Landing your soul work and purpose – a Masterclass Series For You!


In July this year, I had my 2 Year ‘Workiversary’ – that’s (now well over) two years of living my life led by my soul and soul work, and opening up to my own river of abundance and highest potential timeline.

At the time, I asked on a few of my social media channels and my newsletter whether anyone wanted to hear about some of the things I’d learned along the way, so far – and the response was overwhelmingly in support of me opening up to sharing. “YES YES YES!” was the most prevalent response.

I started to write a post, but then I realised – this sharing needs to be SO MUCH LARGER than what a simple 1500-word blog post could possibly communicate to you.

So, I’m hosting 3 Highly-Catalytic and Activating Masterclasses to share all of it!

If you need a rocket up your butt to tune into YOUR highest timeline and live the life only YOU were born to live – this is a MUST SEE / ATTEND series of events.

I KNOW how valuable it can be to teach from a space of proximity to the actual steps being taken – so I’m not waiting until I’ve been in business for 10 years to begin teaching this highly transformative and catalytic content (*hint hint* to anyone who thinks they’re ‘not yet ready’ to teach, share and guide other humans! You have so much to offer, really.).

The Amplify Your Light Masterclass Series is going to include me opening up about my entire journey from a full-time career in International Aid and Development through to launching and running my own soul-led business.

This is a no-holds-barred experience – I’ll be sharing the steps I’ve taken, and continue to take, to anchor in my soul purpose and work in the world. I’ll be covering the energetic work, the embodiment aspects, mindset and a bit of strategy.

The topics I’ll be covering include: tuning into and landing the vision, key steps to Quantum Leaping into the reality you desire, and NEXT LEVEL mastery for anchoring your new reality.

This FREE Masterclass Series is for you if you:

+ Are done with mindset shifts and are ready for embodied cellular shifts that create real transformational change.
+ Want to transition out of their current job and step into your soul-led calling (from someone who has done it).
+ Are ready to turn your side-hustle curiosity/passion into a full-time real-world-earning business.
+ Are ready to up-level and upgrade what you’re available for in life, love, and success in this world.
+ Desire clarity in WHAT your soul purpose and vision is, and be guided into making it a reality.

These trainings are going to be jam-packed FULL of light codes, upgrades, and snippets of wisdom you’re going to be able to apply to your life STRAIGHTAWAY. So… what are you waiting for?


We’ll be meeting live on Tuesday 13 November, Wednesday 14 November and Thursday 15 November evenings, 6pm Brisbane time! Come and hang with me live and ask me ALL OF THE QUESTIONS on your heart.

Replays will be available for a short time afterward, so definitely register even if you can’t make it live!


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