of my life weren’t working. Life just didn’t seem to be flowing with the ease and joy that I knew it could. I got sick of roadblocks at every turn and doors of opportunity shutting in my face. It was finally time to invest in myself. The spiritual mentoring journey enabled me to shake off things and situations that were no longer serving my highest good. It allowed me to viscerally experience a depth Oneness with all Life that I didn’t know was possible. Carly opened up, and provided the perfect space, for me to access my Goddess Self. After our work together, my relationships work better and have multiplied, my finances are flowing, my health is thriving, I am no longer in a workplace that doesn’t serve me and I’m moving into a beautiful new home. Most importantly, I now move through my day with ease and a deep joy. Thank you beautiful Carly!” Caitlin Gauci, Sydney, Australia.



“Carly is an intuitive, gentle and spirited woman who has the capacity to make everyone around her feel at ease and instantly comfortable.  I deeply admire her for her hugely healing heart and the work she does in the world.  She is not just creating a legacy with her writing, speaking and coaching – she is living it as an embodiment of what it truly means to live and not just exist.  Her presence is always a gift to my heart.” – Julie Parker, CEO & Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Melbourne, Australia.



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“Carly is the modern embodiment of an exalted woman: cosmic and earthed at the same time, with a heart full of pure gold. She is one of those women who can hold you to reach higher than you ever have and to channel wisdom directly from the stars above. But the power of her work really happens when she guides you to integrate this new light on earth: into the dark spaces of your body and into the real desires of your heart. So that you can emerge as the Exalted Woman you know you are. If you’re ready to channel high vibes of pure light, align to your potential, do the deep work and awaken your inner goddess, then Carly is the woman to guide you.” – Melissa Sandon, Soul Leader mentor & energy medicine teacher, Brisbane, Australia.



 “It is a bit impossible to summate in a short paragraph how much Carly has impacted my life – personally, and professionally, ever since – as an initial design client of mine, and later, turning the tables as soul support coach and mentor figure to me… as well as a creative collaborator, a kindred soul sister, travel partner, and best friend. Carly was my biggest support during a particularly traumatic time in my life just over a year ago, and at this time, she helped me to completely recalibrate my life – soul led, from the inside, out. In matters of grieving, healing, in recalibrating hormones, in nourishment, in soul work and ultimately, in bringing me back to myself. Carly’s presence is gentle, delicate and wise, yet powerful. Her spirit is sunshine soaked. In Carly’s presence, my soul is only ever seen, held, celebrated, adored, empowered and uplifted. If you are in need of support and guidance, Carly comes with my highest recommendation.” Emma Kate Codrington, Director + Chief Wild Heart at Emma Kate Co, Melbourne, Australia.

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“It’s impossible to connect with Carly and not feel as though you’re always being guided into a higher vibration. She has helped me to open my mind and heart to the cosmic magic of the universe and the knowledge and power I have within myself. I’m so grateful for her wisdom, encouragement and support. Through years of her own deep spiritual work and intuitively creating powerful practices in her own life, she has developed a divinely soulful space to help women with their own journey.” Jo Klima, Artist, Designer & Boss Lady at The Darling Tree and Maps to Herself, Brisbane, Australia.



“I made a decision to work with Carly after having spent the past few years feeling like I wasn’t quite clicking into my full self. I knew I needed some guidance to learn to realign with my true self, I’ve done a lot of business and life coaching in the past, but knew I needed an entirely different type of mentor to help me this time. The time spent with Carly was life changing, she inspired me to love both the light and shadow within myself. I work in a very corporate, highly competitive extroverted environment but at home and in my private life I’m a pretty introverted, nature loving and relaxed – I love both parts of my life but always sought to completely separate them from one another – which is actually pretty tiring and confusing – not being the same me all the time. Carly taught me how both parts of me, are both perfectly me and taught me to blend them together to be one true self. As a result I’ve made both small and large changes in my life to realign my living to my life path, I understand myself better (both in the light and the shade) and I am more peaceful with myself and more understanding of the universe. Thanks Carly xx.” Bridget Gabites, Real Estate Agent, Brisbane, Australia.


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“Carly is incredibly attuned, gifted and wise. A session with her leaves you feeling completely heard, nurtured and with a deeper understanding of yourself.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone ready to immerse in a beautiful spiritual practice!”Alana Wimmer, Editor Raspberry Magazine. Brisbane, Australia.





“In short, this girl is a gem! Carly stepped into my life at a time of imbalance and desire for spiritual growth. With her pure energy, she created a safe space of trust and openness for me. Her gentle guidance, coupled with profound wisdom and intuition gave me the opportunity to reconnect fully with myself. Sessions with her during our three months together were filled with inspiring and transformational concepts. This radiant soul brings light wherever she is and celebrates everyone around her. The experience of working with Carly was invaluable.”Philippa A, Brisbane, Australia.




“When I met Carly I was confused about whether I was investing my energies in the right ways. I wasn’t confident that my career trajectory or parenting and partnering approaches were the right ones for me. I felt confused, scattered and misguided alot of the time. 
I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had talents, gifts, aspirations and intentions that weren’t being fulfilled. Committing to a mentorship was relatively easy. All my intuition was guiding me towards it, my husband was completely supportive of it, I felt I owed it to myself and my family to commit to becoming the best possible version of myself. Carly just showed up at the right time in my life and I believed in her version of spiritual guidance without the usual inklings of doubt and scepticism.
Honestly, the shifts I’ve experienced feel relatively subtle externally – I can’t put my finger on the exact ‘achievements’ that have manifested for me. However, internally I feel like a much calmer and more loving myself. I process stress, dark feelings and anger with much more honesty and efficiency. I have found my own self awareness reflects and impacts my relationship with my husband and daughter in the most positive ways and our home life as a result feels blissfully grounded and secure.
I know I have a long way to go to exactly pinpoint the contribution I will make in this world in a professional sense but I can accept uncertain timeframes and complexity much more easily now. My priorities are in order and I feel so much lighter for eliminating the scepticism I previously held for anything beyond the 3D realm. I feel like a much more complete person since having worked with Carly and I look forward to opportunities for challenge and expansion rather than avoiding them.” Emma Healy, Designer, Brisbane, Australia.


“Thank you so much, Carly!! I’m feeling exalted! It’s really magical and astonishing and incredible what you do!! It’s an upgrading like I haven’t seen before. I’ve been growing and transforming all my life but not like this. My process was more like a dredging followed by manic panic and ungraceful processing followed by long periods of stagnation and mental and emotional fatigue. But working with you has showed me that it doesn’t have be like that at all. I transformed with you dare I say faster than I ever have before (a thought that would have terrified me before) but also while feeling stable, grounded, safe in the process (as in haven’t lost a mental cog or two,) and all that while in joy and in heart. Feeling very blessed. All my love and gratitude to you!” – Noon Naea, Saudi Arabia.



“When I began working with Carly, I was at a crossroads in my life. I felt like I had come as far as I could on my own with my spiritual journey. I didn’t know what the next step was, or how to move through the new experiences and awakenings that were happening to me. I felt confused, a bit scared, and also like I was on the brink of a massive change— while also feeling like I had no idea how to navigate that change and the new energies moving in my life.

I don’t think there was even a decision process when it came to working with Carly, but rather a knowing that she was my next right step. During our first call, to see if we were a good fit, I hung up and broke out in dance in my living room because I was just so excited to be guided by someone who finally understood me, and knew how to help me move forward. I literally just happy danced around, and that energy has carried through our entire mentorship. I look forward to our calls more than almost anything else.

Throughout our journey together, my life radically shifted. Every single thing about it. The most notable is that I am now back in my body, fully present, and living out my soul’s work/ purpose. I am doing what I always wanted to do, but was too scared to attempt before. I am in a state of calmness and joy that before seemed like fleeting experiences, and now are embodied states I get to live in all of the time. Basically, I FEEL GREAT. And when I don’t, I know how to move into a feeling, and let it move through me, rather than avoiding it or getting stuck.

I feel so empowered. I feel like I can handle anything life brings my way, and like I am thriving more than ever before. Carly gave me back my own power and showed me just how beautiful + worthy I really am. I’m now embodying that beauty and light, wow wow wow.  I couldn’t have picked a better mentor to guide me through the craziness of this past year of my life, and hold space while I came back into my own power.  

Carly is radiant, and transmits the most beautiful energy. She is like a big sister, a mentor, a friend. . . just one of the best humans I have ever met. It was such a  privilege to work with her.” Lindsey Tschappat, Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Mentor and co-owner of Urban Mala, USA.



“Prior to working with Carly I was unhappy but couldn’t quite identify why. I should have been happy, and I was quite good at pretending I was. I was living in a beautiful part of Australia and had what I thought was my dream job, yet I felt this quiet discontent in my life. It was if I had outgrown where I was, but couldn’t quite feel or see where I was going. I was looking/praying/desperate for my next step, and then one day I received an email from Carly outlining her coaching programs. I had actually forgotten that I had signed up to her mailing list! I booked in a call straight away and before the end of our call, I knew I wanted to work with together. And I am so glad I made that decision, as working with Carly was the best, most valuable investment I have EVER made in myself. 
During the entire process, I felt supported, nurtured and safe to speak up and be myself, something I hadn’t felt in a long time. I have always been a bit of a closet spiritualist and it was such a relief to have someone whose values and beliefs are aligned with my own. We outlined my goals and desires initially and then slowly, throughout the program we made small, sustainable changes that overall led to quite dramatic internal and external change over the 6 months. 
In our last month of working together, I went back and read over my notes from our 1 on 1 Goddess Activation Session as we had spent that day working on manifesting and calling in the change I desired. My two main points were moving back to my hometown and a job that would allow me to move back. We identified that this was what I really desired very early in the piece and by our second last session both had manifested! To my friends and family, it all appeared to happen very quickly, but I know that this massive change didn’t happen overnight; it was the result of 6 months of quiet dedication and work with Carly + her ongoing energetic support.  This was a real a-ha moment for me!
I am so grateful for these massive external changes, but what is even more important to me is the internal changes I have experienced. I feel so much more myself than ever before. I no longer seek constant validation from friends and family, I feel this quiet confidence in my decisions which is something I have always struggled with. I also feel feminine and aligned in a way that I had only dreamed of before. I have been joking to my friends that at 28 I finally feel like a woman – only it isn’t a joke! 
Working with Carly was the best decision I could have made and it has changed my life in so many ways.”
Amy Wittleton, Astrologer, Brisbane.


“Before I started working with Carly I was tied to many labels and situations that didn’t fit me anymore, trying to scrap together a personality using external things. Years of spiritual awakening in the internet age paired with huge lifestyle changes really left me in uncharted territory. I had the information but I didn’t have the structure to implement it in my life or the courage to truly see what is and isn’t right for me. I jumped on quite a few bandwagons just so I could feel that I belong. I gave up on amazing opportunities out of fear. I was lost. I was frustrated. And I was angry at myself.  I was doing my best to hold it all together, but I could feel I was in over my head, so no matter how reluctant I was I called in a mentor. And a few months later I was introduced to Carly’s work.

I can’t really trace my thought process when making the decision to commit to this journey. There was a lot of fear. I had never made such a huge investment in myself. I was proud and cocky and I didn’t really want to admit things were falling apart. But being in Carly’s presence truly reminded me how good I can feel, how exciting things can be, how relaxed and authentic conversations can be, how much wisdom there is to be shared. And I wanted to explore and expand my ability to feel that way.  I wanted to give myself a chance to do better. So I said YES.

My world turned upside down the day I committed to working with Carly. Something I had been building for almost a year had fallen apart and I was given an opportunity to truly shine. All in the span of a few hours. And for the first time in a while, I had truly felt on purpose.  And for the first time in a while truly felt the pain I had been trying to ignore.

I was hurt. I was excited. I was facing everything that’s been holding me back and seeing the potential for something new at the same time. I was on purpose and grieving, I was making progress in one way and entangling myself in other traps. I was doing my best, but it was messy. And I honestly don’t know how I would have ever gotten through all that without Carly’s guidance. She just made me feel “not broken” and helped me find my way through all of with practical, grounded steps. She managed to create a space where I could feel comfortable while still keeping a higher vision in sight. Gently showing me I can do better when I was letting myself settle for less. Allowing me to heal from the falls. Keeping me in the flow through all of it. Helping me reach the “hidden” corners of myself, helping me uncover deeper traumas and patterns. Giving me the space and the tools to acknowledge and release or rewrite them. It was a beautiful and profound process and it’s still going on, even months after working with Carly. I  still use the tools I was given, I still uncover new things and heal and find new ways to apply the wisdom Carly shared with me during our time together.  And aside from the support and the knowledge itself, I am also amazed by how much trust in myself she managed to give me. How much flexibility and autonomy. How much freedom to be myself – truly.

The impact of Carly’s mentorship is ever expanding and no words could ever pin it down and if you have a chance to work with her you should take the leap, it’s definitely worth it. I am grateful for being able to have this experience and I am still very excited about how it ties into my journey. All I can say is thank you, Carly! Thank you for giving me this breakthrough experience! Thank you for helping me reach heights I never even deemed possible! And thank you for being such a radiant, loving presence in my life! I am forever grateful!” Anca Scheul, Singer / Songwriter / Dancer, Romania.


Does working (and playing!) together sound like a beautifully supportive and activating action step for you? If you’d like to apply for either my three or six month 1:1 private mentorship programs – drop me a line at

I look forward to connecting with you, beauty!

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