Dude, where’s my juice?


So, I lost my juice.

Not the cold-pressed, green veggie and fruit variety, but my own internal passion, pizazz, gusto, get-up-and-go. Symptoms included: largely not being excited by anything (despite having a plethora of things to be joyous about), feeling inordinately exhausted and drained pretty much constantly, having very little to ‘give’ to others, and only having the strength to plonk on the couch and mainline episodes of GIRLS or Suits (needing excessive amounts of television to drown out my mind chatter is a sure sign my juice is running low). Most significantly, I was constantly seeing burnout in other people. And when I begin to consistently project on to others, I know this is a sure sign that what I’m seeing reflected back to me is something I’m personally grappling with.

I’ve also realised that when I’m low on juice, I let my energy ‘leak’ a lot (thanks to a viewing of an old Caroline Myss youtube video), compounding the lacklustre feelings. Energy leaking basically means that I fritter my energy reserves away when I let my attention wander to situations, issues, world events and people who drain me, often without realising it. These inadvertent energy vampires (which I’m completely allowing to suck me dry) have been my constant companions for awhile, and saying adios to them was well overdue.

Energetically the collective consciousness has also been going through major upheavals. Empaths (such as yours truly, and if you’re reading this blog you may be one too) have been feeling it MEGA time. So know that you’re not alone in what often feels like a topsy-turvy time, energy-wise.

Haven in Byron

So I knew I was long overdue for some serious timeout and last week I instigated a staycation, combined with a few days of solo soul-retreating in Byron shire (the capital of restoration and rejuvenation in my books).


I made a promise to myself at the beginning of my week off that I would prioritise listening to what I truly needed on a moment-to-moment basis, without creating a long ‘to-do’ list and planning out every waking moment of my free week. And that, my friends, was pretty tough! My inner critic would often snarkily pipe up about how much time I was ‘wasting’, how many friends I could be potentially catching up with while being off work (aka my Mummy friends who I rarely see), how much blog post writing I could get done, et al and in to infinitum. Turning down the volume of this voice was one of my week’s biggest challenges.

The week’s second biggest challenge was how to not let a HUGE fine completely rain on my parade, one day in to my holiday, after having my car towed. It made me feel ill. After chucking a narny the night it happened, I took responsibility for parking where I did, gave thanks that I could afford to get my car back, gave even more thanks that it hadn’t been stolen (as I had initially thought) and wrote it off as some kind of karmic balancing going on.

And then, the next day I got my two-year old iPhone replaced with a brand-spanking new one, for free. How’s that for swings and roundabouts?

Home Staycation

My staycation was primarily to ground my energy in to my new apartment, potter around the place without an agenda and just really appreciate the little haven I’ve created. It looked a little like this: waking up naturally in the mornings (which is generally pretty early, but I didn’t force myself out of bed), lots of home cooking, potting some new plants, varnishing furniture, picking up soft furnishings that struck my fancy, getting a designer in to help me plan out my two balcony spaces, going to yoga if I felt like it, not going if I didn’t. Watching inspiring youtube clips, reading soul-nourishing books, taking myself out for chai, putting together an epic 90’s Spotify playlist to dance around to. Nothing revelatory, but exactly what my soul needed.

With every act done in present moment awareness, I could feel my internal constriction easing. A sense of inner spaciousness was being created. I felt like a sponge that’d been completely wrung out, being slowly immersed in a relieving watery embrace. By about day four I felt my joy naturally flowing again.

Solo Soul Retreat

On day five I choofed myself down to Byron shire for three days of nature communing and self-pampering. This looked a bit like: beach yoga and a heart-opening workout with the amazing Brieann from Wabi Sabi Well (think combining an energy healing session with an intuition-led workout, finished with a massage and a meditation – BLISS), lolling around in the sun by the sea, while dolphins frolicked nearby, a whole morning in a spa bathhouse called Kiva, soaking in their oxygenated baths and steaming it up in the sauna, lots of reading, writing, meditating, and spending time doing nothing but sipping tea on the deck of my gorgeous little cabin (pictured above), in the hills of Wilson’s Creek, just outside Mullumbimby. All of it done with presence and a moment-to-moment awareness of what I needed right then and there.

The joy of gifting myself this time and space to amp up my juice was worth it in and of itself. I truly think the more we pay conscious attention to ourselves, the stronger our sense of inner peace is. By the end of the week, I began to feel my passion and excitement bubble through me again. And my sense of inner spaciousness grew even more.

For more juicy (ha) details on my time away, I’m writing a detailed piece on the Art of The Solo Soul Retreat for the inaugural edition of Raspberry Magazine – if you’d like to read more just click on the link and subscribe (the first edition is coming soon and it’ll be free!).

Staying Juicy

Now that my week off is over, my intention is to bring this sense of spaciousness in to my day-to-day life. I’m also making it a daily practice to feel where my energy is leaking to (my telltale sign of leakage now is when I’m not getting any ‘positive flows’ back to me – to re-juice from the energetic investment I’m making), and steadily bring it back. And finally, being conscious of when my insides begin to constrict with tension, and consciously relax in to spaciousness again.


Oh and just in case you didn’t think the universe has a sense of humour – I started my week off wanting to re-juice (the literal words I used), and guess what I was gifted from my hugely generous accommodation hosts upon my departure? A full bag of lemons, limes and grapefruits.

I ended up with more juice than I could poke a stick at.

How are you feeling at this point in the year? How do  you re-juice and rejuvenate? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below!

{For anyone who is keen to rejuvenate down at the place I stayed at in Byron shire – which gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me, you can take a look at the details on Air BnB and/or contact Claudia on 0421 675 474}

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  • Alana

    Great article Carly! What a beautiful week you carved out for yourself.


  • Lisa Hatherly

    Love this Carly. I have been contemplating the solo retreat myself and how to combine it with having small people to look after. Often in the past I wouldn’t take a break until it was well over due and then having to organise the kids to be looked after meant it all felt too hard. So for now until they are a bit more I dependent, I am treating myself to a mini retreat at least once a month to re-juice. Today I took myself to the movies and I’ve just treated myself to a delicious solo lunch. And back home – rejuvenated all in time for school pick up. X

    • Carly

      Sounds like a perfect dose of self love and care you’ve created for yourself, Lisa! So awesome to hear this. There’s nothing like a solo movie date, hey? Love it. xx

  • Simone

    Beautiful post Carly! Sounds like an amazing break! I am trying to be more conscious in my day to day – step back, slow down, take five to create space and not feel guilty shifting down a gear. A staycation followed by a solo retreat sounds just the medicine I need. Time to declutter, tend to my plants and work through my pile of “to read” books.. For now the little things feel like a holiday – daily meditation, long hot baths, walks in the sunshine with friends. x

    • Carly

      Thanks, Simone! So great to hear that you’re creating space for yourself every day. These ‘little things’ are truly crucial for maintaining our wellbeing. So fantastic that you’re doing this, hon. Your mind, body and spirit will definitely be benefitting. xx

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