Pockets of Peace Road Tests: Ellebie Athleisure Wear (+ Giveaway!)


One of the mega-pluses of having a blog is that it’s put me in touch with many awesome people, as well as reconnecting me with equally awesome people I have lost touch with over the years. This has been the case with me and Jo Le Patourel, a lovely woman who used to be on the same UN Women committee as me, here in Brisbane, but has since been traversing the world far and wide.

Earlier this year, Jo banded together with her friend and business partner Lindy to launch their business Ellebie Athleisure, a women’s fitness brand dedicated to health and wellness. Their logo is a lioness – emblematic of the courage, elegance and strength of women. Aside from personally knowing that Jo has love, peace and integrity coming out of her pores, the ethos behind the Ellebie brand is one of holistic health, self acceptance, love, and inspiration. Ellebie has values that completely align with what I believe we need more of in this world – and isn’t just another business peddling quick ‘weight-loss’ secrets and bikini body ideals.

Jo knows I’m in to being active, so she kindly sent me through an Ellebie singlet tank top and compression tights to wear when I workout.


I’ve been wanting try out ‘Skins’ tights for awhile, because I’ve heard they improve running performance and because I’m a sucker for good marketing. So I was looking forward to trying the Ellebie compression tights out on runs to see what the fuss was all about. One thing I noticed when I first put on the compression tights is that they have the strength of a material like lycra, but feel soft and cottony, which is far more comfortable against the skin.They’re also moisture wicking, so the sweat doesn’t gather or pool. And while I’m not going to be giving Haile Gebrselassie a run for his money any time soon, I’ve definitely noticed a significantly reduced jiggle factor, which enhances my endurance quite a bit.

The Ellebie tank tops have built in shelf bras (YES), which is something I love – just pop it on and go. They’re also a tad longer than regular tank tops, so you don’t find yourself wearing a crop top by they end of your workout. And the quality is inarguable – really great colour fast material that isn’t going to need to be replaced anytime soon.

Ellebie aims to be 20-30% cheaper than their competitors in the exercise wear market, which is awesome for babes on the go who don’t want to spend half their pay cheque on exercise wear, but still want to be delivered an extremely quality product (i.e. tights that don’t sag at the crotch after two washes). I’ve loved wearing my pieces so far – and have my eye on a few more that are just about to come in to the store – there’s a bright purple crop top coming in to stock with my name on it!

And if you hop to it, you can use the following voucher code ELLEBIE2013 at Ellebie’s online store to get a huge $20 off their entire range for a limited time. Score!

Giveaway time!

Want to win a gorgeous Ellebie top of your choice? Just pop in to the comments below which form of exercise is lighting up your life at the moment and why. The competition closes in a week (so next Wednesday 30 July – jeepers it’s the end of July ALREADY?). The winner will be announced on the Pockets of Peace Facebook page.

Entry is open to anyone and everyone all over our fair globe, and the competition will be independently judged.

So you can’t send any raw cacao bliss balls to bribe me, OKAY? (Feel free to send me them anyway.)


  • Daile

    Pilates is lighting up my life at the moment! I can pop on a DVD and stretch up in my loungeroom, which means the chilly Brisbane mornings and evenings are no excuse for me not getting some movement in my day.

  • Ali

    Yogalates class is lighting up my life at the moment as the perfect way to end a busy Monday for me! Not only is it great to strengthen & stretch out the body, but it serves as the perfect gentle entry back into exercise for the week! Of course, especially fun when done with gym buddies & including a short relaxation at the end so as to float home afterwards (:

  • Sallie

    I know it doesn’t sound as peaceful as yoga…but I have been really enjoying just running around kicking a soccer ball with my daughter. It lights up my life because it lights up my daughters life and I love seeing her happy 🙂

  • Nic

    Oh my goodness, I cant beliebe we dont have this brand in London stores :9 Makes me sad!!

    Walking and yoga has been lighting me up recently – Yoga has helped me navigate some really stressful periods recently by taking that time for myself. Walking lights me up because I can think freely and clearly when my feet pound the pavement.. Yoga and Walking creates much needed space in my mind.. and it keeps me healthy!

  • Jo Le Patourel

    Thank you Carly for such awesome words on ELLEBIE – we really appreciate it and are so glad you love your compression tights and stripey tank top! 🙂 Little by little we’re trying to spread the ELLEBIE love, so thanks for helping us along. Thanks Daile, Ali, Sallie & Nic for sharing what exercise is lighting up your life at the moment. And Nic, who knows, maybe one day we will be in London stores 😉 Wishing you all much health & happiness, Jo and Lindy xxx

  • Katharina Piesker

    Beachvolleyball is lighting me up every day. For me, Outdoor activities are great to relax and there is nothing better than a good match on the sunny beach. Hard to believe, but Berlin is a perfect spot for beachvolleyball, even in winter. All the best from Berlin…

  • Sharon Fawcett

    I struggle at times to find the time and enthusiasm for any form of exercise, so a work colleague and myself have been making sure we take our runners to work each day and during our lunch break we head off for a brisk walk. This leaves us feeling great and I think we are far more productive in the afternoons too.

  • manda

    I just got a new DVD and that is adding energy to my day 🙂

  • thuy

    Would you believe it, Carly – rowing on the ergo!
    I have just come back from Europe and had a solid 4 months of no exercise, 3 months of eating excessively, and I am now back home feeling like I am carrying a sack of potatoes.
    So because it’s close to work and it’s familiar, I rejoined my old gym.
    For warm up instead of running (my ankles are sore for some unknown reason), I hop on the ergo for 5 minutes. From the outside, it looks boring.
    But there are many things about this rather mundane exercise that brings my mind back into focus – albeit for 5 minutes.
    The technique is hard. The levering, the pushing off without clenching your gluts too much that you move off the seat, extending the legs and pulling the bar towards you with equal power in both arms, getting to the end of the drive and making that woooooosh noise that has a crescendo. I find it relaxing to focus on my movements and at the same time, puff like a sweaty pig!

  • Jennifer

    i love aerobics classes! i really feel energized after!

  • Benita

    Spin! Nothing like getting up in the dark hours to push out a spin class – I always feel super energetic and accomplished if I’ve done my exercise before the sun’s up… You could say it lights up my life 😉 the amazing new Ellebie tights I have sure help!

  • Hannah

    Early morning walking is lighting up my life!! I feel like there is no better feeling than crisp fresh air watching the sun rise early in the morning. It starts my day with the overwhelm peace and happiness that lightens me up for the whole,day!! I feel that this morning cardio gives me an inner and outer glow of contentment and satisfaction! 🙂

  • Carly

    All of you guys totally rock, and I love all of the responses received, thanks so much for entering. The winner of the Ellebie Athleisure top is Hannah! Congratulations Hannah, we’ll be in touch soon. xx

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