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What Disenchantment Will Do To You


Losing your enchantment with life may seem inconsequential at first. And it may even BE inconsequential if it’s just a passing phase, and you have the tools and tricks to winch your way out of it.

The sneaky thing about disenchantment though, is that it’s a screwy little motherf*cker, who creeps into the crevices of your life, and before you know it – has you in its greasy vice-like grip, adding a wash of grey and disdain for everything to your existence. And my GOD is it tough to shake loose.

This past weekend, through a powerful process I was taken through by the amazing Marcela Widrig, I began to see the ways I’d allowed disenchantment to leak into me in the past little while.

It wasn’t until I was physically moving the pattern of ‘I don’t get to do what I want’ through my body (full of resentment, frustration and icky childhood huffiness), that I realised I’d recently been losing my grip on the magical life I’ve been cultivating.

Here are some of the signs and hallmarks that you too may be unsuspectingly squeezed by disenchantment.


  • You’ve become increasingly whiny and victim-y:  you’re really externally focused on what it is ‘outside’ of you that has made you feel this way
  • You’re retreating from life, and energetically withdrawing – making yourself small and unnoticeable
  • You’re fearful of staking your claim and taking up space in the world
  • You think you don’t matter
  • You feel like you cannot get what you want
  • Your boundaries are constantly being overstepped – first by you, and then by others. They’re also leaky, murky and permeable
  • You shy away from supportive decisions that you know will help you and your highest potential
  • You’re constantly seeking permission – from your spouse, friends, family. Sorry is a frequently used word in your vocabulary.

If any of these signs are calling you, holler! This is a freaking woeful state to be in, hey?

And it is time to begin making decisions that help you realise YOU ARE HERE in this magical life of yours and YOU MATTER.

Your experience of it ALSO MATTERS. The magic matters.

During this past weekend’s workshop, I danced the pattern of ‘not getting to do what I want’ through my body and cried the tears of frustration at myself for not having remained vigilant to the boundaries I was over-stepping, within myself.

I moved, cried and FELT it all until all I was left with was potent energy searing through my body.

The magic of being present with it, and feeling it all, brought me right back into my body – and SOOOO ready to take up space again.

I am also SO FREAKING glad to have done this during this week because it’s a cosmically powerful week to choose differently, change the story – and make the changes we want to see in our lives become manifest.

It’s the Lunar New Year and Solar Eclipse on Thursday, which will see the close of a super potent eclipse portal – between last month’s Super Blue Blood Red (with a cherry on top) Full Moon Eclipse and the upcoming Solar Eclipse this Thursday.

The cosmos is in full support of us GOING BIG – and make the decisions that are supportive of our wellbeing, vibrancy and juicy presence in the world.

Just start with one decision – if you found a hallmark of disenchantment in the list I wrote above. What ONE THING can you commit to or begin, that’s going to turn that sucker around, and have you feeling the MAGIC again?

Just one thing.

And lovely, if you want to work with a mentor and coach who will lovingly call you on your sh*t and keep you accountable to your enchantment and the searing bright light that you REALLY ARE  –  I have just two spots available in my private 1:1 mentoring program.

It’s a first in, best-dressed scenario.

Book in for a chat here or email me carly@carlystephan.com, and let’s dance this disenchantment right back to where it came from.

A Personal New Year Update


I closed out the final moments of last year in the crystal clear ocean of The Sandon, swimming, bobbing in, and riding the waves with some of my fave people in the world.

It was sunset on December 31st, 2017, and the golden light surrounding us was INCREDIBLE. It felt like we’d all been swept into some kind of alter-dimensional universe OR a Coca-Cola commercial, I couldn’t quite decide which.

We’d just waded our way back over from an island off the coast, where my ladies threw me a surprise birthday soiree in a sacred garden grove overlooking the aqua-coloured pacific ocean, replete with the most epic grazing platter and french champagne.

Stripping off our finery, we waded out into the water, as the nearly full super moon rose above the ocean.

Our collective joy was palpable, but I can only speak for myself when I say it was the stuff of dreams.

I’d been doing a weensy bit of reflecting that day, as many of us are wont to do on the final day of the calendar year, and/or our birthdays. For me, it’s a double whammy, and I tell ya there were many years where the energy of it all was just too much and I’d be guaranteed to bawl my eyes out at some point on new year’s eve.

I was reflecting on a year which really called me into my highest light and demanded I align publically with the truth of what I’m here to embody and teach, talk frankly about my Starseed experiences, and take on a role in our collective spiritual awakening that I’d never envisaged in my wildest dreams just a few short years ago.

My mission is clear. I want to inspire and guide you to open your energy channels to high-dimensional energy and deeply embody this light within, helping you ascend spiritually and allow your highest desires to manifest with ease.

I want YOU to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU ARE THE LIGHT. And then FEEL this truth in your body radiating from your heart. And I want you to take your gifts and completely light up the world with them.

There are so many exciting things coming this year, and collectively there’s going to be an acceleration of energy again, which is ultimately awesome but temporarily provides some gnarly energetic waves to ride. So one thing I want to do is load you up with as much as I can to help you live the most magical life you can and make the most of these incoming waves of light. Think: videos, audios, PDF resources, more blog posts, speaking on stage, in-person events and workshops, more podcast interviews, group programs and a handful of 1:1 mentoring / coaching spots!

I have a newly gifted process (I cannot take full credit for this at all) and ‘technology’ that I’ve gradually channelled over the last year, from a cosmic collective who refer to themselves as the Arcturian / Sirian Alliance Council, which I’m so excited to see come to fruition (my Anchor Your Light babes are going to experience it first).

Your personal light grid activation helps increase your inner light quotient, and juices up all of your energy centres, amplifies your energetic radiance, increases your personal sovereignty (you connect to the galactic central sun, your original source) and allows you to experience your multi-dimensional nature. It does amazing things for your manifesting capacity and helps you download new templates to rewrite patterns that are no longer serving you, as well…

We are truly entering a golden age, in a broader galactic sense. The energetic movement of ascension demands that we reconnect to our divinity. And the universe is providing us with SO many resources (people, tools, techniques) to help us each remember and reclaim our divine-human nature, at this point in time. Not next life, this life.

The knowledge that we are source energy incarnated into earthly cosmic bodies is seeking to land deeply into the hearts of many on earth right now.

I really hope you let yourself bathe in the knowing of your own divine nature, beautiful. Or at least, that you’re ready to do so. Because that’s what’s coming at you!

Happy New Year, and huge smooches your way. Thank you SO MUCH for being here.

You’re more connected than you think. (The 4 Signs That Will Prove It To You.)


One thing I witness a lot of in my client sessions is the crippling doubt and fear of ‘I’m just not GIFTED in the art of energy and the ‘unseen’ realms, I don’t feel connected to any guidance, cosmic beings, or universal force, I’ve been left behind in the gift-giving stakes.’

Well, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that… I would have a LOT of dollars.

Y’see, as women, we often have a tendency to be uber harsh and underestimate our abilities. A throwback to shame over being too big for our boots, or trying to remain humble, or wanting to maintain a self-deprecating air.

I get it, these are common stories we’re fed through societal conditioning and it becomes a part of the very fabric of our being.

And so, we dismiss the evidence of our connected state, in favour of erring on the side of having no gifts in the realm of the ‘unseen’.

But I’d like to look you right in the eye across these inter-webs and kindly but firmly call BOLLOCKS on this story.

YOU ARE MORE CONNECTED than you’ve been conditioned to think. AND you can increase and improve on that connection, building your skills over time. This is not just a realm for the so-called gifted.

Humans are designed to have FULL clair-abilities open AND a connection to their higher dimensional guides, with access to infinite wisdom. Yes, including you.

So, how do you know you are connected already?

Well, I’ve compiled four hallmarks that I know women often dismiss outright but are actually extremely compelling signs you are super connected already:

  • You have the ability to walk into a room and ‘sense’ what’s going on. You feel people’s emotional states keenly in your body. You often have sensations that pop into your body randomly, and you have no idea why or for what reason. (You are literally ‘reading’ energy with your body. It’s a way for you to determine whether a space is safe or not, and is something you likely developed as a child. This is a clear sign that you have a clair-sentient ability, or clear-feeling. You’re also likely an empath and highly sensitive.)
  • You have dreams that you can recall and you often feel like you’re living in them. Sometimes you wake up exhausted! (This is proof of your ability to traverse and be aware of the astral realm, or 4th dimension. You are actually doing a lot of ‘work’ during this time. This is also a good indication of burgeoning clairvoyant ability, or clear-seeing.)
  • Random ‘thoughts’ pop into your head that are often filled with simple and profound wisdom, or remind you of something you may have forgotten. (Our guides can and do feel like us. What we think are ALL our thoughts, often aren’t. Yep, you’re receiving guidance. And you clearly have some clair-cognizant ability, or clear-thinking.)
  • You sometimes hear strange pitches or tones in your ears. It can feel a bit disorienting, and when you ask others if they can hear it, they respond with a no. (These are often indications you’ve shifted dimensions or timelines. It can also be an indication that your guides are sending you a sign or a package of wisdom for you to receive. This is also a sign of your emerging clair-audient abilities, or clear hearing.

So, how did you go? Can you see yourself in any of these examples? Yes? Thought so.

You ARE more connected than you think, lovely, and you can build on these abilities.

Just like you can exercise your physical body and achieve an increased level of fitness, the more you expose yourself to the world of energetic ascension and the gifts of reading energy that are your BIRTHRIGHT, the more these skills will develop.

But you need to want to do it. You need to set the intention and put the wheels in motion to commit to your own energetic ascension. When you say yes, the universe says YESSSS.

And if you want to do that, book in for a chat with me about my upcoming Anchor Your Light program.

I know you may be dismissing this program as something that may be out of your reach, or that you’re not advanced enough yet (please stop that).

I challenge you to reach out to me and actually stand for the abilities and connection you DO already have, and state the commitment that you have to build on them, and finally claim your energetic ascension as YOUR sovereign responsibility.

I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at the results.

To infinity and beyond, hey?

Book in for your chat here!

My Starseed Story (The Beginning)


It was about three years ago to the day that I blasted my higher energy centres open to cosmic consciousness.

Somehow I found myself sitting in the long spiky grass of a riverside park, with my crystals arranged haphazardly in a circle around me.

I was there to open a cosmic portal, to channel higher dimensional cosmic light through me and into the earth.

It was during the period just prior to New Year’s Eve of 2014, which also happened to be my 33rd birthday. I remember feeling as though something sacred was linked with this number, and turning this age seemed to hold special significance.

At that point in time, I had no idea what it meant, but its significance began to reveal itself rapidly as the clock ticked over into 2015.

That new year’s eve/birthday was a unique one. It was the first time I had spent on my own in my very own space, since buying my apartment earlier that year.

It was one of the first times I’d spent ‘at home’ rather than plans to be away for the holidays. I felt a strong pull to stay in my space and spend time meditating, cultivating sacred space, and listening to all things cosmos-related and what I now know is higher dimensional intelligence.

I couldn’t get enough of it. It was like I was discovering treasure upon treasure, and just as quickly as I came across things, I would be able to integrate its essence and meaning into my consciousness.

It felt less like I was ‘learning’ things and more so that I was remembering it all.

That afternoon by the river, I was directed to sit on the ground and channel light and higher energetic frequencies in to the earth – which involved me pocketing as many crystals as I could carry, walking down to a nearby park perched on a bend of the Brisbane river, and sit for as long as I could handle the ants and mosquitos biting me.

I sat down on the ground, scattered crystals around me, and received this energy, channeling it through me and deep into the core of the earth.

It was around this time I also began seeing ‘light codes’ streaming in my vision when I closed my eyes.

They began as a single line, racing across my vision and consisted of text I could not read, but was made up of letters, numbers, symbols that resembled hieroglyphs and reminded me a bit of HTML code.

This then became lines of three, all streaming at speed across my vision, and gradually developed into both across my vision and down from top to bottom, bright lines streaming.

At first, it was during meditation – particularly theta brainwave state, the moment between sleeping and awake (and vice versa).

Now it happens all the time, I can tune in to seeing them as soon as I look.

I began to learn that these light codes are streaming at all of us from higher dimensions all the time. They are packages of energy, wisdom, upgrades for our energetic body, and we don’t even need to know of their existence.

I remember excitedly chatting to one of my soulie’s Susana over breakfast at my birthday celebration that year, about the preceding weeks’ cosmic adventures. “You won’t BELIEVE what I’ve felt called to do this past couple of weeks!” Her eyes widened in excited astonishment as I told her about opening portals, channeling cosmic light through my body, re-calibrating my energy system to hold more light, and opening to guidance from my cosmic (aka E.T) guides.

Prior to this time, I had no real interest in the realm of galactic, cosmic,  or E.T information.

I was earth-bound baby, and never felt called to go beyond it, save for a dabble or two into astrology and the movement of the planets in relation to my personal astrology signs.

Don’t get me wrong, I was fascinated with the science behind the cosmos, the infinite majesty of what the Hubble telescope presents to us, and the mind-bending concept of an ever-expanding universe.

But actually engaging with and working with benevolent and infinitely wise galactic beings, well THAT was just plain nuts.

So I kept all of this cosmic consciousness unfolding on the down-low, only sharing it or confiding in those I felt safe to do so with.

It was a whole other level of exposure and vulnerable sharing that I didn’t feel ready to open myself up to.

But I now know that I’d already opened the portal to a journey unlike any other I’ve ever been on. A journey that has seen me working on some really powerful activations at the cosmic level, channeling things like anchoring in your light grid, activating your 12-strand etheric DNA and connecting to your cosmic guides.

I credit this cosmic journey with helping me earth my soul work, calling in my soulmate love, cultivating a kindred soul tribe, flowing abundance, and the beautiful feeling of living in sovereign grace that fifth-dimensional living brings.

A while ago I received guidance to curate a small, intimate group of women to initiate into these new, high vibrational energies because they are primed and ready to step into their multi-dimensional cosmic state.

This Anchor Your Light experience is a 12-week, personal and intimate journey with powerful activations and also some one-on-one work with me!

We begin on the 8th of January, 2018.

And almost half the spaces are filled already!

Not everyone is ready for these kinds of ascension activations. You’ll know if this is calling you. Our cosmic activations draw us closer and closer until we are ready to fully claim them.

Anchor Your Light will take you through the processes I’ve personally used and honed to become a conductor of divine light, transform my consciousness, and raise the vibration of my self, the people around me, and our planet.

My desire for you in this experience is that you connect with the bone-deep knowing of your divinity, so you are internally anchored in these swirling energies and chaotic times – beyond any intellectual exercise or mental gymnastics.

This is an embodied GALACTIVATION experience, that will arm you with the tools, techniques, and processes to be deeply present and in your body, channeling your light and riding the waves of your ascension journey, connected, empowered and in joy, rather than dis-embodied, constricted and in fear. 

If you’d love to join us, book your application chat with me ASAP!

Early bird pricing ends Sunday 10 December, or when the spaces are filled (and they really are filling fast).

Experience a higher frequency NOW – Your Free Gift


A couple of nights ago, I was chatting to my man on a blurry Skype connection while he sat on the couch in our old apartment in Kathmandu, Nepal.

He’s back there for the moment wrapping up his research project, and his being there has had me all reflective about this time last year, when we were just settling into living there for the following six months.

It wasn’t long after we arrived there last November that I found myself suffering a couple of bouts of a particularly nasty gastro bug, and the second round of it ended with me being rushed by our Nepali family to the nearest high-quality emergency room; me delirious with severe dehydration  in the back seat, my beautiful man holding me, barely knowing where we were as we wound our way through the back streets of Patan and along the Bagmati river.

Fast forward through a few days of mega-rehydration in a fantastic hospital, and  I was curled in a little ball on the floor in our apartment, centimetres from our bar heater, trying to get warm in the frigidly frosty December weather. I can still feel the course carpet beneath me, while the oscillating heater whirred, barely heating my face.

I’d been discharged from the hospital, but hadn’t yet fully recovered. I intuitively knew, and somehow was able to communicate to the doctors (who were reluctant to let me leave) that I wasn’t going to fully heal while I had a needled cannula sticking into my hand. My body simply wasn’t going to be fully well while being intermittently poked and prodded at all hours of the day and night.

But it was a risk to leave. If I needed to be re-admitted, insurance wouldn’t cover it (the discharge was against the advice of the doctors).

So alongside feeling anxious about the ramifications of me leaving the hospital, I encountered another issue: the light and energy I normally felt coursing through my body, connecting me to the universal current, atma, god, ‘all that is’, whatever you want to call it – was gone.

And it felt awful.

The feeling of not being connected to my inner light left me feeling bereft, anxious, disconnected and ungrounded.

And what I realised was that this used to be my constant REALITY. Not the exception to my reality. My living, breathing, day-to-day truth. I would subconsciously always be trying to self-soothe: numbing and distracting myself with shopping, tv-watching, drinking alcohol, or trashy magazines – anything to stop me from being fully present with the disconnection I felt internally.

And I now had to find a way to anchor this light back into my body, without even knowing if it was possible (seriously, I thought it was GONE.)

So, I began to lean back into the processes that helped me get to the connection in the first place. I tuned into my guides, surrendered, lay in shivasana for hours as I channelled the light back through my body, and slowly but surely, I found my way back into the space of being a conductor between the energy of the cosmos, and the earth.

Let me tell you – it was sweet, sweet, relief and pure joy to come back into this state. I now never take it for granted. (And I didn’t need to go back to hospital.)

Can you relate? Are you feeling a similar feeling of disconnection within, during these times of energetic ascension?

If so – I’d love to give you something.

For a limited time, I’m gifting you the exact processes I used to re-connect, which are in my  Cosmic Light Connection Activation, a 12-minute audio that tunes you into the higher vibrations of the cosmos and brings them INTO your body, allowing you to braid your consciousness with these higher frequencies, and experience being a conductor of the energies that are ALWAYS seeking to move through you, if you allow them.

If you want to intensify your inner luminosity, magnify your manifesting magic and tune into your higher cosmic guides – you need this audio in your toolkit.

This is normally only available to my clients, and participants of Upgrade Your Life.

But it’s now YOURS to download.

I’d LOVE to hear how you go with it. Let me know in the comments below.

P.S I’ll be popping in again soon, I have something brewing that I think you’ll love. And ooh, a secret squirrel tells me you’ll get a sneak peek if you click through and grab your cosmic activation

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