The AMPLIFIED Leadership Mastermind

Catalytic Quantum Upgrades for 5D Leaders & Visionaries who are Ready to Lead with their Light!


Super-charged Quantum Upgrades for 5D Leaders and Visionaries – 6 Months of transformational guidance and support to turn your soul work into a stellar movement.


AMPLIFIED is a 6 Month super-catalytic Mastermind to shift your frequency into the stratosphere. And while this round we’re focusing on your LEADERSHIP – your life, your business, your relationships, YOU – won’t be the same after our time together. The quantum upgrades loaded into AMPLIFIED ripple far beyond just one area of your life.


We use the full embodiment and realisation of your personal light grid (my channelled process) to anchor your dream business and life into the here and now, and have you vibing at the fifth-dimension AND beyond, while remaining deeply grounded and embodied in the here and now.


We won’t just be communing with the cosmos (off in LaLa Land) we bring these stellar frequencies through us and into the earth, anchor them within us, and allow them to beam through our life, illuminate our soul’s mission and purpose and anchor that longed-for real-world success that has previously seemed so out of reach! 


In AMPLIFIED I curate a high-vibing and super intentional group of fifth-dimensional leaders of the new energies landing on earth during this time of Ascension – and we’re ready to welcome new members into the next highly catalytic six-month round!

 Are you ready to lead embody and anchor your stellar vision, legacy and leadership here on earth?

To know it so deeply and intimately in your cells that you’re absolutely tuned into the next aligned step you need to take at any moment?


To completely OWN the you who call in ALL THE MAGIC required to fuel and energise what you’re here to do?


This next EPICALLY POTENT round  of The AMPLIFIED Mastermind is crafted, curated and coded up to support you in crafting and creating your movement, elevating into earning yourself (and your family) more than enough abundance, amplifying the potency of your message, standing out in a sea of sameness, and magnetising supporters and co-creators to your movement automatically and with ease!
We’ll be diving into the energetics of New Paradigm Leadership, navigating the personal and collective challenges and tenderness of choosing yourself and the epic change you’re here to initiate and co-create with the world, and of course ALL NEW CATALYTIC QUANTUM UPGRADE PILLARS, aimed at amplifying your unique leadership to the next-level.
Oh but I don’t look, act, behave like a leader – and it kinda repels me.” I hear you, babe. It’s long felt that way to me too – people who’ve been elevated to leadership positions with so much promise – and then they’ve stepped into leading in a distorted and egotistical manner.
To this I say GOOD. I’m glad you feel that way. But we still need you. Leadership in the paradigm of New Earth must be diverse, we want people like you to be leading this new energy paradigm – the old paradigm of leadership is what perpetuates old systems and structures of oppression, discrimination and inequality. 
We are ushering in a New Paradigm of 5D Leadership with other soulful entrepreneurs, visionaries and creators having your back every step of the way. Because a supportive, loving community who are SO HERE FOR YOUR SUCCESS is a critical element of thriving in soulful entrepreneurship.
You’re ready for this journey if:
You know the universe responds to bold declarations from you and your soul. That the initiation must first come from you, and then external support swoops in to meet you (you KNOW it does).

You know you need to create the etheric grid structures for your bold vision within your own energetic field first and foremost, followed by strategy and structure (not the other way around).


You’re not satisfied with just leaving it up in the ethers, as an idea or dream. You’re ready to make it real. 

You’re excited to work in the advanced energetic realm of connecting to and unleashing the Pillars of Quantum Upgrades that are lined up for you to claim and integrate into your life.



You are sick and tired of waiting for another to choose or anoint you as valid and worthy, and you’re so ready to CHOOSE yourself, initiate yourself, and anoint yourself into leadership, and the accompanying reality you absolutely know is already here for you (because you say it is), and you’re not waiting for permission from anyone else to just freaking DO IT.



You want to be held in an intimate space, within my innermost circle of sharing, connection and sisterly-loving (where there is no hiding, BTW!).



You’re sick of playing small, and want to be held in your highest light.



You are a way-shower, a leader and a conductor of the new energies to earth.



You know you’re here to realise your highest potential in ways that blow your mind and the mind of those around you.



You’re ready for magic, flow, 5D living beyond the norm of what society has spelled out as to how you should live. 



F*ck the shoulds.



You’re ready to bust out of other people’s paradigms of what is possible (and impossible, for that matter), and step into your own field of infinite possibilities, where you command and weave your energy, instead of being tossed about by the energy of others’.


Apply For AMPLIFIED Today



  • You’re done with mindset shifts and you’re ready for embodied cellular shifts and energetic mastery that create real transformational change.
  • You love having suggestions for structures and systems, but with a huge dose of freedom to make it work for you – keeping your soul work and who you are at the front and centre of it all. 
  • You’re SO ready to upgrade what you’re available for in life, love and success in this world – and aren’t afraid to do the energetic work to align with this being your reality here on earth.
  • You desire clarity and instruction in how to up-level in your soul business vision and wish to be guided into making offerings that ooze YOUR potency and magic (no cookie-cutter approaches for you).
  • You’re ready to BRING IT for the vision, legacy and leadership you know is your destiny, and anchor it in 2020 within the highest vibration and frequency timeline.
  • You feel a heart leap and the energy of this offer lights you up and you feel a giant expansive feeling of YES deep in your heart or gut. And you’re maybe a little or a lot scared!
  • You aren’t yet ready to take full responsibility for your awakening journey.
  • You do not identify as a self-starter, and aren’t yet ready to take the bull by the horns and make the most of this epically activating container.
  • You don’t thrive in a group learning environment, and get triggered by other people’s success (rather than seeing the possibilities and success available to YOU that can and will mirror other’s successes).
  • You’re currently experiencing acute trauma, which is best treated by a counsellor or psychiatrist to guide you through a trauma-informed process.
  • You’re not yet fully ready to claim your greatness, and choose yourself.
  • You don’t currently have a soul-led business, or any kind of idea for one. 


The AMPLIFIED Leadership Mastermind - Format and Inclusions

  • 6 Months of cellular frequency upgrades – you will feel the shift as soon as you say YES to this
  • Anchor Your Light Program Content and Activations
  • A powerful 1:1 personal light grid activation session with me – online.
  • UNLIMITED 30-minute laser-coaching sessions with me – book in whenever you need (PRICELESS level of support).
  • Private Voxer access to me (again, priceless level of support!)
  • A private facebook group for our highly activating livestreams, mastermind discussions and for your own personal Masterclass sharing!
  • Fortnightly Recorded Group Coaching Calls – alternating between Quantum Upgrade Pillar activations and group Hot-seat Coaching Calls.
  • 2 half-day group activations (online) to solidify each pillar in your energetic field.
  • An in-person weekend retreat in the Byron Bay Hinterland – Accommodation/Food supplementary fee of AUD 500 to join in person. (Does not include flights / transport to and from the retreat.)
  • You’ll get complete access to all of the tools, processes and techniques I use daily – in business, self-care, relationships, health, energy integrity and flow.
  • I am an open book, ready to open and share ALL my secrets with you.
  • My complete energetic support and presence in your journey for the entire time.
"I cannot recommend diving into this program with Carly enough! AMPLIFIED Mastermind helped me anchor my expanded soul self into the actions I was taking to create a juicy, aligned business. I had a lot of ideas for my business, but until I learned to work the energy of them first, things felt much harder. This program offered me a beautiful and high touch space to really tap into the vision of what I wanted to create and get the support to make it happen. When you’re in this space you not only have Carly there guiding you and cheering you on each step of the way, you also have the other women walking with you, too. It’s magic, collaborative, and worth every penny! If you’re craving a community where you work deeply with your soul to channel your highest timeline of work, and making it happen in the real world, this is for you!"
Rachel Germann
Spiritual Medium & Guide
"Before I worked with Carly, I felt stuck in my business and my life: I had just left my job and career path of more than a decade, was a new mama, and had wavering confidence that I could really follow my heart’s path. I was drawn to Carly for her holistic approach: equal parts practical and spiritual, without wavering from her commitment to justice and integrity. Working with Carly in the Amplified Mastermind was like pulling up a chair with a circle of old friends: Carly fostered a warm and trusting environment that allowed for dynamic exchange and support within the group, which was catalytic for our collective growth and transformation. Carly is equal parts cheerleader, visionary, wise guide, and soul sister –with an extra dose of magic for good measure. I feel so much more aligned and anchored in myself and my soul’s purpose after working together, and the foundations of my coaching business have been solidified from a much deeper (and more soulful, playful) place!"
Sarah Messner
Founder, Sacred Routes Journeys
"Before I joined Carly's AMPLIFIED Mastermind, I wanted to step into the next level of my business and scale it, but wasn’t quite sure how. I was also feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost with conflicting external messages about what I “should” be doing and how I “should” be running my business. I was ready to leap but didn’t know where, how or when! My experience in AMPLIFIED has been amazing - I have served more people, achieved more (personally and professionally) and made more money in 6 months than I have in the past 2 years. I’ve done things I’d never even dared to dream of in the past! I increased my mailing list by over 400%, created an Instagram Stories challenge, hosted workshops, and launched an online group coaching program. The women in AMPLIFIED have become trusted advisors and soul sisters. Heart-centered friendships I treasure dearly. Personally, I have felt huge shifts energetically and in my mindset that have forever changed me. Sonia 2.0 is here! Carly has shown me that you can lead with soul and strategy, in your own unique and authentic way."
"Before joining AMPLIFIED I knew that my business was unique. Everything that I started or put in place because I “should” immediately felt drained and flat. But when I followed my soul directives, it was energized and light. I constantly felt like I was behind. I always felt like I was rushing, even when I was leaving time for rest or scheduling clients around my cycle. I knew that I needed guidance, but it had to be someone who understood me and my energetic business. As soon as Carly announced AMPLIFIED mastermind, I signed up. The 6 months since have been so growth-giving and supportive. I was listened to and supported by the entire mastermind group as I completely re-worked my business and offerings from the ground up. I created and launched an incredibly successful group energy work series, reduced the number of 1:1 clients that I accepted, and sold out round 1 of Skelementary School - my signature program for learning how to tune into the energy and messages in your bones. I made more money in one month than I made the previous year, and had plenty of surplus to fly to Australia (from the US) for the retreat. In fact, in 6 months I’ve created enough revenue to completely fund the Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck! Carly and this mastermind have nurtured me and my business as I finally set up an opt-in for my mailing list, a weekly email video series of bone wisdom (Sunday Morning Sessions), and a reimagined website that’s coming soon. All of that without feeling behind, stressed, or like I should be doing things differently!"
"Before joining Carly's AMPLIFIED Mastermind I'd been feeling a bit limited. I was seeing 1:1 clients for a while, but I wasn't sure how to expand beyond that model of working. I really wanted to run my business differently to how I had run other businesses I'd run in the past (to avoid burnout and constant pushing and striving) but was not sure how to go about it - thus the stuckness with HOW to move forward. Since being in AMPLIFIED, I have set up new systems in my biz, launched my first group program, increased my audience numbers on all platforms, and made more money in my biz in this 6 months than I have - ever. I feel more comfortable in my own energy and I know myself and my edges better than ever. I have beautiful new friendships and business connections. I feel so supported. I know and feel what I want to do to expand my business but I’m also happy to go at a pace that feels right to me. I have such a clear understanding of the underlying energetics of my biz & my offerings and I know that this is the most important thing. I feel the ability to be really present with my business instead of thinking ahead to ‘what's next’ all the time."⠀
"Before working with Carly, I was really unfocused and unclear about the direction I wanted to go in. I knew I needed to give my Self a dedicated container of time to focus on it. The AMPLIFIED Mastermind was a perfect fit. Carly has a beautiful way of creating a space to incubate, grow, and birth your work into the world."

PLUS - Full Access to Video Trainings and PDFs on the AMPLIFIED Mastermind Program Site!

15 VIDEO TRAININGS, including:

How to tune into and cultivate your highest/5D and beyond self, DAILY!

Dealing with Copy Cats, Imposter Syndrome & Valuing Your Contribution
Preparing and Creating the Energetic Container of your Offerings
How to Create Your Freebie Offer / Opt-In Content
Holding The Energy For Launching Your Offer (and staying in alignment, in general).
Navigating Collaborations in Work
How to Download and Map out your Body of Work or Signature System for a Program or Course
The Art of Honouring Where You’re at Without Collapsing // How to Deal With Expansion Wobbles
Your Feminine Super Powers – Amplifying Play & Your Erotic Energy for Powerful Results
How to Create Programs and Offerings that entice your soul mate clients to sign up!
Soulful price setting and raising your prices
How to reclaim your certainty when you’re in doubt
Soulful Finances For Your Business
Funnels! WTAF. Demystifying, debunking and making it plain and simple.
Making investment decisions for your business, simplifying & bringing on team! When to, and when not to…


Super Simple Sales Page Outline
Simple Email Nurture Sequence
Your Ideal Client Avatar Exercise
Script for Tactfully Dealing with a non-paying Client
Example Launch Sequence of Emails – Amplify Your Light Masterclass Email Series
Downloading & Mapping Your Body of Work
Personal + Family Soul Theme Map For Identifying Your Soul Business Focal Themes
How to Owning Your Worth & Value – and Keep Increasing Your Price Points

A Taster of Some AMPLIFIED Alumni Results

– Having their first five-figure months ($10,000 plus!)
– Selling out hugely popular events (both online and in real life)
– Massive expansion of outreach in their communities (both online and in real life)
– Creating entirely new revenue streams in their businesses
– Launching incredible and highly in-demand group programs
– Increasing pricing and investment points significantly
– Being featured on podcasts, guest posting
– Overcoming chronic health issues
– Dropping deeply into and aligning with their hearts
– Creating and launching successful membership programs for recurring income streams 
– Huge amounts of exposure and reach in their soul businesses
– Finally anchoring and realising their deepest desire to anchor the work they REALLY came here to do (no more faffing about in distraction mode).
– Leaving corporate jobs and elevating their side-hustle into a full career!
– Manifesting huge amounts of wealth, that flow in out of seemingly nowhere.
– Not to mention soulmate bestie friendships and connections made – which have birthed their own lucrative real-world collaborations!
All without a massive amount of business infrastructure AND done with ease, without burnout or adrenal fatigue.
My aim is to make business and building your movement simple, with your soul vision front and centre at all times.

Are you ready to fully step INTO your multidimensional self, become magnetic to all of your desires and anchor your divine human template here on earth? 

Spaces are strictly limited to a super intimate posse of high-frequency women. 

Pre-work for this round drops at the end of February 2020!