Reflections on a year of blogging


Last week marked Pockets of Peace’s one year blogaversary. I can scarcely believe it’s only been a year since I first pressed publish on this here little blog, with this post: Diving In.

I remember the nervousness and excitement, muddled with a dose of anxiety and a dash of uber-vulnerability. It was amazing watching my ego go utterly wild on both ends of the spectrum – simultaneously freaking out that both everyone and no one would read what I wrote.

I’m happy to report that my readership has landed somewhere in the happy middle over the last year.


As I’ve reflected over the last week or so about how this year of blogging has changed me, I realised I’ve learnt SO much, this post could potentially be of epic proportions.

So I decided to narrow it down and keep it to five of the most significant lessons I’ve learnt during my last year in the blogosphere:

Lessons from blogging

Blogging has made me braver: Through writing and posting some of my deepest feelings, I’ve begun to reveal myself in a way I never have before. I’m becoming more and more my true self. Some things I’ve written about I’d only ever previously spoken about with close friends and family. And in this past year I’ve expressed them on this very public forum.

I have no control over who may read it, or what people may think of me as a result. And while at times I may still get twinges of anxiety over this lack of control, I also know it’s made me braver to stand in my own truth.

I don’t feel the need to parade around in a state of faux-invulnerability anymore. I’ve become far more adept at seeing my vulnerabilities and not-so-perfect traits as strengths. Lessons here to teach me, and precious cracks that help let the light in.

Blogging drew my people to me: Having my own little piece of internet real estate has been a fantastic way to connect with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet on my earthly shuffle. So many wonderful people have popped out of the woodwork and magnetised in to my world.

One of the biggest blessings has undoubtedly been my sacred circle of soul sisters who have become one of the softest and most loving places a lass could ever wish to land. To feel completely seen, heard and accepted in all of my flaws and my strengths is something I’m thankful for everyday.

There is such a thing as bloggy guilt: I’d heard people refer to this before, but I realise now that it’s actually a living and breathing thing. There are some weeks in my life when I simply don’t have the time to sit and download in to a coherent post. Working full time, and being engaged in a fair array of extra-curricular activities, paired with a pretty active social life…unsurprisingly it just doesn’t happen sometimes.

Cue the little voice in my head chirping away during any free afternoon I have, or spare hour or two I find in the evenings: ‘You should be writing a post! How long has it been since your last one? Be consistent or people will lose interest!’.

While consistency in posting is considered to be a holy law in the world of blogging, I’ve also learnt there’s room for a bit of space between posts. While weekly is sometimes doable, sometimes it just isn’t. And I’ve come to realise that people don’t really notice or even care (in the nicest possible way) if I skip a week or two here and there.

Of the blogs I follow, I certainly don’t notice if it’s been a couple of weeks between posts. I’d prefer to read a well-considered post over a rushed one any day, and I think my readers do too.


I’ve become better at letting go of what people think: Now, as a reformed people pleaser, this was certainly no easy feat. I certainly can’t say that this has disappeared entirely.

But when I began blogging I remember being more than a little consumed with whether people commented or liked my posts. The numbers side of it all consumed me from time to time. There’d be a little happy jig if numbers went up, but if I saw that someone had ‘un-liked’ my page it was a tiny little stab to the heart. “Why? What did I say? Did I do something wrong?”. Questions of this ilk would swirl through my head.

But, no more. At least, certainly not as consuming.

To this effect I’ve stuck a post-it note on my wall which reads: ‘Write for your fans, not your critics’. Wise words from the amazing Gala Darling and it rings so true when I begin to feel that concern of ‘what will people think?’ creeping its way back in.

Blogging, writing, being more of my authentic self has me vibing higher than I ever have before: I think this has something to do with a mix of all that I’ve mentioned above, combined with the fact that I know I’m moving more and more in to alignment with my deep-seated passions.

In honouring and being accountable to my writing, my opinions and my thoughts, and sharing them, I’m moving closer and closer to my soul purpose.

How do I know this? Well, it just feels frigging awesome! It brings me joy. And that, I have found, is one of the best ways to measure whether I’m on track to living a fulfilling and amazing life.


It’s meant so much to receive emails, read comments and have face to face conversations about how a particular post or link I’ve shared has helped in the healing journey of one of my readers in either a small or maybe even significant way. It’s warmed the cockles of my heart so much and has been such a motivating force for me in both beginning Pockets of Peace, and in keeping on this journey of blogging.

Honestly though, of everyone I may have helped, I think it’s me I’ve helped the most. This space has been my solace, my challenge, my place to create and connect. This journey has absolutely been one of my most significant ones to date, and I’m so happy I made the decision over a year ago to venture in to this blogosphere. I’ve been so blessed to engage with an amazing array of people and experiences as a result.

Thank you so much for being here to bear witness to my unfurling in to who I really am in this world. Whether you’ve been reading since my first post, or you only stumbled here during some online faffing around yesterday, I am really, from the bottom of my heart, truly thankful for your presence.

With lots of love and loads of peace,

Carls xx


  • Daile

    Happy Birthday Pockets of Peace 🙂

    I have to say I love this post and agree with it 100% – a lot of your experiences with blogging are similar to mine. I have never felt more open, free and ultimately proud of myself.

    YOU ROCK!!

    D x

    • Carly

      Thanks so much, sweet Daile! So glad to hear this resonated with you. It’s also wonderful that you feel open, free and proud – that is SUCH a blessing. And who would’ve thought it’d be thanks to blogging? Keep shining your light, beautiful. xx

  • Etta

    Amazing. Congrats on the blogversary! Am loving your posts from afar, feels like I am sitting here chatting to you xxx

  • Kirstin

    Just found you on Instagram and saw this post. It’s exactly what I needed to read today, I am one week into a new blog and my ego’s getting really loud- worried that everything I write is awful and that no one will like it, or read it. This post helps me remember all the good and amazing things that can come out of writing if I stick it out and all the growth That will happen as well. Already wrote the quote about writing for your fans down and stuck it up in the office so I remember. Thank you. 🙂

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