Living the Manifesto – New Series


Off the back of lovingly releasing the Pockets of Peace Manifesto (and associated goodies) late last year, I’m excited to launch in to a brand spanking new six-part blog series called Living the Manifesto.

In this series I’ll be featuring each of the sections individually, pulling them apart a bit and examining them more closely. When I wrote the manifesto, I really took my time with choosing each of the words or phrases to take up a minimum amount of space, while still retaining the resonant impact and energy I wanted them to exude. So I think it’s worth taking the time do a wee lil’ bit of expanding, for those who may be interested in delving a little bit deeper in to the manifesto, through my eyes.

With each post, I’ll also be providing a few tips, tricks and resources that I use and recommend to help with cultivating connections to peace (and peace’s merry friends happiness, joy, love).


This little heads-up post is serving as an invitation for you lob me over some suggestions of what you need help with, and I’ll duly weave in my response within whichever of the manifesto sections is most pertinent to your query.

With this series my focus is on serving you. If there’s even one tiny little tweak or tip or trick, or piece of advice that resonates with you and helps bring a little bit more peace (and other lovely feelings) in to your life, I will be happier than if you said Game of Thrones season four is premiering next week instead of April. Yes, THAT happy.

So pop any suggestions, questions or comments you have in to the comments section below, or drop me a line at

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, beautiful!


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