On ‘getting it right’


Recently I’ve noticed a few people bring up the concept of approaching certain processes or esoteric arts ‘the right way’ – be it meditation, sacred ceremonies, cleansing a space, creating an altar or maybe designing a ritual.

There’s a sense of almost needing permission or guidance on how to do things, and associated judgement around whether it was carried out ‘the right’ way and if it wasn’t done perfectly that this is bad or a resounding failure.

I feel called to share that there really is no ‘right way’ to approach and carry out any of these practices. I’d love for all of us to feel comfortable and in-joy approaching any of these things without a feeling of intimidation or fear of getting it wrong.

Sage smudge

I think a lot of this fear is related to how much (or how little) we’ve claimed our right as a creator being here on earth, and acknowledged our power as such.

Claiming your goddess/god self within and knowing that it is your birth right to uniquely create on this earth is so important.

Create in ways that are resonant with YOU. Not the way it’s resonated with others in the past, or as so-called tradition dictates.

Can you give yourself permission to do things in a way that feels right to you?

Set your Intention

The most important aspect of this is INTENTION. What is your intention in engaging with any of these practices? A clearer mind? A joy-filled, loving space to live in? Releasing what no longer serves you?

Feel in to that intention and know that IT IS DONE on an energetic level. Whatever you do afterwards is just to solidify it within your own 3D brain and body awareness. Ritual serves us to transition our intention between energetic levels – a kind of bridge if you like.

Gather your sacred objects (crystals, a journal and pen, oracle cards, feathers, talismans – whatever it may be for you), set your intention, and follow your intuition to sit, dance or commune however you like with them. Follow what feels right to you in the moment.

This may be in your living room. It could also be at the top of a mountain.

There is no wrong way. You are a sovereign creator being. You’re being called to step in to and live your truth as such.

I just want to make sure you know this.

x o x

Do you have any fear around engaging with processes and doing them ‘the right way’? Or maybe you’ve moved through this? I’d love to hear from you below.

Photography by Emma Kate Codrington


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