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I just wanted to quickly share some of the gorgeous little Pinterest-worthy morsels of inspiration my design partner Emma has magicked-up, each of which features a section of the Pockets of Peace Manifesto.

These are based on the covers of our lovingly crafted greeting card sets, which many of you are loving (squeee!), and are available via the Emma-Kate Creative store.

I’m still feeling the intensely awesome vibes of my soul sister mastermind retreat last weekend. I’ve been lovingly drafting up a round-up post, also incorporating my final core desired feelings for 2014. We immersed ourselves in some epic energy and I think we each pretty much nailed how we want to feel this year. My core desired feelings are essentially going to be my 2014 road map. Except that they’re not so much a roadmap.

I’ve been trying to think of a suitable analogy and I think the best one I’ve come up with so far is a rock climbing one. I’m using my core desired feelings to guide me on my journey, but the course isn’t pre-determined. There’s no lead line or hooks pre-drilled in to the cliff face, per se. Instead, I’m free-climbing, with some general intentions in place (the top of the cliff), but without my usual hard-and-fast goals and achievements to latch on to.

It’s a bit frightening for a recovering planner/organiser, type-A personality Capricorn to do this. But I’m really feeling called to live life this way. More in next week’s post!

I’m about to head up the coast for a blissful long weekend at the beach. I hope you have something fabulous planned for your weekend. Something that feeds your soul and makes your heart sing with delight.

And I hope you enjoy these!








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