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Bayleigh Photos + Spirited + Cavort + The Power of Giving

So many wonderful things to fill my thrilling me list this week! Don’t forget to share what’s lighting up your life in the comment section below, beautiful one.

Beautiful photos by Bayleigh Vedelago

To mark my six month ‘blogaversary’, I gifted myself a photo shoot with the immensely talented Bayleigh Vedelago. I really felt like refreshing my pretty outdated profile shot (which was years old) and getting a few more taken to pop up around the site that really reflect the vibe and feel I’m aiming for with Pockets of Peace. So about three weeks ago Bayleigh and I had an insanely fun afternoon at the beach, laughing, chatting about our dreams, what lights us up – and taking some pretty awesome shots while doing so. Needless to say, I highly recommend getting her on your team if you need yourself some lovely shots too. Bay has a way of bringing out the absolute best in her subject, I felt in such professional yet easy going hands when we worked together. And here are some of the results!




Spirited by Rach and Tara

I’m only halfway through this absolutely stunning creation because I’m determined to saaavvvvooooouurrr it, gosh darn it. Little rivulets of delight shimmy through me as soon as I even lay eyes on the cover of this gorgeous eBook, I want it to just last and last and last. Spirited is a resounding soul call to bust through inner blocks, resistance, and limiting beliefs and step forthrightly in to the brilliance that lies at each of our cores.


As highly sought after life coaches, Rach and Tara have the chops to deliver searingly on-the-money lessons that will have you clearing your internal decks in no time. Each of the twelve lessons is delightfully interwoven with heartfelt personal reflections, and awesome exercises. Spirited is a fantastic addition to your eBookshelf – it has me well and truly hooked and I daresay it’ll do the same for you. So get your mitts on a copy, stat!


My gal Tahlee from The Attitude Revolution is playing hostess with the mostess at an awesome event coming up here in Brissy in a few weeks time – Cavort! It’s a dance party with a difference – no drunken lechers here my friends, just pure unadulterated fun, dancing and green juices. It’s going to be at the awesome Turf Studios, and you get to pick the tunes so you know you’ll want to cut the rug (or green turf grass).


I had a seriously tough time picking my song, but I daresay it’ll be a hit. Need I say more than 90s dance music? No, no I do not, because we all know the 90s was a golden music era and I’m sure we can agree that all 90s songs are pretty much dance floor fillers. I cannot wait to have a ball with my wellness gals and guys, as it’ll be right before I head off for a few weeks of work in Fiji. Come join us, won’t you?

The Power of Giving

This ad was posted by a friend a short while ago and I was so floored by it that I knew I had to share it here. It’s supremely touching, gets you right in the feels, and I daresay if your tear ducts haven’t been cleared in a while, they’re about to be. It’s beautiful. *Sniff*

That’s my thrill list this week, peeps! Please do share what you think and what’s thrilling you, below.


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