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When I first put some of Sacred Self’s Peace Alchemical Oil on, the scent danced its way in to my olfactory senses and took me rapidly back to my childhood. I think it could be the roman chamomile in the oil – but it vividly reminded me of a bubblegum I chewed as a child, and a ripple of lightness has coursed through me every time I’ve put the oil on since.

I’ve declared before how much I’m a fan of the Self Love cards Michelle from Sacred Self makes and stocks, so I was delighted when she thought I’d like to try her Peace Alchemical oil. Frankly, it’s a match made in heaven.


The primary ingredient of this little alchemical gem is love. Seriously. It’s the first on a list of organic goodies used to make the oil, including: camellia oil, roman chamomile, calabrian bergamot, nag champa, gem and flower essences.

The bottle comes with a reminder to let go of inner conflict, and choose to be a channel of peace. The bottle’s affirmation is: Peace begins with me. Such a deceptively simple but true notion. It can be taken at face value (which is absolutely fine), but it’s more like a zen koan – it’s a sign post directing you within yourself, to tap in to the true source of power that lies within you. If there is true peace in you, your external world will reflect this back to you like a mirror.

So for the past few weeks I’ve been road testing it in my day to day life – which has included a considerable amount of potentially stress-inducing situations.

First up, most importantly for me, it passes the sneeze test. I rarely wear perfumed fragrances as they irritate my nose to no end and also contain a number of not-so-great ingredients like phthalates and other hormone-disrupting nasties. So the first test for me was whether or not it made me sneeze. And it passed with flying colours – no sneezes here. So I’ve been able to use it as a daily perfume scent, and it’s beautiful. It lasts until about midday, and then a little top up around then will last the rest of the day. Michelle has also said that male friends of hers use it as an aftershave, which is a great idea as the organic oils are great skin moisturisers.


It’s great during meditation. I’ve used it a few times during evening meditations now, and I find that the calming scent helps keep my mind focused and my body light. The plus side of using it during meditation is that when I apply it during the day, I get ‘back to calm’ every time I smell it. A useful little positive psychosomatic trick.

I’ve also put a few drops on my pillow at night before heading to bed and it really helps to lull you in to a relaxed and peaceful state, ready for a restful night of deep and restoring sleep.

A few drops of the oil is also heavenly in the bath. And if you don’t have a bath just put a few droplets in to the corner of your shower cubicle and the heat will help the scent to fill the space really effectively. Instant spa in your bathroom!

The thought, love and effort that goes in to making these products is palpable. Michelle hand-makes each product during a meditation ceremony. They’re energetically infused with sound, light, colour, sacred symbols, crystals and a pure intention. There  are 33 different delightful concoctions, including beauties such as: Joy, Abundance, Creativity, Divine Man, Goddess, Self Love, and Surrender.

Did someone say great gorgeous gift idea? Even for the person who has everything? Yes, yes they did.

Michelle has generously given me a beautiful bottle of this oil to give away to one lucky Pockets of Peace reader. Cue, yippee! All you need to do is comment below on how you cultivate peace in your life, OR, declare an intention as to what you’re going to do to make peace a priority for you. Entries close this Friday morning (May 17) and will be independently judged. The winner will be announced via the Pockets of Peace Facebook page at the end of the week.

This giveaway is open to everyone, all over the world, so get on it and comment below to win yourself one of these highly coveted little vials of loveliness.


  • Michelle Marie McGrath

    I’m so happy that you are enjoying Peace. It’s got a special place in my heart and definitely one of my favourite ‘babies’. 😉 Thank you so much for your kind feedback, lots of love xxx

  • Amelia {Nurture and Shine}

    I am such a fan of Michelle’s beautiful work. Her cards are just so beautiful.

    I have two children, so moments of peace are few and far between. But one sure fire way to bring a sense of peace to my day is my daily ritual of lighting my scented candles. Each day, around mid-afternoon I light a candle which fills my home with a beautiful scent. And seeing the candle flickering in the corner of the room alone relaxes me.

    I think I will need to get some of Michelle’s Peace oil…

    Thank you for sharing your review Carly. xx

  • Sarah

    For me it’s as simple as remaining true to my love & passion, always believing in timing & her ability to provide exactly what is needed & letting the unknown bless me with the most incredible of lessons.

  • Nicola

    For me it is stepping onto my yoga mat at the end of my work day to move and to stretch and to be quiet. It is a moment that I look forward to every single day and one that I need in my life in order to be compassionate and kind to myself. My peace comes from taking some time for myself doing something that my body needs.

    I loved this review!!!

  • sue knight

    Peace is like a pebble in a pond, you place it out there and it ripples along in ever widening embraces.

  • Diana

    Peace is found within yourself, within your heart where it can be shared with others

  • Heather

    I cultivate peace by going back to simplicity. Focusing on simply breathing in and breathing out. Finding time to be in nature. Centering myself on love, both given and received. And simply being.

  • Sallie

    Loving and accepting yourself, Not worrying what people think, knowing everything will work out just as it should and being kind to your body, people, animals and the earth……That is where you’ll find peace 🙂

  • Emma Shields

    I cultivate peace by breathing. Just taking a deep, conscious breath brings me back to the present and I can move towards peace.

  • Kathy shields

    I’m trying to find my peaceful being after spending many months of being stressed….. at the moment I find rising early, enjoying a cup of herbal tea, some reflective thoughts while watching the sunrise is helping me to calm the inner turmoil

  • SJ

    I’m hoping to live a more peaceful life with motivation, inspiration and perspiration. I hope to achieve a better balance of these elements to live a more calm and nourished life.

  • Carly

    Thanks so much for all of these wonderful entries! You’re all so beautiful and I hope you continue to cultivate peace in your lives. The independently judged winner is Nicola! Congratulations, Nicola! WIll be in touch shortly about getting your bottle of Peace through to you xx

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