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Thrilling me!


Skidding in there right before Christmas and the end of the year is my final Thrilling Me post for 2014! Enjoy, and please share your thoughts in the comments below – I always love hearing from you.

Digital Detox Kit

The delightful Naomi Goodlet is running the perfect holiday program for you at the moment – the Digital Detox Kit is a fully guided e-course on weening yourself off your unhealthy screen habits. I did this course a few weeks ago. To be honest, I didn’t think I had any kind of unhealthy habit going on with my digital wanderings, until I did an important preliminary exercise of the course – noting down my screen habits. I noted when I felt the need to check in (whether it was email, phone messages, or social media), and it was FAR more than what I was actually conscious of doing. Much much more. Pretty scary. So much so that I started planning my digital detox straight away.


The course is loaded with heaps of tips and tricks on how to do both partial and full detoxes, so you’re not left feeling like it’ll be an impossible task. It’s not. I felt fully guided and supported during my several hour long, and full day detoxes. It definitely does take awhile to ween off the little dopamine hits we get when we get a notification, or some kind of contact over social media. That’s what’s friggin’ addictive. I noticed I use digital distractions to take my mind off things I may not want to face in the moment. For you, it may be different.

I’m an affiliate for the program because it helped me tremendously. Click through here to find out more and see if it calls to you!

Astella Designs – Resin Art

As part of what appears to be a never ending ‘deck out my home’ quest, I’d been hanging out to find a fantastic, colourful and relatively weather proof piece of art to hang on my front balcony. I’m a huge fan of resin art, and particularly love the free form/abstract nature of it. I came across Bec from Astella Designs on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her creations.


It turns out Bec also does custom pieces, and could do one for me in any of the colours I wanted, to suit my space. Mega squeeee! Happily for me, she’s also on the Gold Coast, so picking my piece up was a breeze (although she does also ship her pieces all over the place). My beautiful little piece, called ‘Circus Lights’ is now sitting pretty above my dining table, and it fills me with glee every time I glance at it. If you want a piece, head on over to Bec’s lovely website.

Create Your Shining Year Workbook

Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Shining Year workbook is the perfect tool to reflect on and release 2014 and welcome in 2015. I’ve used it before, and let me tell you – it’s pretty magical. I don’t know if it’s the fairy dust Leonie sprinkles on everything she does or just the fact that you’re more likely to achieve the things you write down – but this workbook has a way of helping you manifest desires in ways that are mind boggling.

Leonie Workbook

I’ve just finished the reflection and releasing part of the workbook and let me tell you, it feels freakin’ fantastic to have your own personal closing ceremony for the year. I am so gosh darn in to the importance of ritual and markers that help us anchor in to and acknowledge the passing of time, or the moving through from one phase to the next. For me, it cultivates attention and reverence for what I’ve achieved as well as appreciating what didn’t feel so good this year  (which can also be completely loved and accepted, too).

I can’t wait to dive in to the 2015 dreaming and scheming part of the workbook, when holidays begin!

Passion Planner

I discovered this little beauty in the latest issue of Raspberry Magazine, which has a full page dedicated to diaries for 2015. There’s not a lot of things I’m completely obsessed about, but finding the right diary for me is definitely one of them. Enter the Passion Planner. I am insistent on a few things for my diaries – they MUST BE: week at a glance, have room for scribbling notes, and have some kind of spirited aspects to them. The passion planner has this in spades, and more. Room for goal setting, scribbling both personal and work related to-dos, space and prompts for gratitude notes… lots. I tried to order one online, but the delivery times are now in to February (they are UBER popular).

Passion Planner

The BEST news, however, is that you can get the entire Passion Planner diary PDF on file. This is done via an honour system – all that’s asked is that you share the Passion Planner webpage on social media. I’ve since done this and then had all glorious 196 pages printed to A5 size and spiral bound at Officeworks. Cheap as chips! I’ve also laced a ribbon through the binder as a place marker, and have my very own beautiful copy. No waiting and totally easy peasy, my friends. It also works seamlessly well with the reflections, goals and desires you come up with using your own processes (Leonie’s workbook above, Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map, etc).

How about you, dearest? What’s thrilling you? Does anything I’ve mentioned sing to you at all? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Thrilling Me! Raspberry Mag + Sonesence + Sacred Self + Home made Home


Raspberry Magazine

I am completely stoked to be in the inaugural edition of Raspberry Magazine, the heart-centred creation of my soul sis, Alana Wimmer. I’ve written about the Art of the Solo Soul Retreat, which is a bit of a follow up to a previous post I wrote on this here blog, Dude, where’s my juice? There are also pieces by the delightful cover girl Claire Baker of This is Lifeblood, beautiful gypset lifestylist Vienda Maria, and location independent coach Elizabeth Mackenzie of Your Highest Self, plus many other totally rad women.


The first edition is absolutely free and is full great advice and awesome tips for up-levelling your life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, change-maker, business maven, or passionate mama – this magazine is going to have something for you. There is so much goodness it’s an absolute no-brainer to get the annual subscription for only $33 clams. Total bargain for mega value. Can’t wait for the next issue!


Following her passion full tilt and launching her solely meditones focused business, Sonesence, is another totally rocking soul sis o’mine, Tahlee Rouillon. It is so, so, so soul-achingly awesome to see a person fully and completely leap in to their truest passion. And this is what Tahlee’s done in this past year, as she’s transitioned from The Attitude Revolution – lovingly putting it to bed – and birthed Sonesence in to the world. Seeing this baby from conception to birth (makes me sound like a bit of a voyeur, eh?) has been such a joy, and I’m just thrilled to see Sonesence already soaring.



If you’re a peace-seeker in need of the MOST amazing meditation tracks, or a wellness entrepreneur who’s hankering to add a meditation track or album to your fantastic offerings – Sonesence is the place you need to head to, lovely one! The best in the business are already there, so you best join them.

Sacred Self Organic Perfume

I’ve adored Michelle McGrath and her Sacred Self products for many moons, and I am absolutely blown away by her latest love-soaked offering. The Sacred Self ‘I Love My Life’ range of organic perfumes is so super delicious – the I Love My Body roll-on is a permanent fixture in my handbag. This little lovely I am now a wee bit obsessed with is chock-full of love, organic essential oils like bergamot, juniper, cardomom and ylang ylang, flower essences and (AND) clear quartz crystals. *emits almost inaudible fairy squeee*.


When I wear it there’s absolutely no sneezing, sniffling or sensitivities, which are so often the side effects of me putting any form of perfume or fragrance on. It’s so wonderful knowing I can slather myself in this stuff, without the concern of multiple sneezing fits in my very near future.

Get your mitts on some, stat!

Home made Home

Since buying my apartment earlier this year, I’ve set about gradually furnishing my place bit by bit from various sources – I love mixing up high and low end prods to create a kind of boho but still ‘put together’ homey feel. I’ve upcycled old pallets for my coffee table, a tree stump was sanded back and has become a side table, and I’ve also got a sublime day bed made from sustainably farmed teak forests in Indonesia. Throw in furnishings from every corner of the globe, and you kind of get my style.

Let it be known, if it isn’t already, that buying your own home stands for: Haemorrhaging One’s Money, Endlessly.  So when it came to sourcing a dining table, I was determined to find something that suited both my taste and my limited budget perfectly (HAHAHA laughed the gods).


I knew what I wanted – a kind of farm house style chunky solid wooden table, with a bench seat to match. After searching high and low and blanching at the cost of many many options available to me, I came across this lovely local company that makes custom orders! For less than what my apartment cost! Home made Home here in Brisbane specialises in fantastic custom made wooden pieces for your home – breakfast bars, dining tables, any kind of wooden piece of furniture you can think of. I absolutely LOVE how it’s turned out (pic above). Andy provides a superb service with a really quick turnaround, so if you see a wooden dining table in your future – hit him up!

That’s it from me, sweet peeps. Would love to hear what’s thrilling you! Pop your thoughts in the comments below. Love xx

Thrilling Me!


It’s been a wee little while between drinks for my Thrilling Me posts, but at the moment there is just TOO MUCH good stuff floating about that I absolutely cannot keep quiet about. I hope you enjoy!

Susana’s Sacred Dance Party

I was out of the country for the last dance party Susana presided over, and by golly did I feel like I missed out. Everyone who was there heaped praise on this event, and the amazingly curated tune list. My beautiful friend is on absolute fire putting this glorious shindig together. Susana is seriously in. her. element. It’s so wonderful to behold. I’ve had a sneaky little peak in to what she has planned, and I absolutely know we’re all in for a treat this coming Friday night.

Susana Dance Party

We jammed our way back up the coast in the car to a few of the night’s tunes a couple of weekends ago, and I was ecstatic just dancing in my seat. I cannot wait to experience the theme of this sacred dance party – Love Sex Desire Embodied. It’s all about going from the head and in to the body – and igniting your soul. Sound delicious to you? Thought so. Grab your tix here, if there are any left that is! And I’ll see you there.

Make Art Monday – Brisbane Meetup

Is it just me or is there something in the water in Brisbane? SO many amazing things going on at the moment, I’m finding it hard to keep up.

Make Art Monday

Beautiful Jo from Maps to Herself has initiated a weekly artistic challenge to her community called Make Art Monday. Following her creations on Instagram has me absolutely itching to get my paints out and unleash a bit of colourful creativity. I haven’t been keeping up with it on a weekly basis, but Jo’s just created an In Real Life monthly meet-up for anyone who’s interested in creating together, with or without a sneaky little vino. And I am in, in, in.

The first one is at Cork and Chroma in South Brisbane on 26 May, and it’s only 15 lil’ clams for hours of fun. All of the details are just a click away.

Inspired COACH – and BYC Academy Fundraising Initiative

I had the absolute pleasure of being in the April edition of Inspired COACH Magazine – a stunning bi-monthly publication initiated by Julie Parker of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. In this edition I’m chatting about the Importance of Giving for coaches, but it’s also applicable to people with businesses in general. Being generous, adding value and giving back are all pillars I try to build my life upon, and it was such a joy to be able to share this with the Inspired COACH community.

Inspired Coach

I’m equally thrilled to see that beautiful Julie has initiated her own super generous ‘giving’ initiative. For the month of May, Julie is hosting a ‘pay what you can’ sale for her fantastic eBook Build Your Biz + Blog With Love, with all proceeds going to her charity partner YGAP and their 5cent campaign. So brilliant. This eBook has featured on a Thrilling Me post previously because it is chock-a-block full of fantastic advice, tips and resources for anyone in the business or blogging world. Get your copy now, and give generously!

Health Points Acupuncture

So a couple of weeks ago I ended up with a pinch in my back that I just couldn’t shake. It was the result of a heap of strenuous activity (e.g. just waking up in the morning) and it was giving me the irits. So as I was in the vicinity of West End I traipsed along Boundary St to find myself somewhere to fix it. Which is when I stumbled on a clinic that’s now become my mecca of healing and respite.

This wonderful clinic is called Health Points Acupuncture, and operates using a communal clinic model, which allows economies of scale to kick in with its precious cost-saving nature, delivering super affordable acupuncture to everyone – no matter their ability to afford it. People on a pension can get hour long sessions for as little as $10. For everyone else, each session is between $25-$35, depending on the frequency of your visits.


You get your own comfy recliner, in a super-relaxing environment with chilled out tunes playing. I’m particularly fussy about acupuncture (I like it REALLY gentle as I’m pretty sensitive to any energy healing modality), and I absolutely love the gentle approach taken by Jemma at Health Points. If your body is craving a little energy medicine at an amazingly affordable price – get thee to Health Points at West End. It’s sublime.

How about you gorgeous one? What’s lighting up your world? I’d love to hear from you below. xx

Thrilling Me!


Happy 2014, folks! It’s great to be back and I thought I’d ease in to the year by bringing you a little up to speed with a few fantastic things that are completely thrilling me at the moment.

I hope you take some time to reflect on what’s thrilling you on this fine Thursday, too. Remember that happiness shared is doubled, so pop your thoughts down in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you!

R+R in Singapore

I spent the holidays with my family in Singapore, a cool and balmy change to Brisbane (aka Hell’s Kitchen) which was surprising. My time was largely spent connecting with family and friends, savouring local delights, getting massages, the odd bit of shopping, and drinking coconuts by the pool.

Ku de ta

I also well and truly realised that I’m not very good at doing nothing. Even though doing nada was exactly what my mind, body and soul were screaming for after a very active year. So I found myself in the midst of copious amounts of relaxation time, nothing officially ‘to do’, and struggling to just sit on the couch/pool lounge and watch the cricket/movies/read. While I was engaging in the motions of relaxation externally, I had persistent niggly little thoughts of what I could be doing to be a bit more productive with all this free time. Blog post writing! Desire Mapping! Reflecting on the year that’s been! Scheming up the year ahead! And on, and on.

I’ve figured out that I literally don’t give myself a break unless I feel I’ve achieved something in a day. I’m so much more comfortable in ‘doing’ mode. I *think* this may have been why I contracted a two-day cold while I was there. My system was all, ‘okay lady, if you’re not going to properly rest, we’re gonna make you feel so shite you’ll have no choice but to’. So learning the art of doing nothing is certainly something I’ll be exploring this year.


My incredibly talented, clever, and radiant soul sister Tahlee Rouillon has just launched an incredible program for trail-blazers who are seriously driven, ambitious and ready to really rock 2014 – but want to avoid the burn-out, exhaustion, and overwhelm that often latches on during this journey, dragging their heavy-ass selves on the ground behind you.


Spectrum is the world’s first anti-work course. It’ll keep you feeling juiced, sated, and riding a sweet wave of inner peace while you’re on your path to stunning success. The course and package inclusions are teeming with value, and Tahlee’s got a sweet deal for besties who want to do the program together. It’s a huge discount so well worth chatting to your nearest and dearest about.

I’m super excited to dive in to Spectrum, Tahlee’s meditones tracks are an integral part of my self care routine and I can’t wait to experience what she has in store.

Mastermind Retreat

I am so stupendously excited for this wonderful retreat that some of my soul sisters and I have planned next week. We’re decamping from Brisbane/Gold Coast and heading in to the lush tropical wilderness of Murwillimbah in Northern NSW for a weekend of connecting, dreaming and scheming up our year ahead. We’ve rented a beautiful house on a lake, with its very own yoga studio (!), which we will definitely be making use of as we have a talented yoga instructor within our midst.


Our days are going to be filled with connecting to and holding space for each other’s hopes and dreams, being in nature, eating nourishing food, connecting to our bodies, conducting master classes for one another, writing, playing and getting completely witchy and mystic which is right up all of our alleys (love!).

My power posse constantly blow me away with their talent, skill, presence and soul-drenchingly sweet support and kindness. My heart is always so full when we’re together and I beam from every available pore on my body.

Desire Mapping

A few weeks ago I popped a video up on the Pockets of Peace Facebook page, with the Desire Map goddess Danielle LaPorte being interviewed by Marie Forleo. It’s a fantastic vid, and I highly recommend you give it a watch. In the video, Danielle and Marie give a general overview of the concept of Desire Mapping, and how to go about dreaming up goals with soul.

Desire Map

The premise of the Desire Mapping process is all about knowing how you actually want to feel, rather than just going after a goal for the sake of achievement, or because it’s next on ‘the list’. Instead, really dig deep and ask, ‘Why do I want this goal in the first place? What’s the feeling I’m really striving for in chasing after this goal?’ And using this feeling or desire to guide your life choices. Knowing how we want to feel gives us crystal clear clarity and guidance on what we truly want to be focusing on in our lives.

I did a mini Desire Map exercise half way through last year, so this is the first time I’m going through the whole process and it’s truly illuminating. I’m letting my core desired feelings marinate a little for the moment (which is part of the process) but when I’ve clarified them I’ll pop them up here.

Head on over to Danielle’s site to get the low down on the goodies she has on offer to make 2014 your best year yet.

That’s me for this week, I’d love to hear what’s lighting up your world in the comments below, sweet thing. xx

Thrilling Me!


Summer is well and truly here in Brisbane. And that’s not just because it’s been hotter than hell’s kitchen here since August, but the cricket season is now upon us. And it’s just not summer without cricket. The Brits have arrived in town for the Ashes (and to serve us up some humble pie again, I fear).

I’m left reminiscing about the last time I felt joyous about Australian cricket and I think it was this time three years ago, opening day of the Ashes here in Brisbane and being at the Gabba to witness Peter Siddle’s hat trick. What a day. The thunderous uproar at the stadium was something to behold – absolutely breathtaking. Even having a drink with Bernard Fanning at the German Club afterwards paled in comparison.

Let’s get on to this week’s thrilling me Thursday post…

Forever Glow Beauty

My beautiful girl Dani from Forever Glow is on a heart-centred mission to help women everywhere ditch their toxic beauty products in favour of beautiful organic, body-loving products. Not only is Dani a highly experienced beautician, she’s also a certified health coach and has a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and the body. Her approach to beauty is far more than skin deep, it’s truly holistic beauty. Dani does Beauty Cabinet Makeovers,  for people who are keen to ditch their toxic products but have no idea what’s good for their skin or which products are suitable. Dani has also designed an amazing program to guide you through all things beauty and wellness which will shortly launch, so stay tuned to her site.


I’ve tried the OrganicSpa skincare collection and they are a fantastic range of products – plenty of active ingredients that really work as well as being non-toxic for your bod. Win-dingin’-win. Dani has some amazing Christmas specials and gift packs going on at the moment, so for easy breezy Christmas presents from about $20, head on over to her site. I’ll definitely be getting myself an OrganicSpa skin pack for Christmas.

Speaking at Lowy

I’m a dash excited to have been invited down to speak at Lowy Institute’s Australia-PNG emerging leaders dialogue in Sydney next week. The Dialogue event is bringing together 20 emerging young leaders (10 from PNG, 10 from Australia) from the private sector, civil society, and government to share ideas and discuss priority national issues for both Papua New Guinea and Australia. 

LowyThe topics being covered in the dialogue are:

  • Growing the economy and attracting investment in the Asian Century;
  • National infrastructure challenges – new approaches;
  • Reform and innovations in the delivery of health and education services; and
  • Politics and accountability – new expectations.

I’m speaking on Politics and accountability, which is largely my academic background, so I’m very much looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas in this forum.

Spring Cleanse

I’m getting in a short but hopefully effective spring cleanse in before we head in to the silly season. I’m using it as a time to truly slow down, look within and reflect, before I launch in to what invariably tends to be a month of mad-dashing and merry-making. Parties, end-of-year events, get-togethers, travelling, holidays, Christmas, my birthday – it all happens in December. Not that I’m planning on un-doing my good work by ditching healthy eating and commencing champagne-guzzling all month, but all of the outward-focused ‘busy-ness’ can leave little ol’ introvert me a bit strung-out.

Sol Cleanse

So I’ve dedicate next weekend to a gentle Sol Cleanse 3-day juice cleanse, and a host of associated supportive cleansing rituals and activities. Think acupuncture, massage, upping my dry-body brushing, going in for a colonic. ‘WAIT – did she just say the c-word?’. Yep, I’ve done one or two a year for the last four years, and have found them to be an utterly non-dramatic experience and really great for my overall health and wellbeing. So if you want to hear a little more about my cleanse experience, stay tuned!

Earth Crystals

Last weekend I had a beautiful day down the coast with a couple of my amazing soul sisters – sunshine and swims down at Rainbow Bay, deliciously nourishing food at Mandala, and then a spot of crystal shopping at Earth Crystals. Such a blissful day, and I’ve been hanging out to check out this warehouse of crystal treasures for a long time.

Earth Crystals

Let me assure you it doesn’t disappoint. Floor to ceiling and wall to wall of every kind of crystal you can possibly imagine, in every kind of shape – rough, smooth, cluster, points. A crystal lover’s dream come true and paradise all wrapped in to one. I added an amethyst cluster, ruby in fuchsite, citrine point and lil’ fluorite to my collection.

What’s lighting up your life this week, gorgeous one? Please share below!

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