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A Conscious Life’s Raw/Superfood Master class +  School of the Modern Mystic + The Whole Pantry + Himalayan Salt Lamps

We are being seriously spoiled in Queensland at the moment – winter seems to have retreated in to its cold clammy shell and left us with gloriously warm and clear blue skies that I’m just so grateful for. I’m still waiting for the last blast of freezing weather to sweep through (mainly so I can wear my new leg warmers) before we well and truly embark on a thermostat upward march. But maybe, just maybe, this sublime weather is here to stay.

Aside from the weather, here’s what else is thrilling me, at the mo’!

A Conscious Life – Raw + Superfoods Masterclass

Gorgeous SJ and Tate and their beautiful dog Evi make up the team at A Conscious Life, and I went along to their most recent Raw and Superfoods Master Class, which was fantastic and thrilled me to bits. Their class is a fantastic combination of learning about superfood properties, how to include them in recipes, great techniques for said awesome recipes, and many many health tips and tricks for you to really step immediately in to a healthy and more vital life.

A Conscious LIfe

SJ is a holistic doctor (I’ve just put myself on her mile long wait list, finding holistic doctors in Australia is like finding a four leaf clover. For reals.), nutritionist, certified health coach, certified yoga teacher and chef. Phew. This lady is multi-multi-talented and will be able to answer every curly question you throw at her – her knowledge in the area of health and wellness is mind-blowing. If this is something you’d be interested in doing, or if you want to know what else these guys are getting up to (there are some exciting things on the horizon, I can assure you) I strongly suggest you sign up to their mailing list  or check out their website which has a great online store and is chock full of information.

School of the Modern Mystic

Run by Medical Intuitive and Psychic, Belinda Davidson, the School of the Modern Mystic is thrilling my socks off. I’m getting a thorough education of my chakras (our energy centres) and what each of them needs in order to be balanced and spinning happily. The lessons meld in perfectly with my reiki practice, which also focuses on cleansing, charging and balancing the chakras of our system. There’s a heck of a lot more bundled in to this six month online course, which is a thorough guide to enhancing intuitive ability amongst many other sublime lessons.

Belinda Davidson

I was enthralled by Caroline Myss’s book Anatomy of the Spirit, and this school and the practices Belinda teaches are so aligned to everything I learned from reading that book. So I am thoroughly enjoying it, and if this is your cup of tea, keep an eye out for when the next ‘school session’ opens. In the meantime I highly recommend Belinda’s guided chakra cleanse meditation, available to purchase and download here. It’s super thorough with chakra cleansing and is guaranteed to have you well and truly blissed out by the end of it, to be sure.

The Whole Pantry App

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Belle Gibson’s recently released app, The Whole Pantry  which is touted as a ‘back to basics’ approach to cooking and nutrition, and features entirely gluten and sugar free recipes, with minimal dairy and allergens. I was happy to buy the app (it’s only AUD $2.99!) based solely on what initially got my attention – the delightful healthy ‘Reece peanut butter cup’ recipe.

The Whole Pantry

But what really reeled me in is that it’s a completely holistic app covering off on so many aspects of health and wellness: there are recipes galore, but there’s also articles and a wealth of information from wellness experts, explaining everything from the top ten superfoods (and how to cook with them) to how to de-stress, or eat mindfully. There’s also a comprehensive compendium of wellness books, cookbooks, and website referrals. It’s well worth the tiny investment, and there are apparently going to be frequent updates too. Serious bargain.

My Himalayan Salt Lamp

I hadn’t realised the amount of joy my little Himalyan salt lamp brought to me until this past weekend, when I had it on during a relaxing couple of hours reading and writing in my room. Working beside its warm pink glow is so calming, but aside from its sheer beauty to look at, Himalayan salt lamps help to reduce allergens, dust, pollutants, and electromagnetic frequencies in our environments.

Himalayan salt lamp

The salt lamps create a space around them which is charged with negative ions and this effect is created because the lamp draws water molecules from surrounding air to the surface of the lamp, (which is known as hygroscopy, apparently) and as the lamp is warmed, a chemical reaction takes place and yummy negative ions are released into the air, counteracting the positive ions created from electrical equipment in your environment. Pretty awesome, huh? Yep, thought you’d agree.

That’s me for this week, folks! What’s thrilling you at the mo’? Please share below!


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