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The Woman On The Plane


Our plane had just landed in verdantly tropical Colombo, Sri Lanka, during the dwindling days of December 2016.

Striding up the aerobridge, I could feel the steaming blanket of humidity settling onto my skin already, my chambray denim shirt itched to be taken off. I reached up to firmly pat my Panama hat on my messy mop of hair to ensure it didn’t fall off in the throng of exiting passengers.

I looked down at the shininess of my freshly-painted red toenails and chuckled at the ghostly whiteness of my be-shorted legs.

We had six days in this beautiful country, traversing the coast and the interior – seaside time and tea-country time and culture and sacred spiritual sites were all on the agenda. And birthday celebrations for me, too!

We were champing at the bit to make our way down the coast, with a lunchtime meeting to make in town before we began our taxi and bus ride to our first stop, the seaside fort town of Galle.

We exited the aero-bridge and looking for the shortest immigration line when a lady sidled up to my left.”Excuse me, can I speak you for a moment?” (Her English was limited.)

”Excuse me, can I speak you for a moment?” (Her English was limited.)

I looked at her face and recognised she was the woman who had been sitting to my right during our flight here from Singapore.

We’d struck plane seat GOLD being shoved into the two centre seats of a four-seat block in economy. Luckily I had Osho to read and a few episodes of Modern Family to tide me over for the three and a half hour trip.

“Sure, absolutely, what did you want to chat about?” I asked her, pausing briefly.

“Please, I wish to speak to you for a moment. Can we please sit down over there? Are you upset or angry, did I do something to make you upset?”

I could empathically feel her energy body knotted in tension and anxiety. Cloying as closely to me as the dense humid air.

Flabbergasted, I assured her that there was absolutely nothing wrong, nor did she do anything to make me upset. I said, of course, we could chat, but could we please walk towards immigration at the same time – we were in a rush.

Matt and I began to stride on, and she kept up. In her broken English a tumble of words and statements came out, “I was hurt, I am hurt, upset. How old are you? I’m 38.”

I looked at her quizzically and firmly said to her that I truly had no idea what she could be referring to and that we really had to keep going.

She began pointing to a row of seats to the left, 20 metres away, gesturing and insisting that we go and sit down and ‘have a talk’.

I had NO IDEA what she could be referring to.

From what I could remember, she’d spent most of the flight asleep, or with her eyes closed.

I wracked my brain to try and remember what interaction we’d had, if any, during that short flight.

All I could recall was her accidentally bumping my headphone jack in the armrest, which she apologised for. I said, ’no worries’, and adjusted it back into its slot.

That was it.

The one time I needed to go the bathroom, Matt and I got up together and had asked the lady sitting next to him to move as she was awake and we didn’t want to disturb the sleeping lady to my right.

But it appeared that perhaps instead of sleeping or resting, she was actually mentally tying herself up in knots over something I had either done or not done.

So much so that she felt concerned and insulted enough to approach me, a complete stranger, to raise.

The painful place she must have been in, to feel called to read into a situation like this as she did, is hard to fathom.

We left her side to join the shortest immigration line we could find. Within a few minutes, we were out and collecting our bags from the carousel, ready to dive into colourful Sri Lanka and get some food in our bellies.

I furtively scanned the arrival hall for the woman, a little fearful of being accosted again, and still feeling her nervy sel hanging around my energy field.

We didn’t see her again.


The thought of her, and the pain she was in, however, hung on to me for a few days. It was haunting.

And after tossing it around in my head, and feeling into my body about exactly what was so haunting about the incident – I finally hit upon the reason.

I’ve been that woman on the plane.

The woman who is so painfully aware of what others MAY think or feel about me – that I projected my fears of inadequacy and rejection on to them.

The woman who lived her life so tuned into the cues of rejection or disapproval, tying myself in knots and stepping on eggshells to please ALL OF THE PEOPLE.

I recalled how many (MANY) years I’d spent doing the exact same tiresome mental acrobatics that she’d done, torturing myself and taking up precious mind space, over-analysing EVERYTHING TO THE MAX. Taking so many things personally, and being so hypersensitive to the actions (or lack thereof, of everyone).

And gosh, it seriously sucks.

And just like that, WHOOOOSH. Utter compassion for the woman on the plane came rushing in and is still with me now.

Lovely one, if you currently find yourself in the same position, and can relate to the torturous mental acrobatics situation I’ve just described, I have this for you:

+ You have permission to disentangle yourself from the knots you keep mentally tying yourself in.

+ You have permission to put down the heavy load of responsibility you feel for other’s actions.

+ You have permission to live the life you feel impassioned and juicy about, and not put off your dreams to satisfy the expectations of others

+ You have permission to be responsible for YOUR energy and life – and not other people’s.

+ You have permission to be yourself, and not hem yourself in for the comfort of others.

AND I have something for you.

The next round of The Fulfilled Feminine Formula, my signature 5-week group coaching program, is here! 

I’ve distilled all I’ve learned in the realm of untying myself from the knots of anxiety and depleted living and diving into a fulfilled life into FIVE core modules: Awaken, Activate, Align, Ascend and Assimilate.

You get to journey within yourself while holding the hands of soul sisters who are on the exact same journey.

If tapping into your potency, discovering your limitless depths, and awakening to the yearnings of your soul is something you would LOVE. Hop on board NOW.

Early bird pricing means you save over $80 on the full price.

AND, if you’re one of the first three ladies to say YES get a free 30-minute Activate Session with me, to help raise your frequency and vibration! YAAASS.

The Place You’ll Find Your Gifts


The first time I consciously channelled a spirit guide of mine, Moli, I was about 12 or 13.

Fascinated by the world of spirit, my friends and I had been dabbling in ouija boards and seances for awhile.

(Quick aside, I advise against this unless you know what you’re doing / have a clear energy field. ‘Playing’ in the lower astrals can conjure not-so-nice entities. Yep, Stranger Things on Netflix is uncomfortably close to the mark.)

I can’t remember how we decided it would be a good idea for me to channel, but we did and it came naturally and easily to me.

I would sit in what I now know to be a trance state, and let my friends ask ‘him’ questions. I would move my persona aside and let him speak through me. My voice would change, it would take on a soft but deeper tone, speaking in an almost melodious manner.

I knew it was a guide far beyond my intellectual capacity and maturity, because the gossipy teenaged questions we always asked elicited the most magnanimous, mature and erudite responses –  far beyond what my tiny mind would have thought to say.

This particular memory of the early days of my channeling came back into my conscious awareness (it had been long buried) when I began to explore the role my inner child played in my life, and especially when I began to learn about how important it is to not only do the work necessary to heal any trauma she felt, but to also look to her for the wisdom of my true soul gifts.

Why is it helpful to look to our childhood for our gifts and innate talent?

When we’re born, and for our first few years of life, we are proximally close to where we’ve come from. The realms beyond our dimension, the place where our higher selves reside, is still very real for us. For many years after birth we can see beyond the solid third dimension, and we unthinkingly follow the urges of our soul to express, create and channel what delights us and brings us joy. And in turn we delight and inspire others.

Have you ever become completely transfixed with the simple play of a baby? Yep, it’s frigging fascinating. You’re tuning into soul-aligned action and magic, right there, just watching her play and express.

For me, as a child, this looked like:

  • A fascination with the unseen realm. Playing with fairies, elves, knowing there are beings around that I couldn’t touch, but ‘sense’
  • Channeling and playing with guides and angels
  • A deep connection to nature – one of my favourite things to do was take my walkman and go hide in the nook of a tree or lie down in the grass somewhere, and drift in my imagination
  • Preparing concotions and potions and soothing balms for my friends and even giving them advice as a wily seven or eight year old. Ha!
  • Singing, dancing and performing with reckless abandon – expressing myself in creative ways
  • Connecting to people. I was told off many times as a child for racing through my work and then distracting my friends in class when there was no one around to play with
  • Being a leader and initiator – I was generally always the ring leader of some kind of mischief
  • Writing stories and reading stories
  • A fascination with how things ‘worked’ I wanted to analyse and pull apart the machinations of everything, for a long time I wanted to be a detective!

I now engage with not just one but ALL of these aspects of me, when I’m truly aligned and giving my soul’s gifts.

But as I’ve learned in my personal experience, the talents and gifts most natural to us are often buried deep beneath the social conditioning we receive as we go through adolescence and into adulthood.

‘That’s weird. You’re weird. That’s embarrassing.’

‘You’re possessed!’

‘You’re not good enough to do X’

‘Sally’s a lot better at that than you.’

‘Stop playing in a fantasy land.’

When the drama of our ego and trying to fit into society’s so-called ‘normal’ sets in (usually during our teens, maybe earlier) – we begin to hide these parts of us, burying them deep within. Often we completely forget about them until something or someone awakens the longing to align again with what is true for us. We wring our hands and chastise ourselves for not knowing what our gifts are, when they’ve been inside us all along.

Our inner child holds the power to excavate and illuminate the long forgotten memories of us in our element, in flow, sharing our gifts.

I urge you to look there too, if you haven’t already.

Start with a simple intention to have these memories revealed to you. Tune into happy memories of what you used to love doing as a little one. Meditate with your inner child and ask to be shown what lit you up. The memories may only come in drips – but they will come. Capture them by writing them down, and more will follow.

These memories of yours don’t need to be taken literally – look for the feeling or broader theme that encapsulates the activity. For instance, if you loved building sandcastles at the beach – look at whether this is pointing you towards sculpting and creating with your hands – or perhaps it’s being close to nature and the sea in particular. You may not necessarily become a professional sand castle builder. (Although if you do, send me a picture!)

Tuning into and aligning with your light, embodying your soul gifts, and expressing them in the world is one of the most liberating and insanely delicious feelings in the world. If you feel called to do this, and would adore some loving guidance while you do, my 1:1 private spiritual mentorship program may be for you!

I have crafted the steps, methods and processes to guide you through what I have painstakingly moved through. These programs are packaged together to help you align with your light, dance with your darkness, and ultimately live as the light-filled goddess you are.

We journey through this together – the upgrades, the shadow work, and the rocky but rewarding part of claiming your spiritual self that’s screaming to be seen and heard in the world.

What took me years, takes you mere months (pheeew!). Best of all I keep you ACCOUNTABLE to the transformation your soul is seeking. One of the major differences between having good intentions – and actually earthing and REALISING those intentions.

Spaces in my mentorship program are closed for now, as my books are full. But drop me a line at carly@carlystephan.com so you can be at the top of the waiting list for the next round!

Have you tapped into your inner child, to help illuminate your passions? I’d love to know how you’ve tapped into your innate gifts, please share with me below!

One Of The Scariest Feelings I’ve Experienced


I had just arrived home from the hospital to our little chilly box apartment in Kathmandu, after suffering a mystery bout of gastro in mid-December last year. My senses felt assaulted by the sound and movement of the streets we’d just woven through in our tiny taxi – tooting and swerving, dust swirling and stray dogs barking. My beautiful man (who’d been by my side throughout), gently welcomed me back in with fresh flowers and the promise of creamy mashed potatoes for dinner (heaven after hospital food).

I was so thankful and relieved to be back ‘home’. Away from thrice-daily IV fluid drips, being woken up with the pinching pain of ANOTHER blood test (whoever dreamt up 6am blood tests is a sick bugger), vital checks every two hours, the general buzz and beeping of the hospital ward – being at home in the (relative) silence was bliss.
I set up camp on the floor near the heater. I felt the need to feel supported, grounded and held – and being off the ground, even on the couch, was making me nauseous.

I closed my eyes and tuned into my body, which felt VERY different after the hospital stint. I’d had a cannula put into both hands (one became too swollen to keep it in after a few days) and this was the first time in a while that my body didn’t have any medical instruments poking into it. I did a feeling scan through my body and energy system, seeing if anything leaking needed to be plugged or smoothed over. And what I felt was – not a lot at all.

While I had physical sensations in my limbs, there was no sense of my light body or my usually strong energy deeply anchored into being. I felt my soul was hovering around my head area and didn’t want to drop back in to my body. I realised, with the help of a beautiful friend at the other end of FB messenger, that there was a complete lack of trust in my body at that moment. It had let me down and my soul had unplugged itself from my internal energy anchors. What this left me feeling was the cold breath of anxiety, scared to move, disembodied, alone, disconnected and numb.

It was ridiculously frightening. I couldn’t understand how my light could have left me. I’d done so much work to anchor it and now it felt totally absent. The emotional pain and fear of loss was torturous.

Then it hit me – this is how I used to feel ALL THE TIME.

Disconnected from myself, from the universe and from the light. All up in my head, numb in my body and trying to stave off anxiety with every self-help trick in the book.

That’s what normal used to feel like.

– Fear breathing down my spine
– Disembodied and numb
– Disconnected from any sense of light

I would chase away these feelings daily, by distracting myself with everything I saw that was wrong externally and ‘needed to be fixed’.

  • I read all of the books
  • Pored over ALL of the blogs
  • Watched all of the inspiring movies (hello, The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know)
  • Watched the TED Talks
  • I could give sound and loving advice to others like a little oracle
  • I talked about concepts and understood every zen, new age, spiritual concept INTELLECTUALLY

But all of this just floated around in my mind and energy field, never fully landing within me. It may as well have all been communicated in Venusian, for all the good it was doing me. I ached to truly f*cking GET what all of those words, videos, and movies were actually talking about. And know it deeply. In my bones.

It wasn’t until I got real with myself (i.e. finally stopped distracting myself) and allowed myself to dive deep within to do the internal work, that I was finally able to open my receiving channels to these messages and the wisdom they contained. It wasn’t until I got to know the light in me, the darkness in me, expanded my heart portal w-i-d-e open and activated my energy centres to such a point that they were BURSTING with higher cosmic light, that I came to have an anchored and EMBODIED sense of everything I’d heretofore absorbed purely in my mind.

I liken this to the difference between holding a stunning chocolate truffle torte (or apple tartin if that’s your thang) in your hands; rather than diving head first into it and luxuriating in its velvety deliciousness. (Okay, maybe you’d be ladylike and use a dessert fork, but you see what I mean hey?) By just holding it, you’d be able to tell me all about it – what it looked like, how much it weighed, how much it glistened tantalisingly in the light, how many slices you could get out of it, maybe even how delicious it smelled. But you wouldn’t truly KNOW what it’s like until you got it in your pie-hole and down your gullet, amirite??

So, if you are picking up what I’m putting down with my clumsy analogy, it will be clear that I became a chocolate addict and lived happily ever after. Whoops! I mean I learnt how to not just observe and witness the “cake”, I could now fully *experience* it.

But, it took awhile. As in years of self-directed learning, embodied practice, bodywork, energy work, energy healing and channeling light codes and higher dimensional wisdom. And often times, there would be loud internal pleas to GIVE UP. To let the veil of ignorance try and settle back over me so I could just happily stick to my 9-to-5 and only look forward to the weekends and only believe that what existed was in the third dimension and all of the MAGIC of the higher dimensions was all in my crazy delusional head. I wanted to tuck my witchy self away, banish her from my life because what she demanded from me was not convenient, goddamit. Sometimes it was all too freaking exhausting.

I know this is supposed to be the part where I say it was all worth it. And yes to a point it was. But if I’d been able to have someone there to gently hold me and coax me through the incredible highs and lows of this journey, I would have said SIGN ME UP, BABY.

And this is the reason why I created my exclusive 1:1 private spiritual mentoring programs, Goddess Awakening, and Mystic Awakening. I have crafted the steps, methods and processes to guide you through what I have painstakingly moved through. They’re packaged together to help you align with your light, dance with your darkness, and ultimately live as the light-filled goddess you are. I hold your hand through all of the upgrades, the shadow work, and the rocky but rewarding part of claiming your spiritual self that’s screaming to be seen and heard. What took me years, takes you mere months (pheeew!).

Embodying Your Light

What does anchoring and embodying your LIGHT actually do, for your life in the here and now? Well just for starters it:

– Ignites the knowing of your Soul’s passion and purpose. Once you’re alight baby, all of the nudges and insights drop in and your intuition fires into overdrive.
– Helps you feel completely present in your body and less in your head.
– Multiplies your manifesting mojo like a magic spell.
– Turns your side hustle into a soul business in record time.
– Shines you so brightly that your soul mate / soul tribe are going to magnetise towards you.
– Helps you drop those incessant negative thought loops. Hateful Negative Nancy toodles off into the sunset.
– Helps you relate to and fully understand the ‘new’ kids being birthed into our world. They are epically gifted but often misunderstood.
– Turns on and enhances your clair-abilities (clairvoyance, clair-audience, clair-cognisance, clair-sentience)

And guess what?! I’m opening the doors of my highly transformative mentorship program for you right now! If you’ve been nodding along in agreement and recognition that this is what your soul is yearning for, drop me a line at carly@carlystephan.com to apply for one of (only) TWO spots I have available. I’m excited to chat to you!


So… back to me on the floor in our Kathmandu apartment, desperately anxious at having maybe lost my embodied light. 

My intuition said – ‘Absolutely not. You’re transforming and having a clean out. This is all in service of your spiritual ascension and you just need to tuck yourself up in bed with your crystals, lie in shivasana and INTEGRATE.’ My mind responds with, ‘Hmmm I don’t totally buy that. How about we freak out a little more?’ 

My intuition won against my tired mind, and I hopped into bed, surrounded by crystals and sacred talismans, lay in shivasana and began calling my soul back into its’ light anchors – while being completely present with the numbness I felt. I didn’t distract, obfuscate, or panic (excessively). I consciously connected and focused on each of my energy points, encouraging them to help with the anchoring.

By the next morning I began to feel the glimmer of my light body within me again. It took a few more days to feel that familiar sense of connection, and embodied light energy coursing through my body, but it came back.

To say I was relieved is an understatement. I am thankful for its presence and luminosity every day.


To find out a bit more about my 1:1 private mentoring – CLICK HERE. I look forward to hearing from you!

There are also some pretty sweet bonuses only available for you, only until Friday March 10:

– 1 x Archer Mala Beads Crystal Mala Necklace of your choice!
– 5 x spiritual practice / personal growth-oriented books chosen together and fully paid for, sent straight to you to support your journey!
– 1 x Automatic access to my group coaching program The Fulfilled Feminine Formula – and unlimited access to live rounds!
– 1 x Light Activation session with me to gift to anyone you wish!


Do you know someone who would like to read this? I’d so love if you’d share it! Thank you!

Scrolling, Spending + Romantic Co-dependency – Curbing Our Dopamine Obsessions


One of my intentions this year is to become really conscious of where my energy is leaking and focus is off centre – so I can be in full integrity and commitment to my work and life. After doing some journalling on this, I discovered the first area I wanted to look at was the ways I seek to regularly release my dopamine (our internal ‘reward chemical’). It’s a significant source of energetic leakage for me, and I’m seeking to curb this tout suite because I have a whole heap of fantastic content, programs and offerings to channel and create this year. All of which require my complete and full energetic attention. I know without a doubt that the high dimensions I need to reach and the depths I need to go to with my work will not be reached unless I am consciously focused.

I daresay you too have some lofty and bold intentions for this year, hey beauty? I don’t know about you but I (and no doubt many others) want to see your amazing creations and self out in this big bright world. And we won’t if you keep burying your nose in weapons of mass distraction. (Just heard that term on Lewis Howes’ Podcast the other week, so I’m now putting it in my pocket.)

Seriously – what are you actually doing with this precious life of yours? Do you really want, ‘Could scroll Facebook like a total PRO’ on your epitaph?

No. Me neither.

So how about we look at re-wiring our reward mechanisms for each of these behaviours?

In this video I cover off on some unhelpful behaviours many of us engage with (often unconsciously): – scrolling, spending and fixating on codependent romantic love – and how we may like to re-frame how we engage with each, and re-think what our true rewards are in life.

Video Notes

  • Why We Don’t Want to Dump Dopamine Too Much: Minute 2.20
  • Curbing Social Media Scrolling: Minute 4:40
  • Reducing Impulse Spending: Minute 9.00
  • Romantic Co-Dependency: Minute 12:43

Grab the Forest App for your phone if you want to help curb that phone-grabbing (grow trees instead of checking your phone! Totally not a paid endorsement or affiliation).

I’d love to hear from you, beauty! Do you have any conscious or unconscious dopamine dumping habits?



Awakening Your Inner Mystic!


This week in my free facebook group Woman, EXALTED, we wrapped up our Upgrade Your Life Activation Challenge, which helps in awakening us to the possibilities and higher timelines of our lives. Here’s the Challenge Resource Guide PDF for you, if you haven’t participated and want a taste. And if you want in, head on over here and join us!

This challenge is chock-full of PDFs, videos and a highly activating meditation I created called Cosmic Connection. Each day’s challenge was designed to activate and upgrade you in different ways: Mindset shifts, emotional shifts, environment shifts, relationship shifts and energy activations / shifts. All of these help serve to pave the way into a higher timeline for you, a new reality here on earth for YOU, whatever that looks like.

The motivation for this challenge was my own internal urgings to upgrade. I shared a few weeks ago in the group that I’m currently calling in even more mind-blowing and paradigm stretching realities into my life, and I know I need to do my own up-leveling to energetically meet those realities.

Because REALLY that’s all that ever limits us, our own perceptions and what is currently playing out in our ‘grid’ of perception and reality. If we don’t allow our own minds to be blown, to be internally expanded and shifted – we will not see our external reality shift.


So many women are excited when things finally click and they see how SIMPLE this whole upgrading your life thing is. And yes, it’s simple, but it sure ain’t easy. There’s a yawning gap between the enthusiasm and excitement you feel when your soul says ‘YES LET’S UPGRADE!’ – and actually taking the steps to do it.

One thing I’m abundantly aware of when it comes to women who get REALLY EXCITED about up-levelling themselves and expansion, is that follow-through and commitment can be a challenge.

It’s actually scary moving towards your highest potential (trust me, I know, because I’ve been there, procrastinating my little boots of for months and years before taking the leap, and every time I take another leap, I get scared).

Distractions ensue, there’s obfuscation and “I’ll get to that laters” and before you know it, months or years of your PRECIOUS LIFE have gone by and you still haven’t implemented. You haven’t held yourself to account for your progress and up-levelling.

And over time, this becomes f*cking painful (again, trust me, I know the feeling! Blechhh).

And this is why I’ve created my newest mentorship program – MYSTIC AWAKENING. I want to hold your hand through your up-levelling and upgrading. Gently but firmly holding space for you as you traverse the sometimes rocky path of aligning with your soul, opening to your inner brilliance and shining it out into the world.

This is a program that sees me playing right out to my erotic edges and beyond. Because we’re going cosmic, baby! This is where I’ve been playing in the last couple of years, and I’m so thrilled to now offer the fruits of my learning and integration to YOU.

And I am also committed to making the most of the potent and transformational month and a bit left of 2016 (there’s no wishing away 2016 over in this neck of the woods) – seriously, the transformation that’s possible with this energy is EPIC. What used to take years to learn and integrate, mystic gift-wise, is now taking mere weeks and months.


This program combines my highly popular and transformational Goddess Awakening 3 month program, with a high-energy and delicious 3 month Mystic Awakening addition!

Within the Mystic Awakening Mentorship we dive deeply into the mysteries of:

– The ascension process – managing symptoms, riding the incoming waves, self care and awareness
– Developing your clair-abilities (clairvoyance, clair-sentience, clair-audience, claire-cognisance)
– Advanced intuition development
– Your soul’s journey
Soul themes
Family Karma Themes and Integration
Higher dimensional aspects of ourselves
5th Dimensional Living
– Connections to higher dimensional guides (including ETs! YES)
– Activation of your 12-Strand DNA Helix
– Identifying your big Mystic Intentions and creating challenges to push your own boundaries, explore erotic edges and birth your mystic self into the world.


– 6 months of high vibrational energetic support – your energy system is activated, aligned and frankly, completely transformed during our time together.
– A program that’s a combination of bespoke tailoring to your soul’s calling, and a structured process I have created.
– Fortnightly 1:1 Skype sessions.
– Every other week there will be a lesson / article in our private online space for you to absorb.
– A Half day Goddess Activation and Alignment session to kick things off!
– An exclusive online space for us to journey together, and for you to drop into whenever you need.
Unlimited email support during our time together.
– VIP Immersion Full Day together during the second half of our journey.
– My Goddess Light Healing Activation Meditation Track.
– My Cosmic Light Connection Meditation Track.

 BONUSES YAY! (For a limited time only – expires on Sunday 27 November):

– 1 x Archer Mala Beads Crystal Mala Necklace of your choice!
– 5 x spiritual practice / personal growth-oriented books chosen together and fully paid for, sent straight to you to support your journey!
– 1 x Automatic access to my group coaching program The Fulfilled Feminine Formula – and unlimited access to live rounds!
– 1 x Light Activation session with me to gift to anyone you wish!

 This mentoring program is for you IF:

– Your heart is leaping when you see this offering
– Your soul is screaming YES and your head is going ‘WTF’. (Pretty much EVERY one of my clients arrive into my life saying, “I’m not 100% sure why, but something inside me just made me want to work with you. Is that weird?” No, it’s not weird, it’s soul-aligned action, and exactly the kind of person I want to work with!)
– You want to live life as the divinely feminine woman you are, knowing when to draw on your inner masculine and inner feminine in a way that serves you.
– You’re ready to leave the grind behind. Less striving, more thriving.
– You want to learn what it means to journey out of your head and into your heart – fully EMBODYING your soul
– You want direct and personalised guidance – no generalising here!
– You know there’s more to life than ticking off boxes of achievement – and you’re ready to soar
– You’d love to have space lovingly but firmly held for you, with accountability structures in place to ensure your commitment
– You want to work with someone who ALREADY sees your highest goddess self, and is committed to guiding you into alignment with her
– You want higher dimensional wisdom delivered in an earthy and practical way

 This mentoring program is NOT for you IF:

– You’re not ready to take responsibility for your healing journey
– You’re still in victim mode
– You’re not ready to be accountable to your own progress and journey
– You blame others for your circumstances or situation
– You’re not willing to own your inner brilliance and align to your highest potential
– You don’t yet know that you are spirit having a human experience
– You’re pussy-footing around your decision to commit to yourself and your highest potential. I work with women who are ALL IN for their highest, most exalted state.


My clients kick ENORMOUS goals and create dream-worthy outcomes for themselves while we work together. Here’s a small handful of what they’ve called in and now call their reality:

  • Their soul tribe – soulmate connections (both male and female) that nourish and support them
  • A deeply embodied send of self – their connection to themselves and the universe becomes immensely rewarding and a touchstone they call on all the time
  • Nipping procrastination in the bud and birthing their soul’s work into the world
  • New houses and places to live
  • Transitioning out of their full-time work and into their soul work – and feeling MUCH MORE aligned with their calling
  • Creating new highly potent packages and re-imagining business strategy to effectively engage their ideal clients
  • A deeper understanding and sense of loving connection to their children, particularly children classified as autistic (the rainbow and crystal gems they are become so much more apparent)
  • Travel opportunities and experiences
  • Completely dropping destructive negative self talk patterns
  • Aligning with their divine, goddess selves
  • Crystal clear clarity around their soul purpose
  • Shifting from a lack mentality to one of over-flowing abundance
  • Raising their vibrational frequency to align with their highest potential
  • Self care practices that take care of their empathic nature

One thing I want you to know is that investing in YOU is a sure thing, beauty. It has energetic ramifications and positive effects beyond that which you can mentally perceive. If you feel that heart of yours leaping for loving accountability, guidance and VIBING UP in your life – drop me a line at carly@carlystephan.com for more information and to apply for the limited spaces on this program.

These are a highly catalytic 6 months – your life will not be the same. And we’ll probably be besties by the end of it.

The bonuses expire on Sunday 27 November. This offer wraps up next Friday 2nd December (or when the spots are filled, two are left).

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