My First eBook ‘Brightening You’ is here!


I’m absolutely thrilled that my very first eBook Brightening You: 8 Ways to Fill Your Life With Light will be here next week! Cue, happy dance and butterflies in the tum.

Available completely F R E E to my lovely (AMAZING) subscribers, Brightening You is chock-full of info on my top eight tips for adding more light to your life – practices and tools that I constantly call on to fill my life with light. And I’m talking about light in multi-dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cosmic! ALL OF THE LIGHT.

Opening yourself and your energy centres up to light in all its forms and allowing the universe’s energy to move through you will literally create heaven on earth in your own personal cosmos. And as within, so without – these heavenly vibes flow in to the collective consciousness, reflecting back at you as your reality.

What we do in the microcosm has a ripple effect in to the macrocosm, this I know for sure.

Brightening You - Cover - iPad

Beautifully designed by Alana Wimmer from Raspberry Stripes, Brightening You is for souls who KNOW the truth of their light at their core. That alignment to this light is the only ‘work’ they ever need to do to realise their highest potential and live an amazing life. No more fixing, or less-than thoughts, you know the truth of your divinity here on earth.

You’re so much more (infinitely more) than flesh and bone – and I want to make sure you to know this. Even more than that, I want you to FEEL this in the depths of your being.

Brightening You will give you a solid bunch of actionables which I’ve found invaluable in my own personal journey – all of which will give you immediate energetic upgrades when you implement them.

I can’t wait for her to land in your hands, and to hear what you think! She even has her very own hashtag (of course): #BrighteningYou

Just pop your email on to my subscriber list to grab your very own copy when Brightening You drops next week! (Yes, I’m pretty sure you can only say ‘dropping’ if it’s a music single or album, but the word sounds cool so I’m appropriating it for my purposes ‘kay.)

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  • Etta

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Carly, this is a gorgeous gift to the world. I devoured your e-book and plan to keep referring to it. I loved the tip about finding your own sacred space to ground in. Having just moved I am yet to find a grounding spot, but am now on the lookout for a high vibrational spot. Thank you for producing this guide which is both practical and also pulsating with light and love.

    • Carly

      Aww beautiful, thank you so much! I love that you’ve enjoyed this creation of mine. I hope it continues to serve you, gorgeous Etta. xox

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