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Happy happy new year, gorgeous! Check it out, my digs have changed! The rebrand to Carly Stephan is nearly complete and I’m so happy to be stepping in to this new energetic space.

In the spirit of new year :: new vibes – I’ve just launched a three-part video series with my goddess soul sister Melissa Sandon, on channelling and living your highest potential. The inspiration for this video series landed after Mel and I found ourselves (time and time again) falling in to soul truth conversations over many months (and chai teas / wines) last year – experiencing divine downloads and energetic upgrades from one another as we called forth what was REALLY lighting us up, from the depths of our being.

What you see in these videos is us essentially free-wheeling, channelling, having exactly the sort of soul sister conversations that you can see yourself participating in, too. Except that maybe my apartment (in the background) looks a little tidier than usual!

We had topic areas loosely planned, and points we wanted to hit – but otherwise this was pure-channelled-flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants gold.

This is a completely FREE three-part video series aimed at sky-rocketing your vibe and aligning you with the power and magic of who you are. We chat about:

  • How to align with your potential through the wild and messy ride of life
  • How to know your gifts are needed in the world
  • Earthing the new energies coming through
  • Birthing yourself and your soul work through fear and doubt
  • Manifesting your desires with light speed
  • How to live with the power of the goddess

Grab your instant access right here!


It’s pitch-free (we’re not here to sell you something). We want to offer this new-year gift as an offering in service of collective healing, light-codes and high vibes – of laughing at the glorious mess this life can be when you’re on the soul path. We want to offer it to you because wading through all the muck and the mindsets by yourself is no fun at all. Instead, come channel the hot truth of the soul with us!

But be warned – your vibration and life will up-level by watching and engaging with this series. Mel and I have both been in ecstatic whirlwinds of energetic and life upgrades since recording this. ‘Cos chatting soul work and truth will do that to you!

We’d love to hear from you, and chat with you about what you’re birthing in the world – so be sure to pop your thoughts in to the comment box below the videos!


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