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Awakening Your Inner Mystic!


This week in my free facebook group Woman, EXALTED, we wrapped up our Upgrade Your Life Activation Challenge, which helps in awakening us to the possibilities and higher timelines of our lives. Here’s the Challenge Resource Guide PDF for you, if you haven’t participated and want a taste. And if you want in, head on over here and join us!

This challenge is chock-full of PDFs, videos and a highly activating meditation I created called Cosmic Connection. Each day’s challenge was designed to activate and upgrade you in different ways: Mindset shifts, emotional shifts, environment shifts, relationship shifts and energy activations / shifts. All of these help serve to pave the way into a higher timeline for you, a new reality here on earth for YOU, whatever that looks like.

The motivation for this challenge was my own internal urgings to upgrade. I shared a few weeks ago in the group that I’m currently calling in even more mind-blowing and paradigm stretching realities into my life, and I know I need to do my own up-leveling to energetically meet those realities.

Because REALLY that’s all that ever limits us, our own perceptions and what is currently playing out in our ‘grid’ of perception and reality. If we don’t allow our own minds to be blown, to be internally expanded and shifted – we will not see our external reality shift.


So many women are excited when things finally click and they see how SIMPLE this whole upgrading your life thing is. And yes, it’s simple, but it sure ain’t easy. There’s a yawning gap between the enthusiasm and excitement you feel when your soul says ‘YES LET’S UPGRADE!’ – and actually taking the steps to do it.

One thing I’m abundantly aware of when it comes to women who get REALLY EXCITED about up-levelling themselves and expansion, is that follow-through and commitment can be a challenge.

It’s actually scary moving towards your highest potential (trust me, I know, because I’ve been there, procrastinating my little boots of for months and years before taking the leap, and every time I take another leap, I get scared).

Distractions ensue, there’s obfuscation and “I’ll get to that laters” and before you know it, months or years of your PRECIOUS LIFE have gone by and you still haven’t implemented. You haven’t held yourself to account for your progress and up-levelling.

And over time, this becomes f*cking painful (again, trust me, I know the feeling! Blechhh).

And this is why I’ve created my newest mentorship program – MYSTIC AWAKENING. I want to hold your hand through your up-levelling and upgrading. Gently but firmly holding space for you as you traverse the sometimes rocky path of aligning with your soul, opening to your inner brilliance and shining it out into the world.

This is a program that sees me playing right out to my erotic edges and beyond. Because we’re going cosmic, baby! This is where I’ve been playing in the last couple of years, and I’m so thrilled to now offer the fruits of my learning and integration to YOU.

And I am also committed to making the most of the potent and transformational month and a bit left of 2016 (there’s no wishing away 2016 over in this neck of the woods) – seriously, the transformation that’s possible with this energy is EPIC. What used to take years to learn and integrate, mystic gift-wise, is now taking mere weeks and months.


This program combines my highly popular and transformational Goddess Awakening 3 month program, with a high-energy and delicious 3 month Mystic Awakening addition!

Within the Mystic Awakening Mentorship we dive deeply into the mysteries of:

– The ascension process – managing symptoms, riding the incoming waves, self care and awareness
– Developing your clair-abilities (clairvoyance, clair-sentience, clair-audience, claire-cognisance)
– Advanced intuition development
– Your soul’s journey
Soul themes
Family Karma Themes and Integration
Higher dimensional aspects of ourselves
5th Dimensional Living
– Connections to higher dimensional guides (including ETs! YES)
– Activation of your 12-Strand DNA Helix
– Identifying your big Mystic Intentions and creating challenges to push your own boundaries, explore erotic edges and birth your mystic self into the world.


– 6 months of high vibrational energetic support – your energy system is activated, aligned and frankly, completely transformed during our time together.
– A program that’s a combination of bespoke tailoring to your soul’s calling, and a structured process I have created.
– Fortnightly 1:1 Skype sessions.
– Every other week there will be a lesson / article in our private online space for you to absorb.
– A Half day Goddess Activation and Alignment session to kick things off!
– An exclusive online space for us to journey together, and for you to drop into whenever you need.
Unlimited email support during our time together.
– VIP Immersion Full Day together during the second half of our journey.
– My Goddess Light Healing Activation Meditation Track.
– My Cosmic Light Connection Meditation Track.

 BONUSES YAY! (For a limited time only – expires on Sunday 27 November):

– 1 x Archer Mala Beads Crystal Mala Necklace of your choice!
– 5 x spiritual practice / personal growth-oriented books chosen together and fully paid for, sent straight to you to support your journey!
– 1 x Automatic access to my group coaching program The Fulfilled Feminine Formula – and unlimited access to live rounds!
– 1 x Light Activation session with me to gift to anyone you wish!

 This mentoring program is for you IF:

– Your heart is leaping when you see this offering
– Your soul is screaming YES and your head is going ‘WTF’. (Pretty much EVERY one of my clients arrive into my life saying, “I’m not 100% sure why, but something inside me just made me want to work with you. Is that weird?” No, it’s not weird, it’s soul-aligned action, and exactly the kind of person I want to work with!)
– You want to live life as the divinely feminine woman you are, knowing when to draw on your inner masculine and inner feminine in a way that serves you.
– You’re ready to leave the grind behind. Less striving, more thriving.
– You want to learn what it means to journey out of your head and into your heart – fully EMBODYING your soul
– You want direct and personalised guidance – no generalising here!
– You know there’s more to life than ticking off boxes of achievement – and you’re ready to soar
– You’d love to have space lovingly but firmly held for you, with accountability structures in place to ensure your commitment
– You want to work with someone who ALREADY sees your highest goddess self, and is committed to guiding you into alignment with her
– You want higher dimensional wisdom delivered in an earthy and practical way

 This mentoring program is NOT for you IF:

– You’re not ready to take responsibility for your healing journey
– You’re still in victim mode
– You’re not ready to be accountable to your own progress and journey
– You blame others for your circumstances or situation
– You’re not willing to own your inner brilliance and align to your highest potential
– You don’t yet know that you are spirit having a human experience
– You’re pussy-footing around your decision to commit to yourself and your highest potential. I work with women who are ALL IN for their highest, most exalted state.


My clients kick ENORMOUS goals and create dream-worthy outcomes for themselves while we work together. Here’s a small handful of what they’ve called in and now call their reality:

  • Their soul tribe – soulmate connections (both male and female) that nourish and support them
  • A deeply embodied send of self – their connection to themselves and the universe becomes immensely rewarding and a touchstone they call on all the time
  • Nipping procrastination in the bud and birthing their soul’s work into the world
  • New houses and places to live
  • Transitioning out of their full-time work and into their soul work – and feeling MUCH MORE aligned with their calling
  • Creating new highly potent packages and re-imagining business strategy to effectively engage their ideal clients
  • A deeper understanding and sense of loving connection to their children, particularly children classified as autistic (the rainbow and crystal gems they are become so much more apparent)
  • Travel opportunities and experiences
  • Completely dropping destructive negative self talk patterns
  • Aligning with their divine, goddess selves
  • Crystal clear clarity around their soul purpose
  • Shifting from a lack mentality to one of over-flowing abundance
  • Raising their vibrational frequency to align with their highest potential
  • Self care practices that take care of their empathic nature

One thing I want you to know is that investing in YOU is a sure thing, beauty. It has energetic ramifications and positive effects beyond that which you can mentally perceive. If you feel that heart of yours leaping for loving accountability, guidance and VIBING UP in your life – drop me a line at for more information and to apply for the limited spaces on this program.

These are a highly catalytic 6 months – your life will not be the same. And we’ll probably be besties by the end of it.

The bonuses expire on Sunday 27 November. This offer wraps up next Friday 2nd December (or when the spots are filled, two are left).

How do you know when it’s time to FULLY commit to yourself? The Three Signs to look out for.


Last week I finished up my full time job in international community development. Over a decade in the industry, working on over 30 projects spanning from Eastern Africa to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji, completing two undergraduate degrees and two postgraduate degrees in this field – and I’ve now wrapped my full time dedication to this work.


Because I felt the STRONG pull of a higher octave that my soul wanted to reside in. A place that felt far beyond the realms of what I had cultivated and craved for my life in the years past. A path that I carved out for myself.

I have had the most amazing, life-changing, inspiring, and mind-stretching time working in international development – it has truly been an utter treat. But for the past three and a half years, since launching my blog and taking consistent steps towards discovering more of who I TRULY am, another vocation began to call me strongly. My soul slowly unfurled and I began to feel a sense of fulfilment I never had previously.

I was first pulled towards the field of international development in the way that many in the industry are. I felt like I needed to help save the world. The horrendous external conditions many on our planet suffer, tugged at my heart strings hard – and I lassoed myself in the direction of ‘making things better’ for the planet and her inhabitants. Little did I know that in projecting my own internal brokenness, fear, pity and frustration on to the world, I’d come back full circle and discover my REAL work was actually inside me. The discovery that my external world and how I felt about it, was directly influenced by how things were for me internally, woke me up to where my true work resided.

I had been working on ’empowering’ other people around the world, when the person I really needed to empower was myself. And through my own healing journey, I fell into my zone of genius – walking with and supporting other women through their own self-healing.

Kondalilla 4

It was in the book, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks that I first heard of the term ‘zone of genius’ – where your greatest passion meets your innate talent. I also like to call it, ‘that thing you’d do all day for free, that lights you up like a Christmas tree’ (check out my kickass poetry, you guys). Well I felt that zone of genius slowly begin to reveal itself to me over the last few years, as I followed my intuition, heart-first, into discovering what I was made of, in every sense of the word. What I discovered blew my mind and radically expanded my horizon.

Three Signs

Speaking with a beloved mentor of mine late last week, in light of my impending big leap into the unknown, we explored the concept of ‘the right time’ to fully commit to our soul’s calling (and *just quietly* that now is really my time to do this).

So how do we know when this is? Are there any clear signals? I think there are a few.

Here are some of the signs I began to notice in myself before I knew I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Three signs you need to FULLY commit to yourself and your soul purpose:

  • You’re feeling drained and depleted: Despite what society can sometimes condition us to believe, we are not supposed to operate in a drained and dried up state on a daily basis. If we’re struggling to get through the day, and it feels like we’re constantly trudging through thigh-deep mud, staring at the clock and willing it to be five o’clock already – this is a sign we are doing something, or things, that are really not congruent with our soul purpose. When we’re channelling energy into an endeavour that’s in alignment with our soul, wild horses can’t drag us away from what we’re doing. It’s energising, not depleting. For reals. I only JUST watched this week’s epic Game of Thrones episode, after being fully immersed in course creation for The Fulfilled Feminine Formula (coming soooooon!). Now that’s saying something.
  • You’re resenting and being triggered by people who are in alignment with their soul work: I have many beautiful examples of aligned and soul-driven women around me and in my circles. They do what truly lights them up and many of them also left high-powered / high-profile j-o-bs to follow their calling. I found myself becoming increasingly triggered by what they were doing in the world – something that I was only really able to do with a tiny slice of my time. And I know that anyone I’m triggered by, is reflecting back to me what I need to accept and integrate within me (both the light and the dark they exhibit). In these cases is a very clear signal of what I really wanted my life to look like.
  • You’re numbing out, ignoring your soul nudges and playing small (when you know you need to play bigger with your life): We all have our ways of numbing out, ways in which we veer downwards in vibration and don’t want to face what’s really going on. I do this by binge-watching shows, sleeping too long, and getting ‘busy’ filling my life with trivial things I need to attend to. One of my intentions for this year was to stop ‘playing small’ and go all in with my soul work, after a year of dancing around the fringes of my heart’s desires. But gosh if it wasn’t a painful process of realisation that I actually needed to EARTH all of my ideas and bring them into reality that sent me into a binge-watching marathon! What if it all falls flat? Gaaaah. It all seemed too hard and scary, and I became very deft at convincing myself that this important work could wait until after I watched one more episode of Orange is the New Black. Resistance is a cunning beast. It wasn’t until I dived within to see what the heck was going on that I realised the scared part of me just needed a little lovin’ care and attention – and an assurance that fear and resistance was just a sign that I’m on the right track.

If you find yourself the proud owner of any of the above feeling states, I’d love to encourage you to tune into what the next right step is for you. Set your intention to come into alignment with who you truly are, and what lights you up. State it out loud, write it down in a journal (or heck just on the back of a receipt) – but really EARTH it and bring it out of your head. Then open up to the avenues and possibilities that present themselves to you. And they will – you just need to look out for them. Tune into what your intuition is telling you to do. Drop into your heart and out of your head and FEEL into what’s right for you.

Discovering your soul’s purpose is as easy and as hard as allowing yourself to discover who you truly are – and living from your soul’s truth every day.

2016’s Energy

The energies of 2016 are of the ‘manifest thick and fast’ variety. We’re quickly calling things into our lives with this energy, and timelines are chopping and changing as quickly as we change our thoughts about something. You can create a new reality for yourself within just a heartbeat of intention. The energy forecast for 2017 is that this ‘manifesting fast’ energy is going to ease off and allow us to coast in whatever direction or frequency level we’ve set ourselves up for this year.

This time is an energy portal that’s ours for the taking, basically, and it’s calling on us to go FULL OUT and ALL IN, like a surfer paddling her heart out to to catch a massive wave. How high are you going to let yourself go? Can you be brave enough to align with your highest potential?

If you’re feeling the pull to activate and align with your highest timeline this year, I’m opening up just TWO spots (first in, first served!) right now for my exclusive 1:1 Private Mentoring for Women, available to you, even if you don’t live in Brisbane – thanks to skype!

If this makes your heart leap or calls to you in any way – I would love for you to apply and we can set up a complimentary 20 minute skype session. Drop me a line at or check out my 1:1 Private Mentoring page. My clients have been having the most AMAZING results of late (think – healing ancient mother-line wounds, instantly manifesting new houses, jobs, and calling in serious abundance. YAAAAAS!) and I’d love to see the same for you! Let’s have some fun together.

“In short, this girl is a gem! Carly stepped into my life at a time of imbalance and desire for spiritual growth. With her pure energy, she created a safe space of trust and openness for me. Her gentle guidance, coupled with profound wisdom and intuition gave me the opportunity to reconnect fully with myself. Sessions with her during our three months together were filled with inspiring and transformational concepts. This radiant soul brings light wherever she is and celebrates everyone around her. The experience of working with Carly was invaluable.” Philippa A, Brisbane.

Five ways to move from your head to your heart


You may have heard the term ‘live from your heart’ or ‘drop into your heart space’ bandied about before, but why on earth would we want to do that? And how do we go about dropping in, really? In this video I’m chatting about just that, woohoo! I’ve covered off on why it’s something you may like to try – and also give you five practices to begin living your life from your heart centre – straight away.

5 Ways to Move From Your Head to your Heart

After many years of living from my head, and not even realising how dis-embodied I was, a few years ago I discovered there’s another way of living in this world – one that’s richer, fuller, more energetically potent, and helps me tap in to a wellspring of juicy inspiration and universal wisdom. And thus began the journey from my head to my heart. It’s a journey fraught with much resistance, frustration and the need for persistence – but if you stick with it, you’ll find it’s one of the BEST journeys you will make for your spiritual health.

Remember, living in and from your heart space takes practice and time, this is not an overnight thing. Our society has conditioned us to give primacy to head-based decision making, and rarely emphasises the wisdom and intelligence that comes from our heart space.

Just like exercising a muscle to make it stronger, ‘feeling into’ your heart space may feel difficult at first. But the more you do it, and bring a conscious awareness to the choice you have to live from here, the easier and more natural it will become.

I’d love to hear what you think, below! Will you try any of these suggestions? Do you engage with heart-centred practices already? I’d love to know what they are. Biggest love xox

Are you a woman who is ready to live her most exalted life? With an elevated vibration, complete connection, radiating your potency out in to the world? Where heart-based living, soul-nourishing support, high-vibing spirituality and juicy feminine practices become part of your normal?

If your heart leaps at the sound of this (even slightly!) click on over here to find out more about my private 1:1 spiritual mentoring. I’m opening up a *teeny tiny* few spots for a handful of women for a very short period of time.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, I would LOVE to work with you!

Come on over and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Ch-ch-ch-changes! When you outgrow the space you’re in.


It feels like a little dress you’ve grown out of.” Lauren held up an imaginary baby dress in front of her. “Look! It’s so cute! But it doesn’t fit anymore.”

A precious soul sister of mine dealt me this truth bomb a few months ago. And while it stung a little, it wasn’t something that came as a surprise to me. In reality, a little while before that I had bought the url on a strong nudge, and had been sitting on it, knowing that this was where I was headed and what I was growing in to. I didn’t know quite what it was at that stage, but trusted that this would reveal itself in time. I had SO MUCH resistance around putting on my big girl pants and stepping in to my own name on the interwebz.

I gave my beautiful tribe of subscribers a heads up about this change a couple of months ago, and flagged a whole heap of changes and offerings coming… And now it’s happening! I have a group of uber-talented experts around me helping guide me through this transition.

At times like these, I’m reminded that everything dies in service of the birth of something else. I have been feeling like I have so much more to share with you, my dear reader, than the original vision for Pockets of Peace.

Brisbane Byron Trip_iPhone_January 2015_102

When I began Pockets of Peace it was with a simple intention: to share some of my journey towards cultivating inner peace within me. To play in the space of peace, inspiration and wellness with my writing, and do so in an authentic way. I followed a very strong nudge to do so, without any intention to take it any further than that. But taken itself further, it has.

Since the time I pressed publish on this blog two and a half years ago, I dove head first in to what I now know as a slipstream to my highest potential. Since following that nudge, I’ve grown, changed, evolved and undergone what I can only describe as my own becoming. I’ve had some of the most amazing experiences EVER. Met the most incredible people. Dropped a whole lot of what doesn’t serve me. Picked up tools that serve my highest good, everyday.

The energy I’m bringing in now is not being served by the original intention behind Pockets of Peace. It’s bigger than that. It’s a multiplicity of deep soulful sharing, and dancing with spirit. Playing in the cosmos while being firmly and lovingly connected to the earth. I have more offerings to share, including eBooks, a couple of e-courses, workshops and also going public with what I’ve now only just kept to my mailing list and word-of-mouth referrals: my one-on-one spirit and soul mentoring. I’ve been so honoured to serve as a spiritual cheerleader to a select few wonderful women this year, and look forward to continuing (and growing) this in to next year.

So, yes – from a humble little blog, the soul work that lights me up like a Christmas tree has revealed itself. And for this, I’m so so thankful I followed that nudge to start Pockets of Peace. She’s served as the most loving incubator for me to grow and evolve and has brought me in to a space where I feel exalted, loved, juiced up, passionate, and very much tapped in to the peace within me. And now her service is complete.

This space of mine is not disappearing – just evolving and growing. Over the next few weeks you’ll begin to see a soft re-brand of my site, a few tweaks and changes to pages, and a whole new opt-in for my subscribers (my spiritual go-to checklist, for you to use!).

I’m so excited to roll out all of the offerings I have planned for next year over the next short while! Thank you so so much for reading and being here. I am in such gratitude for all of the loving eyes that grace these pages.

Stay up to date with what I’m up to and be the first to get your hand on my spiritual toolkit by signing up here – it’s going out to my beloved tribe very shortly. And I’m always over on Instagram, so if we aren’t yet connected let’s rectify that immediately!

Sending you so much love for the festive season. I hope it’s so full of love and happiness for you. Here’s to growth!

Photo credit: Emma Kate Codrington


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