Peace on a Plane


Is it even possible? I vote yes, but only after having honed the art of travel over many, many trips for both work and pleasure.

I’m heading on a last-minute super brief summer sojourn to my home town of Singapore this evening, where I’ll be spending time with mia famiglia (half of whom reside there), basking in the sun, drinking coconuts, and planning my days around where I’m going to eat (as every Singaporean is wont to do). And I *may* find time for a wee bit of shopping. If you want to get a sneak peek in to what my Singapore looks like, hop on over to my Instagram, where I’ll try and keep shots of my feet and swimming pools to a minimum.


In the spirit of travel, and doing so peacefully and well, I thought I’d quickly whip out a few of my tried and true methods, tips and tricks that I use to cultivate as much peace as possible while travelling:

Bose Quiet Comfort noise cancelling headphones. Guys, I can’t even begin to tell you how much these puppies have revolutionised my travelling experience. Being able to silence the myriad of noises that surround you at airports and in aeroplanes, immediately puts you at ease. I pop on a meditation track, calming music, or just switch on the noise-cancelling button and I’m instantly calmer. And engine noise = gone. These headphones are also great if you want to watch the movie and don’t feel like sitting there with your hands fused to your airline-issued ones to block out noise (hallelujah!). They are the creme de la creme, and although their price may raise an eyebrow (get them on Amazon, in Oz they are super dooper exxy), let me assure you that after just one long haul flight with these guys, you’ll be wanting to shout their name from the rooftops and have their babies.

Ear plugs. These are a must. And combined with the aforementioned over-ear headphones, I’ve found the holy grail of travelling: how to drown out baby crying. You are very welcome, my friend.

Eye mask for (derr) blocking out light. One that wraps around the back of your head. Those eye pillow things ain’t gonna do jack for you unless you’re sleeping in the pointy end of the plane. And if you’re up in business or first class, WHY ON EARTH are you sleeping? You need to stay awake and bask in the glory of being served decent food. And to get the stewardesses to refer to you by name as many times as possible.

Homeopathic melatonin. If you want to sleep but don’t want to take drugs and have a hangover of epic proportions, I recommend a little homeopathic dose of melatonin (available at health food stores). This magic stuff (I use the Pretorius brand) gives you a little nudge towards the land of nod, and before you know it you’ll be stacking z’s at 40,000 feet. It also works like a charm for jet lag and getting you in to a good sleep pattern rhythm when you arrive (and return).

Nasal spray/hydrator. Aeroplane cabins have humidity levels of around 12-15%, which is no good for sinuses and can break down mucous barriers that help to ward off bugs and nasties flying about the place. The best way to counter this is to keep those nasal passages as lubed as possible. I use a simple saline nasal spray, coupled with a few steaming hot cups of chamomile tea that I also breathe in (and drink too, obvs).

Loads of water. As per the point above, low humidity levels call for lots and lots of H2O. For long hauls I buy a one litre bottle of water and chug on that, and refill it on the plane. Some airports (Singapore Changi and Amsterdam Schipol, I’m looking at you) don’t allow you to bring bottles bigger than 100ml on board (liquids screening is just before you board), so you just need to get it filled on the plane.

Healthy snacks. I usually pack some kind of trail mix (goji berries, macadamia nuts, a bit of raw cacao chocolate) in a zip lock bag to graze on, as well as chamomile and dandelion/chicory tea bags. If it’s a long haul I’ll take some spirulina or super greens (chlorella, spirulina, barley grass. wheat grass) on board with me, to counteract what is usually a not so antioxidant rich on-board meal.

Cashmere/pashmina wrap. This serves both a fashion and utilitarian purpose – a stylish scarf turns in to an onboard blanket. I bring my lavender cashmere wrap with me on all flights, and it keeps me toasty warm and snuggly.

Lavender oil or Sacred Self’s Peace Alchemical oil. I find that massaging it in to my temples, and a little around my collarbone helps me to really relax, and also feel a wee bit pampered.

Comfy bed socks for long hauls, I find the airline ones a bit scratchy on my tootsies.

And lastly, before take off I do something I’ve done since I was young – I imagine a beautiful white light around the entire plane, as well as around all passengers (+ the pilots!), and set a positive intention for a smooth, safe and enjoyable flight experience. It’s only been in recent years, particularly with my Reiki and energy work, that I know that this is an actual form of energetic protection and positivity (place white light around anything you want to protect, heal or bring peace to).

Now, I acknowledge that these tips are not entirely ‘parent with kids’ friendly (maybe take it in turns wearing the headphones?!). Frankly after years of travel I’ve only just mastered getting my own self from A to B in one piece, let alone with anyone else to worry about. Parents, I take my hat off to you and your patience at taking your littlies on long haul flights. Rest assured, you won’t get any dirty looks from me as you try to settle your two-year old for the umpteenth time.

But you will see me pull out my noise-cancelling headphones and put them on, niiiiice and comfy.

 Have you got any great travel tips to share? I’d love to hear about them, below!

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  • Daile

    Some great tips lady! i could have used a few of these before my flight to LA 🙂 Have a safe and lovely time x

  • Erin | the Rogue Ginger

    Awesome tips. I never think to take my own snacks!

    My essentials include a wonderful book, Australian Bush Flower Essences and a journal. And I plan a massage for when I get off the plane!

    I love the hawker centers in Singapore. The food is amazeballs.

    • Carly

      Great tips, thanks Erin! Oh yes, I’ll be getting my fair share of hawker food in, that’s for sure. YUMMINESS CENTRAL. xx

  • SJ

    I always struggle with the correct water:toilet ratio! Love to drink all the water but hate using airplane toilets. I also pack eyedrops and a hydrating mask which slather on my face after take-off. Also, a neck pillow makes resting easier as I’m too short for the seat folding head rests to make any difference. Rennie is great for treating that horrible bloating, pressurised tummy feeling on long haul flight!

    • Carly

      Oooh, those are some fab tips! I always um and ah over bringing the neck pillow – it’s always so bulky – but very comfy. And yes, Zara may be visited once or twice! xx

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