A quick spiritual litmus test


It occurred to me (as I was flipping through Vogue the other day at the hairdresser, of all things), that what I’ve come to term my ‘spiritual litmus test’ (aka bullsh*t-o-meter) may be useful to share with you. It’s something that I’ve come to rely upon so heavily in my practice and day to day meanderings that it’s become second nature. Maybe you already do it yourself. Either way, I think it’s pretty useful in assisting us all in sorting the wheat from the chaff when it comes to genuine heart-centred and soul-led spiritual teachings versus, errrm, those less so.


This test goes hand in hand with using your intuition (or gut feeling) when it comes to determining what feels right and true for you, and what doesn’t. It’s just a little cerebral filter to run things through, by examining the teachings thusly and asking yourself one simple question:

Does this teaching lead me back within myself?

The person, book, teaching should always be pointing you back to deep within yourself. Some examples of this can include: encouraging you to see if there’s any internal resonance with the ‘wisdom’ (I’m a BIG believer in taking what you vibe with, what serves you and dropping the rest), or it may look like helping you develop and cultivate your own innate brilliance and talents.

But at every step of the way there should be signposts back to inside YOU.

At. Every. Step.

If the teaching insists you worship something external to you (e.g. a particular person, or guru, or object), then I would be a lot more skeptical about them. This leaves enormous room for murky manipulation and personal disempowerment rather than empowerment.

And real spiritual wisdom leaves you feeling empowered.

Just to clarify – please don’t confuse the term worship for reverence. Reverence means deep respect and awe, just without the power imbalance imbued in ‘worship’. Frankly I think we should revere just about everything and everybody, ourselves included. The trees, plants, forests, beaches, sunsets, the universe, our fellow amazing humans, our morning cup of tea (seriously) – all of it deserves our impassioned reverence. Worship? Nah. Putting things on pedestals is so old paradigm. Let’s all rise in our power together.

To me, true gurus and spiritual teachers, interested in your spiritual evolution and ascension, are simply channels for higher dimensional teachings and wisdom. Most of them will admit as such – or at least insist that you also have the ability to channel and receive similar guidance.

YOU are amazing. YOU are pure source energy. YOU are divine. YOU are full of immense talent. YOU are what you’ve been waiting for your whole life. And if a teaching doesn’t help you realise your innate brilliance and wonder (sans accoutrement) – toss it.

I KNOW, I’m as disappointed as you to learn that it probably isn’t best to be following what the holy bible Vogue is telling me to do anymore: worshipping at the altar of Chanel, tithing to MacQueen and prostrating for Marc Jacobs. And it definitely takes A LOT of work on the road of spiritual recovery to let these false idols go.

But trust me, your long term spiritual health (and bank balance) will thank you for it.

I’d love to hear if you have any spiritual litmus tests you apply to teachings you come across! Please share them below, lovely one. xx

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