February is the new January


No really, it is! I know we’re all expected to grab January by the horns (because January is a bull, dontcha know) and hop to it with our intentions, goals and planning for the fresh new year ahead, then begin steam-rolling ahead. (And if that’s something you resonate with, more power to you!) But for me, it was really important to take my time and feel in to the new energy of 2015 (and believe me, it’s NEW) during January, without the pressure to rush rush rush in to action.

A Quick Glance Back – 2014

A definite theme for me last year was introspection, contraction, exploring my shadow traits – taking a deep breath in and getting to know the intricacies of what makes me tick (and equally valuable, what doesn’t). I N N E R  G R O W TH was the order of the day. Accompanied by growing pains a’plenty.

Last year you also may recall that I based a lot of my intentions purely on my core desired feelings (a la Danielle LaPorte and her Desire Map) – which served me SO well in what was really a year of feminine flow, rather than one of striving and achieving, which was something I needed to truly learn and integrate on a soul level. I needed to know in my bones that I really am enough, just BEING. Purely existing. For once I didn’t race through life with the urge to achieve things left, right and centre because I needed to ‘re-pattern’ what the motivation behind all of it was – a need to prove my worth. The Desire Map helped me realise this, and most crucially, integrate it.


When we turned the page on 2014 and welcomed in 2015 I felt a dramatic shift in energy, both of my own energy, and externally. I felt a concomitant call to open up and  e x p a n d  in to it. It felt (and still feels) like a golden energy that I could just gobble up (weird I know, but I really cannot get enough). It’s palpable, and making me feel radiant, energised, inspired, at peace and just dang delightful. And you know what? I am 100% convinced that being so committed to my inner work last year has allowed me to jettison in to this new year and new energy with such gusto.

I also think my commitment to energy work has enabled my energy centres/chakras to take in even more energy and light, which has got to be helpful. There is so much inspiration and insight bubbling away in me at the moment – and I’m really looking forward to sharing these with you in the coming weeks and months.

I feel a bit like an arrow that has been painstakingly drawn backwards in to its bow, and now having reached maximum tension, I’ve been shot back out in to the world.

Which brings me to my guiding word for this year: E X P A N S I O N. To me this feels like: busting through the edges of my self-imposed box, stepping outside my comfort zone even more so than previously (and going further), becoming more of me in this world, expanding in to the vision of my highest self, not being afraid to take up space, and allowing my energy to expand in to places and dimensions I have never previously (consciously) inhabited.


I’ve also felt in to and chosen four core-desired feelings (again, using Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map), which will help guide how I want to feel in my day-to-day life:

Light-filled: This is kind of a playful alternative of enlightened or illuminated or radiant – but it feels so much more accurately descriptive of HOW I want to feel, as well as giving easy pointers to cultivate it in my life. Bringing more light in to my life can look like: channeling it through my reiki practice, chakra cleansing, having crystals around me, spending time bathed in the light of the sun and the moon, and eating more veggies and fruit (pure sunshine). I feel the need to note that this doesn’t mean I eschew the shadows or the darkness – quite the opposite. Embracing the dark leads to an even more brilliant light.

Ease: Unclenched, unfurled, breathing deep and sighing in to the Universe’s secure and loving embrace. After sitting with a lot of emotional and spiritual discomfort last year, I am raring for a nice big dose of EASE. Feeling ease on every level, but particularly within me physically, is going to be a daily aim.

Bliss: Pure, unadulterated daily bliss is coming in to my life. Seeing it and feeling it every day in all of its glory and mundanity. Whether it’s appreciating a stunning sunset, meditating with the cosmos, spending time with loving family and friends, or taking a long sip of cool water when I’m thirsty. Feeling blissful is going to be a deliberate state of being for me, everyday.

Goddess – this is a little teeny tweak to my word Shakti last year. It has many similar undertones – divine feminine energy and wisdom, but with the added layer of treating myself like a Goddess. Self care, respect and worship are all imbued in this word, and it feels oh so very right for me at this point in time.


I have so many wonderful things planned for Pockets of Peace this year (hint, e x p a n s i o n) – collaborations, inspiring interviews, an eBook, maybe even an eCourse. All of it is cooking away and I can’t wait to share it all with you when it comes in to form.

If you feel like you may have missed the boat with intention setting, or creating a guiding word for the year, or feel that you never quite got there with welcoming in this fresh energy, guess what? You can have a do-over! There’s one week until the Chinese Lunar New Year, the year of the Wooden (or Green) Goat, which means it’s completely possible for you to still harness the powerful energies of this time – and infuse your heart-filled intentions with them. Yay!

SEE! What did I tell ya? February TOTALLY IS the new January.

How’s your 2015 feeling for you? Do you have a guiding word, core desired feelings or any intentions set? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Image courtesy of my lovely soul sis Jo Klima at Maps to Herself.

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