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Thrilling Me!


Vinyasa Flow with Sound + Reiki II + #UWW + A Li Acupuncture

Vinyasa with a Sound Bath

I went to the most amazing yoga session last Friday, hosted by Kaya Slater-Chisolm at the old Nash St Theatre in Rosalie (now Brisbane Yoga Space). I’ve experienced blissful sound baths before in some of my Kundalini classes, but have never had one while doing yoga. Olivier Maxted was our amazing sound healing maestro of the evening, and he’s absolutely incredible. He plays the didgeridoo, crystal singing bowls, the drum, the gong – many all at the same time.

Kaya and Olivier

During our blissful shavasana at the end, Olivier came to each one of us in the room and played the didge over our heads and bodies. It. Felt. Amazing. This session was well and truly sold out, with a long waiting list. So if you’re Bris-based and fancy the sound of it, Kaya and Olivier will be collaborating for another sublime combined session around September/October time, so keep an eye out.

Reiki II

It’s been a long time between drinks for me and my Reiki accreditations. I did Reiki I about seven years ago, and have just done my Reiki II this past weekend. Such a fantastic experience and a real privilege to learn so much more about this ancient practice. Reiki II takes you to a whole different level with energy, and introduces potent symbols that must be hand drawn and learnt (they’re never printed in books because of their sacred nature).


We learned the three traditional Usui symbols plus 17 sanskrit ones. I’m amazed at how quickly the symbols have engrained themselves in to my head. And wanna know something freaky? Many of my random doodles I’ve done over the years since I was a child very closely resemble a number of the symbols. Spooksville.

#UWW Event

Saturday’s Utopia Women’s Wellness event was such a blast, with stacks of fabulous stalls, lots of delicious food to try, green juices to be guzzled, and laughs to be shared. It was such fun hanging out with and supporting some of my wellness sisters as they did their thing, spreading their positive health and wellness messages to the ladies and gents (there were a couple!) of Brisbane.

Utopia WW

Still a wee bit upset I missed out on getting in on the raw dessert goodness that popped up and promptly sold out. Booo. Next time! Renee and her team did a fabulous job putting such a jam-packed day together, and I hope they’re taking time out to rest and recuperate after such a mammoth effort.

A Li Acupuncture

I’ve had a niggling stiffness in my neck and shoulder in the last few weeks, which is usually a sign I really need to get over to Aurelia at A Li Acupuncture quick smart and relax in to her healing touch. And within half an hour my neck had eased up, shoulders were relaxing, and my whole body was completely blissed out.

A Li Acupuncture

Whether it’s acupuncture or remedial massage you’re after (I get both at the same time), I cannot recommend Aurelia highly enough. She is such a gem, and already treats a fair load of my loved ones. In fact, I really probably shouldn’t be telling you about her, because she’s hard enough to get an appointment with as it is!

How about you, gorgeous? What’s thrilling you to the bones this week? Pop it in the comments below!

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Thrilling Me!


Mondo Organics + Book Club + The Joynery + Crafternoon

Mondo Organics

I’ve been to Mondo for snacks a couple of times, but haven’t had a full meal there before – until a couple of weekends ago. And it was spine-tinglingly delicious. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for their mushroom gnocchi – seriously probably the best I’ve ever tasted.


My gorgeous companion was a vegan, and Mondo were able to supply a completely separate menu full of vegan friendly delights. I love Mondo’s ethos and their dedication to sourcing the highest quality local and organic produce available. Reducing food miles and respecting the earth with sustainable farming practices = big tick in my books.

The Busy Girl’s Book Club

Further to my post this week on some of my favourite books, I had book club on Tuesday and got to reflecting about how much I absolutely love it, and all of the ladies in it. My beautiful friend Daile initiated it last year, and brought a diverse group of brilliant ladies together who would likely not have met had it not been for the Busy Girls’ Book Club.


Our book discussions bring so much more of a depth and tone to my reading experience than I likely would have had simply reading it on my own; the different perspectives, insights, and opinions are so wonderful. When we get together it often becomes a little less about the book and a lot about connecting with one another. And feasting on the amazing food everyone’s brought. Our most recent gathering was Mexican themed – cue delicious corn bread, fish curry, vegie tacos, burritos, spicy guacamole, chilli con queso and chilli chocolate cake. Sounds more like food club, huh? Delish.

The Joynery

With a tagline of ‘Follow your joy’, how could I not love what The Joynery is all about? Their aim is to host accessible and community-focused classes, to connect people and help them find new passions and creative outlets.


Faced with the quandry of ‘what to do when you’re hunting for a new hobby?’ the Joynery are a Brisbane based crew who bring together a diverse group of talented people with different skills who are willing to share said skills with people like you and me, at a low cost. So whether it’s learning to play the ukelele, or constructing a bee friendly crate garden (above, with my friends from Bee One Third), there’s a myriad of skills to learn and fun-ness (possibly not a word) to be had at their classes.

Anyone wanna come and learn the uke with me?


After my week of no reading – I’ve been keen to explore the realm of hobbies that do not involve reading (hence The Joynery being on my radar). I flippin’ love craft of all kinds, and I came to the realisation that I just don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like. Reflecting during my aforementioned week of media deprivation, I jotted down a few things I wanted to learn how to do – and one of them was crochet.


So I mentioned this to a gorgeous colleague who offered to teach me, and she proposed that we have a Crafternoon. So we did and I brought my long unfinished painting along, and there was also clay-making and jewellery making – but I spent most of my time trying to master the art of crochet.

I am pleased to say that I now have the beginnings of what looks like a yarmulke for a teensy head – and have also earned myself approximately one hundred thousand grandma points.

That’s it from me this week, I’d love to hear what’s lighting up your life right now! Tell me what’s thrilling you in the comments below.

Thrilling Me!


Solstice Kundalini + Utopia Women’s Wellness + Kyle Cease + Danielle LaPorte Pinterest Lovin’


Solstice Kundalini at Spirit Rising

I’ve mentioned my penchant for kundalini yoga before, and my love for it certainly piques around the times of seasonal change – our solstices and equinoxes most particularly. These seasonal markers are points in time that are potent with energy, and perfect for checking in with myself, going deep within and taking time for any recalibration that’s necessary.


The most recent winter solstice session was no exception. The lovely ladies at Spirit Rising host an amazing combination of kundalini yoga, meditation, shaman drumming, and sacred sounds via the magical gong. Beautiful energy and company – I cannot recommend their events and classes highly enough. Blissful.

Utopia Women’s Wellness

It thrills me no end that Brisbane and Southeast Queensland more broadly is becoming a hotbed of enthusiasm for wellness, positivity, light and health. The vibe is immense and I am so happy to see the rise and rise of opportunities for people to come together and connect in a highly conscious and inspiring way.


Utopia Women’s Wellness are the latest crew to organise an awesome wellness-oriented event for the people of Brisbane. I’m super excited to hear from shining dames like Lorna Jane, Therese Kerr and Jess Ainscough. Saturday 13 July is the day – buy your tickets here!

Kyle Cease Video – You are what you love not what loves you

I spoke about how much one of Kyle Cease‘s blog posts inspired me, in my post on an article I wrote for the Punch earlier this year. A video has been made, using some of Kyle’s spoken words on this topic – and the result is goose-bump inducing. Click on the video below to watch:

Danielle LaPorte Pinterest Lovin’

In late-breaking thrilling me news, a wonderful friend of mine yesterday alerted me to the awesome fact that one of my posts, written for The Declaration of You Bloglovin’ tour, had been pinned by none other than Danielle LaPorte – inspiration guru, and a mega hero of mine.


I know it was probably just for the quote I used to accompany my post (which is a great one!), but just seeing my little website on her ‘Words That Move’ pinterest board was really something special.

How about you, sweet one? Anything lighting you up today? Pop it in the comments below!

Thrilling Me!


Susana’s Interview + Wellspring Retreat + Spring Blog Succulents + Self Love Card Rituals

Ooh there’s a lot of ‘S’ lovin’ in my Thrilling Me post today! I hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday – would love to hear about anything spesh that’s thrilling you this week – pop it in to the comments below!

Susana’s Delightfully Deep Interview

I was completely honoured to be featured in Susana Frioni’s Hot Women to Watch Interview Series last week. This monthly series has been a favourite of mine for awhile now, so to be asked to feature was a thrill.


What I absolutely love is the truly thought provoking and catalytic questions Susana asks in the series – such as, “What question are you living right now?” – um, brilliant! Seriously deep – Susana is awesomely good at really drawing out the juice of an interviewee.

Wellspring Retreat

At the beginning of this year I put out an intention that I wanted to attend a really great meditation, yoga, energy retreat – not just for relaxation but one that also sought to be reflective, highly transformative and challenging. Nothing had really presented itself to me, until my Reiki master Kaya Slater sent an invitation through to a retreat she’s co-hosting in September this year called The Wellspring Retreat.

Wellspring Retreat

The retreat’s other hosts are two amazing people who are also some of my favourite energy healers of all time – Stace Callaghan (my kinesiologist) and Paulie Harrold (kahuna bodywork extraordinaire and shaman). Some of the retreat activities include: yoga, deep meditation, grounding bodywork, playful dance and movement, ‘spring-cleaning’ healing processes, energy work and regenerating rituals, transformational kinesiology. In other words, heaven. Cannot wait for this amazing retreat.

Spring Blog Succulents

I met the lovely Catherine from the Spring Shop and Spring Blog a couple of weeks ago at the Jan Power Farmer’s Markets at New Farm. She sold me a gorgeous addition to my burgeoning succulent collection (literally, my aloe vera is growing like wildfire – anyone need any??). Her name is Pink Lady and she is just delightful.


Catherine also taught me an awesome little way to propagate succulents from leaf cuttings which has excited me no end. I have since thieved (well it was in a public space so maybe not technically thieved) a leaf from a much bigger version of Pink Lady, and have followed all instructions to propagate some mini Pink Ladies. It’s all going well so far, so hopefully there are some little buds in a few weeks! Go check out Catherine’s little space on the web for more delightful blog posts and gorgeous offerings!

Self Love Card Rituals

I don’t really need to tell you how much I love Sacred Self’s Self Love Card set – this is an established fact. What completely thrills me is that in my lil’ house we’ve kind of come up with a bit of a self love card ritual. Instead of keeping the cards in my bedside table drawer, I thought it would be even better to have them out on our coffee table, so everyone could enjoy pulling a card every so often.


So me and the two gorgeous gals I’m lucky enough to have as housemates have now begun presenting one another with the deck and encouraging each other to draw a card. We’ll share what we’ve drawn, reflect on it, laugh, grin and sometimes freak out at drawing the same card twice in a row. It’s awesome, and I love it.

What’s thrilling you this week? I’d love to hear from you below!

Thrilling Me!


The Colour Run + Mandala + The Daily Love + David Sedaris

The Colour Run

After an attempt to hold the event a couple of months ago was aborted due to adverse weather, the rain-soaked days preceding last weekend’s Swisse Colour Run caused a bit of concern that the event may have to be cancelled again. Much to our delight, the weather cleared up and was pretty well perfect for the day, with just a few massive mud patches to contend with.

Colour Run

Billed as the Happiest 5km on the Planet, the Colour Run certainly creates an atmosphere of joy and fun, rather than tense and highly competitive. You’re encouraged to take your time to (literally) soak in the colour bursts at every kilometre point, and dance along to the music playing. My favourite part was definitely the finish festival colour bursts – we all ended up completely drenched in vibrant colour. Lots of fun to do with a close bunch of friends.

Mandala Organic Arts Cafe

As we were going down the coast for the aforementioned Colour Run, we stopped in to one of my favourite cafe restaurants on the Goldie, Mandala Organic Arts Cafe.


Serving delicious tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as the most divine raw and organic desserts, Mandala is super popular with the Coastie set, and bookings for dinner are pretty much mandatory. We stopped in for a quick afternoon tea, filling our bellies with raw energy cacao balls, raw chocolate mousse, and warming cups of tea. Sitting out in the garden is especially delightful during these clear winter days.

The Daily Love

Mastin Kipp sends out his musings, super inspiring quotes and suggested reading material on a daily basis. Without fail. Hence The Daily Love. The dedication this takes is phenomenal and I’m always in awe of his ability to mix it up and provide inspiration to so many in such a variety ways.

The Daily Love

I sometimes don’t get around to reading them everyday, but it’s something of a treat for me to save them up and read through a bunch of them at a time, over the weekend. If you’re keen for a daily dose of loving inspiration and seriously incisive insights in to practically incorporating these tips in to your life on a daily basis – get on his list!

David Sedaris

Where has this man’s books been all my life? Seriously? I am highly resentful of the fact that I’ve only just now started reading his stuff, and simply CANNOT believe someone (anyone) did not attempt to prise the latest Dan Brown novel out of my clammy little hands sometime during the last decade and thrust (with insistence) his books in to my face.


Sedaris is a frequent contributor to the New Yorker and is an absolute writing genius. I’m only half way through one of his books, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, and I can already feel a Sedaris book depository buying binge coming on. His ability to mine everyday experiences for comic gold is (in my opinion) unparalleled; you’ll be laughing out loud before you reach page three. Consider this me *thrusting his books in your face*. You’re welcome.

I’d love to hear what’s thrilling you! Or perhaps you’re liking something on my list? Would love to hear from you below.

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