Light Is The New Rich
Masterclass Transmission
How to wield your frequency for true liberation!
with Carly Stephan

In this Masterclass Transmission I speak in detail to:

Why the impulse to place your security and safety outwards and on external 'things' and people is so strong.

Where your deepest security and safety is actually found (hint: no one can ever take it away from you).

How to unlock your personal river of abundance & wealth.

The energetic & perspective shifting processes that will energise and support your inner power and security.

How to build your energetic currency.

One thing I know FOR SURE?

What will elevate you above the rabble and rat race of competition, lack, or feeling like you have to muscle and manipulate your way to success in this world: is your inner light quotient.

How much light and energy you can allow to run through your body, your field, and wield in your life - will dictate how much magic and flow you experience on a day-to-day basis.

And this doesn't happen by accident.

There are specific steps to enable our bodies to open to it: releasing and relaxing tension in our nervous systems, inviting pleasure into our bodies, integrating our shadow (and finding its gold!), reinstating the original templates of richness we were bestowed with at birth, and activating light anchor points throughout our bodies to enable a consistent flow of light and energy, that continues to build and amplify for us everyday.

None of this is a quick fix.

None of this will be found in one session.

Or a single peak experience.

But consistent, gentle commitment - integrating important needle-moving practices, techniques and transformational shifts - to truly feel the magic of your multidimensional body vehicle as a perfectly normal and natural state.

Because your true divine human self was meant to live a life of miracles as standard.

And this is exactly why I created my program The Luminous - to take you through a deeply nourishing, nurturing, and life-changing process for you to know yourself AS LIGHT.

To have the bone-deep knowing that your true richness lies within you already - everywhere you go. It just needs to be activated.

Gently, gradually, and with so much love and care for yourself at every step.

The Luminous is my signature system group mentoring process - where you get direct access to me for less than a quarter of the price of my 1:1 programs.

So if you want to get energised high touch access guidance from me at a much lower investment point than usual - this is your heck-yes no brainer option, baby!!

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