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You know that pesky friend of yours who always seems to be up to something, trying something new, with many and varied interests? She’s likely the one who got you in to aerial yoga, or trapezing, or convinced you to go on a 10-day vippasana meditation retreat. There’s often a lot of well intentioned and well-meaning advice flung your way as well (possibly uninvited). ‘Have you heard of?’ ‘Did you ever think of trying?’ and ‘I’ve found THE BEST thing!’ are often the way she begins her conversations with you. Oh her! Your memory lights up in recognition.

That’s me.


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Barbara Sher would call me a Scanner. A scanner is a lady or gent who has a wide ranging, varied, eclectic mix of interests and likes to hop, skip and jump their way through them all, back and forth and side-a-ways. Sometimes going deep, sometimes just skimming the surface. But always thrilled at moving between. Here’s a short blog by fellow self-identified scanner, Sarah Wilson.

Malcolm Gladwell might call me a Maven. Gladwell uses this term in the Tipping Point to describe someone who is an intense gatherer of information and impressions, pathologically helpful, and something of an expert in a particular field who seeks to pass knowledge on to others.

This here beautiful space on the web that I have carved out is going to be my little creative outlet, to explore and express, and help satiate my desire to be pathologically helpful, without inflicting it on my unsuspecting housemates, family members and close friends. The beauty of this space is that the two of you who are reading (hi, Mum!) can read what I have to say and either: 1) take it and put it in your pocket for later, or 2) shake your head, holler a big, ‘hells no’ at your computer screen/smart phone and I’ll be none the wiser! Sounds like a plan, yeah?

I love the feeling of cozying up on the couch with a good friend, our hands furled around cups of tea, eyes smiling with delight, basking in the short but precious time we have to catch up.

I’ve begun this blog as my side of what I hope to be a conversation between you and me.

My hope for this blog is that it may provide someone something that they need to hear or see on their life journey. I know not everything will resonate and I’m okay with that. But I hope that there’s something that you can pick up and put in to your pocket, to help you towards your journey for inner peace. As I continue my journey towards cultivating mine.

This much I know is true: Life and the greatness within it, including all of your heart’s desires, hopes and dreams, are constantly flowing at you, and you keep that channel open through feeling good. Feeling good can range from relaxation, ease, and calm – through to ecstatic and almost painful bliss.

I have all sorts of different posts planned, on many and varied topics ranging from wellness and health, to fashion, to travel, to spirituality, to design, to some of the things I get up to in my day job and daily life.

So, let’s sit together on our virtual couch, Pockets of Peace, in the spirit of earnest and authentic exchange, because learning, connecting and sharing is part of what makes life so great.


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