Am I thinking positively – or spiritually bypassing?


There is a trap I often see people fall into when they’re on the path of integrating spiritual teachings and concepts into their lives – and that’s Spiritual Bypassing.

Spiritual bypassing is when people use ‘spirituality’ as an excuse for not facing and feeling uncomfortable emotions or situations. They either go in to ‘Zen-Mode” denial and think they can just OMMMM it away, OR more unfortunately, they fear that if they feel ANYTHING negative – anger, fear, sadness, that they aren’t being spiritual and will instantly draw something negative to them – a la master manifesting style.

Spiritual Bypass

And this is not good, you guys! The power of positive focus and positive thinking is GREAT and can be an extremely positive force in our lives IF it’s balanced with a healthy and conscious approach to facing, feeling and processing our uncomfortable emotions.

In this video I’m chatting about why it’s important to not spiritually bypass, and instead acknowledge and accept where we are (and how not doing this can kinda screw things up for us, in the long run).

No one ‘likes’ feeling awful (well…unless they’re a masochist), so compassion must be generously dished out when we feel like we want to spiritually bypass and run away from our feelings.

I hope this video serves you, loveliest one.

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In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you below in the comments – have you fallen into the spiritual bypassing trap? How do you deal with life going a bit pear-shaped sometimes? 


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