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Thrilling Me!


Bayleigh Photos + Spirited + Cavort + The Power of Giving

So many wonderful things to fill my thrilling me list this week! Don’t forget to share what’s lighting up your life in the comment section below, beautiful one.

Beautiful photos by Bayleigh Vedelago

To mark my six month ‘blogaversary’, I gifted myself a photo shoot with the immensely talented Bayleigh Vedelago. I really felt like refreshing my pretty outdated profile shot (which was years old) and getting a few more taken to pop up around the site that really reflect the vibe and feel I’m aiming for with Pockets of Peace. So about three weeks ago Bayleigh and I had an insanely fun afternoon at the beach, laughing, chatting about our dreams, what lights us up – and taking some pretty awesome shots while doing so. Needless to say, I highly recommend getting her on your team if you need yourself some lovely shots too. Bay has a way of bringing out the absolute best in her subject, I felt in such professional yet easy going hands when we worked together. And here are some of the results!




Spirited by Rach and Tara

I’m only halfway through this absolutely stunning creation because I’m determined to saaavvvvooooouurrr it, gosh darn it. Little rivulets of delight shimmy through me as soon as I even lay eyes on the cover of this gorgeous eBook, I want it to just last and last and last. Spirited is a resounding soul call to bust through inner blocks, resistance, and limiting beliefs and step forthrightly in to the brilliance that lies at each of our cores.


As highly sought after life coaches, Rach and Tara have the chops to deliver searingly on-the-money lessons that will have you clearing your internal decks in no time. Each of the twelve lessons is delightfully interwoven with heartfelt personal reflections, and awesome exercises. Spirited is a fantastic addition to your eBookshelf – it has me well and truly hooked and I daresay it’ll do the same for you. So get your mitts on a copy, stat!


My gal Tahlee from The Attitude Revolution is playing hostess with the mostess at an awesome event coming up here in Brissy in a few weeks time – Cavort! It’s a dance party with a difference – no drunken lechers here my friends, just pure unadulterated fun, dancing and green juices. It’s going to be at the awesome Turf Studios, and you get to pick the tunes so you know you’ll want to cut the rug (or green turf grass).


I had a seriously tough time picking my song, but I daresay it’ll be a hit. Need I say more than 90s dance music? No, no I do not, because we all know the 90s was a golden music era and I’m sure we can agree that all 90s songs are pretty much dance floor fillers. I cannot wait to have a ball with my wellness gals and guys, as it’ll be right before I head off for a few weeks of work in Fiji. Come join us, won’t you?

The Power of Giving

This ad was posted by a friend a short while ago and I was so floored by it that I knew I had to share it here. It’s supremely touching, gets you right in the feels, and I daresay if your tear ducts haven’t been cleared in a while, they’re about to be. It’s beautiful. *Sniff*

That’s my thrill list this week, peeps! Please do share what you think and what’s thrilling you, below.

Thrilling Me!


A Beautiful Wedding + Wild Sister + Chipotle Advert + Susana’s One Day Immersions

Happy Thrilling Me Thursday! I hope you’re having an amazing day and that you’re able to take a little time (maybe right now?) to be grateful for at least one thing in your life.

I’ll be honest though, I’ve seen better weeks. The political landscape in Australia is looking increasingly bleak. There have been many decisions made in the last short while which have signalled a broad based paradigm shift away from social justice issues, care for the environment (particularly our Great Barrier Reef), and care for those most vulnerable. For anyone working in the space of caring for people and planet, it’s been a tough ride as we see blow after steady blow.

However, having these events occur, as devastating as they are, makes it all the more important for me to call in to laser sharp focus all of the things I appreciate, love and am thankful for. One major one is that I’m off on a three day Wellspring Retreat in the Byron Hinterland tomorrow! Yippee! My bestie is flying up from Sydney and we’re absolutely, positively hanging for this sacred switch off and unplug time. We both really, really need it right now. Nature, yoga, meditation, kinesiology, bodywork, nutritious food = HELLO HEAVEN.

A Beautiful Wedding

A couple of weeks ago I was honoured to be a bridesmaid at my beautiful friend Tracey’s wedding to her now husband, James. It was an absolutely joyous time, and one filled with precious memories. Their wedding was a magnificent event held at a property near the beautiful Mt Cooroy, just outside Noosa. With a ceremony held high above the hinterland, allowing gorgeous 360 degree views around us, I was visually stunned as I walked down the aisle, trying to drink it all in at once. A beautiful reception was held at the base of the property, in a garden surrounded by a lake. Simply magical. It all went by far too fast! Here are a few candid shots from the day, taken by my trusty Iphone:






Wild Sister

I’m thrilled to have a piece published in this month’s Wild Sister magazine. This month’s issue is all things Happiness, and it’s absolutely chock full of inspiring people, articles and videos (it’s an e-download). Curated and edited by Jen Saunders and her highly talented team, Wild Sister is a lifestyle and inspiration e-magazine for women who crave empowerment, sisterhood and the freedom to be themselves.

Wild Sister

I’m honoured to be part of the Wild Sisterhood, and especially this wonderful issue of it. If you fancy grabbing yourself a copy (do it do it do it), click on over here and grab yourself one, instantly!

Hauntingly Beautiful Chipotle Advert

This little advert has been making its way around the web very insistently this week, and with good reason – it’s gosh darn beautiful and really hammers home the importance of sustainable and ethical food production. The short clip has been simultaneously launched with an online game, so that children and adults alike can learn more about sustainable farming and cultivating a better world.


It’s been beautifully made by the Academy Award winning team at Moonbot Studios, and the recorded song accompanying the ad is sung by Fiona Apple. It’s brilliant, and I highly recommend you watch it as it certainly deserves to capture the attention of everyone.

Susana Frioni’s Immersion Days are back!

My beautiful friend Susana is hosting another two group immersion classes here in South East Queensland in late September and early October. These days are for women who are raring to go with their dreams but may need a bit of clarity, reflection and soulful assistance to guide them on their way. I attended one three months ago, and holy-moly it was an amazing experience, which led to deepened connections to my amazing soul sisters here in Brisbane, and significant clarity on some issues I’d been umming and ahhing about for a good long time.

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

Susana is a soul-centred and deeply intuitive coach whose ability to hold a space for you to reflect, discover and dream is second to none. There are only a few spots available so I’d hop to it if you’re feeling called to attend this juicy little fiesta.

That’s me for this week, beautiful folks! What’s lighting up your life this week? Please share below! 

Thrilling Me!


C4SC Site + Yourcorelight Jewels + Orawgi + Eco Baby Shower + Nat Kringoudis Brisbane Event

I hope that wherever you are on this Thursday that you’re well and happy and finding peace wherever you can. I’m in the throes of a very full life at the moment, with a very special wedding coming up next week, which I’m bridesmaid for, and Hen’s celebrations to be organised and had this weekend, plus the myriad other plates that must keep spinning in the meantime – it’s all happening!

I’m hoping to pop up a post or two next week, but as wedding prep begins mid-week, and with this weekend already full, I’m going to play it by ear. So if you don’t hear from me for a short while, it’s not because I don’t love you, but because I’ll be firmly ensconced IRL (in real life), celebrating the union of two amazing friends of mine! Which is what life’s all about, AMIRITE? (IAMRITE.)

I will however likely be active over on Insty, capturing as much as I can in photos, so come on over!

Let’s get in to what’s been thrillin’ me lately:

C4SC Website is go

It’s been up for a little while now, but I just wanted to give it a little plug and final pat on its baby bottom before I leave it to go out in to the world and do its thing – our Centre for Social Change website is up and running and I am beyond excited that we’ve finally pressed publish.


We’re a team that’s looking to creatively and effectively engage communities to co-create a better future for generations; enhance the capacity of those catalysing positive change to broaden and deepen their impact; and we want to engage with the economy differently to support people’s livelihoods, while protecting and even enhancing social and environmental wellbeing. We have some exciting events and projects coming up, so if you’d like to keep in contact, hop on over to either our website or Facebook page!

YCL Jewels

I’m blessed to know the gorgeous and wonderfully talented Fabienne from Yourcorelight, and her recently launched jewellery making business, Yourcorelight Jewels, is thrilling my socks off at the moment. Fabienne produces delightful hand crafted bohemian luxe pieces which ooze warmth and passion. She makes her pieces from specifically chosen crystals, which are often combined to magnify their collective power together.


She also makes and blesses each of her pieces with intentions of love and joy – which is utterly delightful. I recently had a custom  design of the YCL Sky Anchor made (who knew I had freakily tiny wrists?), with rose quartz and smoky quartz stones, complemented by a clear quartz drop and an evil eye drop (for energetic protection). I’ve hardly taken it off, it just seems to go with everything! Head on over to Yourcorelight and take a look at her entire collection – it’s beeeautiful.


Brissie based foodies, listen up and listen good – if you haven’t already discovered the delight that is Orawgi, you must head down to the Gabba post-haste and get to eating the delicious grub they serve up down there. It’s all organic, raw and low GI (hence the ORAWGI), and is so super tasty. Jamie Louise is a raw and vegan chef, and she’s created a beautiful space, housed within the BioSolar headquarters, which can seat a small number of people but is generally a take-away spot.


I recently popped in for a raw treatie (picture above, accompanied by some CoYo) and green vegie juice – and it was super delish. I can’t wait to mow my way through the rest of the menu. The cafe is currently not open on the weekends, but a little birdie tells me that this may change in the very near future (YAY!), so stay tuned!

Eco Baby Shower

I went to the most amazing baby shower over the weekend for my beautiful soul sister, Sara. She had us drinking green smoothies, fresh lemonade (not loaded with sugar), and eating a range of delightful organic treats made by Mandala (which has had a previous mention on this here blog, it’s a wonderful restaurant down in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast). So much YUM, not enough tummy room.

Eco baby shower

Baby shower

We had so much fun, connecting and celebrating the imminent arrival of Sara’s precious little one. I’m so blessed to spend time with so many amazing people, and in particular a growing bunch of highly conscious, inspiring, seriously kick-arse ladeez who are rocking the world in their own unique way. Giddy-up, girl power.

Nat Kringoudis Brisbane Event

A late breaking thrilling me piece of news is that the super talented health and fertility expert Nat Kringoudis, who I had on Pockets of Peace recently, is bringing her Debunking Ovulation event here to Brisbane in late October – which is super news for all my Brissie gal pals. I’m rather devastated that I can’t make it, due to some project work I’ll be doing in Fiji at the time, but I’m thrilled that Nat will be here nonetheless.

Nat Bris

The superb team from Earth Events are organising it all, so head on over to their site to check it all out and register – these tickets will go fast, that’s for sure. Nat also has events planned for Adelaide and Melbourne, and it sounds like there’s also one planned for Sydney too – check out her website for more details on those.

That’s me for this week, gorgeous! How about you share what’s thrilling you, below? C’mon, don’t be shy! Sharing is caring.

Thrilling Me!


A Conscious Life’s Raw/Superfood Master class +  School of the Modern Mystic + The Whole Pantry + Himalayan Salt Lamps

We are being seriously spoiled in Queensland at the moment – winter seems to have retreated in to its cold clammy shell and left us with gloriously warm and clear blue skies that I’m just so grateful for. I’m still waiting for the last blast of freezing weather to sweep through (mainly so I can wear my new leg warmers) before we well and truly embark on a thermostat upward march. But maybe, just maybe, this sublime weather is here to stay.

Aside from the weather, here’s what else is thrilling me, at the mo’!

A Conscious Life – Raw + Superfoods Masterclass

Gorgeous SJ and Tate and their beautiful dog Evi make up the team at A Conscious Life, and I went along to their most recent Raw and Superfoods Master Class, which was fantastic and thrilled me to bits. Their class is a fantastic combination of learning about superfood properties, how to include them in recipes, great techniques for said awesome recipes, and many many health tips and tricks for you to really step immediately in to a healthy and more vital life.

A Conscious LIfe

SJ is a holistic doctor (I’ve just put myself on her mile long wait list, finding holistic doctors in Australia is like finding a four leaf clover. For reals.), nutritionist, certified health coach, certified yoga teacher and chef. Phew. This lady is multi-multi-talented and will be able to answer every curly question you throw at her – her knowledge in the area of health and wellness is mind-blowing. If this is something you’d be interested in doing, or if you want to know what else these guys are getting up to (there are some exciting things on the horizon, I can assure you) I strongly suggest you sign up to their mailing list  or check out their website which has a great online store and is chock full of information.

School of the Modern Mystic

Run by Medical Intuitive and Psychic, Belinda Davidson, the School of the Modern Mystic is thrilling my socks off. I’m getting a thorough education of my chakras (our energy centres) and what each of them needs in order to be balanced and spinning happily. The lessons meld in perfectly with my reiki practice, which also focuses on cleansing, charging and balancing the chakras of our system. There’s a heck of a lot more bundled in to this six month online course, which is a thorough guide to enhancing intuitive ability amongst many other sublime lessons.

Belinda Davidson

I was enthralled by Caroline Myss’s book Anatomy of the Spirit, and this school and the practices Belinda teaches are so aligned to everything I learned from reading that book. So I am thoroughly enjoying it, and if this is your cup of tea, keep an eye out for when the next ‘school session’ opens. In the meantime I highly recommend Belinda’s guided chakra cleanse meditation, available to purchase and download here. It’s super thorough with chakra cleansing and is guaranteed to have you well and truly blissed out by the end of it, to be sure.

The Whole Pantry App

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Belle Gibson’s recently released app, The Whole Pantry  which is touted as a ‘back to basics’ approach to cooking and nutrition, and features entirely gluten and sugar free recipes, with minimal dairy and allergens. I was happy to buy the app (it’s only AUD $2.99!) based solely on what initially got my attention – the delightful healthy ‘Reece peanut butter cup’ recipe.

The Whole Pantry

But what really reeled me in is that it’s a completely holistic app covering off on so many aspects of health and wellness: there are recipes galore, but there’s also articles and a wealth of information from wellness experts, explaining everything from the top ten superfoods (and how to cook with them) to how to de-stress, or eat mindfully. There’s also a comprehensive compendium of wellness books, cookbooks, and website referrals. It’s well worth the tiny investment, and there are apparently going to be frequent updates too. Serious bargain.

My Himalayan Salt Lamp

I hadn’t realised the amount of joy my little Himalyan salt lamp brought to me until this past weekend, when I had it on during a relaxing couple of hours reading and writing in my room. Working beside its warm pink glow is so calming, but aside from its sheer beauty to look at, Himalayan salt lamps help to reduce allergens, dust, pollutants, and electromagnetic frequencies in our environments.

Himalayan salt lamp

The salt lamps create a space around them which is charged with negative ions and this effect is created because the lamp draws water molecules from surrounding air to the surface of the lamp, (which is known as hygroscopy, apparently) and as the lamp is warmed, a chemical reaction takes place and yummy negative ions are released into the air, counteracting the positive ions created from electrical equipment in your environment. Pretty awesome, huh? Yep, thought you’d agree.

That’s me for this week, folks! What’s thrilling you at the mo’? Please share below!

Thrilling Me!


Singapore (Gardens by the Bay) + Brene at RSA + The Big Leap + Baby Succulents

Life has been very full for me lately (note, not busy. I’m trying to take a stand against the glorification of busy), which has resulted in a couple of weeks of no Thrilling Me posts. I was rather touched that a couple of people have mentioned to me that they’ve missed reading it, which pleases me no end (it really, truly does). But lovers, fear not, I am back and totally stoked to be sharing the goodness of this week’s thrilling me post with you.

As always, I LOVE hearing from you, and what’s lighting up your life at the moment, so please share with me in the comments section below!

Singapore (Gardens by the Bay)

As I mentioned in last week’s post, I jetted off to my hometown of Singapore for a few days with my family, and to generally get my fill of yummy local food, lots of coconuts, and as much tropical fruit as I could handle (rambutans and mangosteen by the bucketload, anyone?). Usually when I go to Singapore I spend most of my time sprawled poolside reading, or skulking around the shops at Orchard Road, but this time I took the opportunity to be a tourist for a bit, and went to check out the new(ish) $1 billion Gardens by the Bay precinct. Oh. Em. Gee. It is spectacular. It’s over 100 hectares, with over 700,000 plants sourced from every continent except Antarctica. A fantastic celebration of biodiversity.

Super trees

Think Avatar, Ferngully, Harry Potter, and a general fairyland all mixed together and you’ll get the feel for what it’s like to walk through the gardens – and particularly the two massive climate-controlled conservatories. The Flower Dome houses the most gorgeous Baobab trees and the biggest succulent garden I’ve ever seen. It took ALL my will power not to take some cuttings, but seeing as appearing on Border Security is definitely not on my bucket list, I refrained.


The Cloud Forest conservatory was breathtaking. It houses plants that are endemic to areas between 1000 and 2000 metres above sea level. Upon entry you’re greeted by a thundering waterfall (the world’s tallest indoor one) that sprays you in a fine mist, and as you make your way around it literally feels like you’re walking through clouds. Richly coloured bromeliads and orchids are interspersed with dark green creeping vines, full-throated pitcher plants, venus fly traps, and lush ferns.

Cloud Forest

Both conservatories are powered by bio-mass from tree waste and solar power generated by the stunning Supertrees at the Supertree Grove, which offer spectacular views of the gardens and also house a restaurant! Amazing. A must visit, I’ll be going back for sure.

Me and Supertrees

Brene Brown at The RSA

You probably know by now that I’m a Brene Brown fan girl tragic. One of my very first posts was on Vulnerability, and I linked to her extraordinarily popular TED Talk on that topic. Basically I can’t get enough of anything this woman comes up with, she speaks so eloquently and right to the core of your being.


A couple of weeks ago Michelle at Sacred Self tweeted the link to a wonderful talk Brene Brown made at The RSA, during her recent trip to the UK. I’m still sad that I didn’t get to see her on her recent Australia tour, so any chance I get to watch her speak online, I jump. I highly recommend you stick it out for the full hour, there are many many gems of wisdom in it.

The Big Leap

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks has been on my list of books to read for a looong time (funnily enough this list just keeps getting longer). So my recent book depository buying binge included this little guy, and boy is he well worth the dinero I handed over. Simple, but genius, Hendricks talks about the inner glass ceilings many of us have, that he calls our upper limit. One of the central tenets of the book covers off on a few of the subtle self-sabotaging tendencies we often unwittingly engage in to stay in our comfort zones as we begin to push on that upper limit.

Big Leap

He posits that we each have an inner thermostat that determines just how happy and successful we will allow ourselves to be. And that we actually engage in behaviour that crimps off the positive flow of energy when things are going really well, like worrying, deflecting compliments, blaming, getting in to arguments, amongst other negative behaviours. Seriously illuminating! If you’re keen to clear the way to operate in your zone of genius, this book is well worth the read. In the meantime, this article by Hendricks outlines the gist of his book.

Baby Succulents have arrived

A little while back I blogged about learning how to propagate succulents from cuttings, and how I learned how to do it using the very nifty directions given to me by Catherine at the Spring Blog and Shop. I am super happy to report that I now have many many succulent babies springing up! Yipppee! I haz propagated!

Baby Succulents

It was really very easy, and definitely worth doing if you get a thrill from seeing things grow with little to no effort on your behalf. I’m about to put some of them in their very own pots, and a couple of my girlfriends will now be mamas to these babies. Spreading the succulent love all through Brisbane!

How about you, lovely? What’s thrilling you?

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