4 Super-Charged Weeks with Carly Stephan to Amplify Your Light and Energise Your Frequency for True Richness and Liberation!

You deserve to know the power of your light.

To know the levity of your energy.

To know the true richness of your field.

Woohoo! I'm so excited for this immersion!

This month-long immersion was born from a masterclass I dreamt up, which was super rich but could only skim the surface of the leading edge teachings that truly lie in the concepts discussed.

So in the spirit of honouring the true expansiveness of these teachings I decided to open a lush container of L-I-G-H-T and super coherent vortex of high frequency energy for you to get first hand experience of the richness you truly ARE (and not just what your bank statement tells you!)

That the true wealth of the future is energetic wealth.

Because the more light we channel and embody - the richer we are! And what flows from this is supercharged manifesting powers, epic magnetism capacity and synchronicity that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

All of which ends up creating cash money wealth - but by this stage you'll know that your energy state is far more valuable than even the fattest bank account.

Because your energy can impact and influence reality in ways that are beyond simple comprehension (and cash of any kind).

Anxiety can be unravelled in an instant.

Joy can be accessed easily and without a huge amount of effort.

You become a walking portal of potent energy that transforms every room you're in.

People feel immediately at ease around you, and inexplicably drawn to you.

You get that delicious inner glow that people try so hard to approximate with creams and injections and appearance altering manipulation.

But nothing substitutes a truly overflowing light field.

And the richness of an energetic field that brings aligned desires to your door - rather than you needing to always go out and put in massive amounts of effort to find and drag them into your life!

If you want to experience cutting edge energetic techniques to skyrocket your life into higher dimensions of existence: where infinite possibilities and wild victory for everyone resides - this immersion is for you!

Are you ready to co-create a super rich vortex of energy with me? I'm excited to do this with you!!

In this Wildly Potent Quantum Immersion You'll Get:

  • 4-Weeks of potent and activating mentoring from Carly Stephan and connection with a group of light-filled visionaries!
  • Full access to ask any and all questions you desire, in an exclusive facebook group and during Q+A time on calls.
  • Instant Access to A Quantum Upgrade  Audio to Activate You into Infinite Possibilities when you join!
  • 4 x Advanced Light Field and Energy Medicine Masterclass Transmissions  with Carly Stephan (including recordings). 
  • 2 x 1 hour Group Energetic Vortex Sessions to attune to your highest self and potential immediately! 
  • 1 x 1:1 20-Minute Activate Mentoring Session with Carly Stephan!
  • Click below to secure your spot and you'll receive an email with your Quantum Upgrade Audio, links to join our facebook group and a booking link for your 1:1 session with Carly! 
We'll Activate Through Four Potent Pillars of Light Field Literacy
Become adept at increasing the amount of light your body and energetic field can hold - and elevate your experience of life immediately!
Learn how to 'grid out' your deepest aligned desires in your energy field, for maximum richness, momentum, and flow! And begin to directly energise specific areas of your life: business, relationships, romance, finances, health & wellness!
Finally understand the secrets of YOUR personal energetic field, and how it works for you (because not all energy fields are the same!). You may be employing techniques that de-energise your orientation, and some simple tweaks will result in monumental shifts!
Activate your highest light and the energy for humanity's most exalted potential - and potently serve from a supercharged and overflowing rich place!
When does the immersion begin?
Our facebook group opens on February 1st 2022, and calls will commence on Thursday 3 February!
Where do the calls occur?
Our group calls will occur on Zoom, and all calls are recorded for you to keep (and watch if you're unable to attend live).
How will content be delivered?
Content will be delivered to you via email and live during our zoom Masterclass transmission calls.
When will calls be held?
Calls will occur on each Thursday in February, Brisbane time. Call times will vary to ensure that everyone (regardless of time zone) is able to attend live at some point. This will be determined once the group is formed! You will be able to submit questions before the call, if you're unable to attend a particular live session.
How will I interact with fellow immersion participants?
We will have a facebook group for group discussions and our group energy vortex activation sessions. If you don't have facebook because socials stress you out, I recommend creating a temporary limited account and/or making sure you use an extension on Google Chrome called 'kill newsfeed'. If you absolutely won't go on Facebook, you'll be able to interact with fellow participants via our regular zoom calls!
Client Testimonials
"Working with Carly was the best, most valuable investment I have EVER made in myself. During the entire process, I felt supported, nurtured and safe to speak up and be myself, something I hadn’t felt in a long time. I have always been a bit of a closet spiritualist and it was such a relief to have someone whose values and beliefs are aligned with my own."
Human Design Guide and Mentor, Astrologer
"Since working with Carly, I've tapped into an energy, confidence and strength I’ve never felt before. I’m feeling more like me than I ever have, in my entire life. My life has become more joyful, energised and inspired. I’m excited to show up in my business, to share myself with the world and to stand strong in my value, which continues to expand every single day. She gently guided me onto the path I was always destined to tread."
Business Coach & Mentor
"Carly is equal parts cheerleader, visionary, wise guide, and soul sister –with an extra dose of magic for good measure. I feel so much more aligned and anchored in myself and my soul’s purpose after working together, and the foundations of my coaching business have been solidified from a much deeper (and more soulful, playful) place"
Founder Sacred Journeys
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Speaker, writer, coach and mentor to  soulful leaders, visionaries and creators that are here to serve and make a difference in the world.

For the last 6 + years Carly has run an entirely soul-led 6-figure Mentoring & Coaching business, created paradigm-shifting programs, techniques and tools to guide her clients into realms of business and creative success they'd only ever dreamt of, and learnt from the top mentors in the fields of personal development, business, marketing, and quantum energetics. Carly works with leaders and visionaries who are here to create epic impact with their contributions.

Prior to launching her business, Carly spent over a decade consulting and working for international aid and development for organisations like the United Nations, International NGOs,  and the Centre For Social Change, mentoring and guiding individuals and communities both locally and overseas in Kenya, South East Asia, the Pacific region and Australia.

Carly has taught, tutored, facilitated, mentored and coached hundreds of people, both men and women, from school-level to university-level - many of whom have become leaders of their own movements of change and extraordinary contribution.

I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land upon which I live, work and play in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia: the Turrbal and Jagera People, and pay my respect to their ancestors and elders.