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Happy 2014, folks! It’s great to be back and I thought I’d ease in to the year by bringing you a little up to speed with a few fantastic things that are completely thrilling me at the moment.

I hope you take some time to reflect on what’s thrilling you on this fine Thursday, too. Remember that happiness shared is doubled, so pop your thoughts down in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you!

R+R in Singapore

I spent the holidays with my family in Singapore, a cool and balmy change to Brisbane (aka Hell’s Kitchen) which was surprising. My time was largely spent connecting with family and friends, savouring local delights, getting massages, the odd bit of shopping, and drinking coconuts by the pool.

Ku de ta

I also well and truly realised that I’m not very good at doing nothing. Even though doing nada was exactly what my mind, body and soul were screaming for after a very active year. So I found myself in the midst of copious amounts of relaxation time, nothing officially ‘to do’, and struggling to just sit on the couch/pool lounge and watch the cricket/movies/read. While I was engaging in the motions of relaxation externally, I had persistent niggly little thoughts of what I could be doing to be a bit more productive with all this free time. Blog post writing! Desire Mapping! Reflecting on the year that’s been! Scheming up the year ahead! And on, and on.

I’ve figured out that I literally don’t give myself a break unless I feel I’ve achieved something in a day. I’m so much more comfortable in ‘doing’ mode. I *think* this may have been why I contracted a two-day cold while I was there. My system was all, ‘okay lady, if you’re not going to properly rest, we’re gonna make you feel so shite you’ll have no choice but to’. So learning the art of doing nothing is certainly something I’ll be exploring this year.


My incredibly talented, clever, and radiant soul sister Tahlee Rouillon has just launched an incredible program for trail-blazers who are seriously driven, ambitious and ready to really rock 2014 – but want to avoid the burn-out, exhaustion, and overwhelm that often latches on during this journey, dragging their heavy-ass selves on the ground behind you.


Spectrum is the world’s first anti-work course. It’ll keep you feeling juiced, sated, and riding a sweet wave of inner peace while you’re on your path to stunning success. The course and package inclusions are teeming with value, and Tahlee’s got a sweet deal for besties who want to do the program together. It’s a huge discount so well worth chatting to your nearest and dearest about.

I’m super excited to dive in to Spectrum, Tahlee’s meditones tracks are an integral part of my self care routine and I can’t wait to experience what she has in store.

Mastermind Retreat

I am so stupendously excited for this wonderful retreat that some of my soul sisters and I have planned next week. We’re decamping from Brisbane/Gold Coast and heading in to the lush tropical wilderness of Murwillimbah in Northern NSW for a weekend of connecting, dreaming and scheming up our year ahead. We’ve rented a beautiful house on a lake, with its very own yoga studio (!), which we will definitely be making use of as we have a talented yoga instructor within our midst.


Our days are going to be filled with connecting to and holding space for each other’s hopes and dreams, being in nature, eating nourishing food, connecting to our bodies, conducting master classes for one another, writing, playing and getting completely witchy and mystic which is right up all of our alleys (love!).

My power posse constantly blow me away with their talent, skill, presence and soul-drenchingly sweet support and kindness. My heart is always so full when we’re together and I beam from every available pore on my body.

Desire Mapping

A few weeks ago I popped a video up on the Pockets of Peace Facebook page, with the Desire Map goddess Danielle LaPorte being interviewed by Marie Forleo. It’s a fantastic vid, and I highly recommend you give it a watch. In the video, Danielle and Marie give a general overview of the concept of Desire Mapping, and how to go about dreaming up goals with soul.

Desire Map

The premise of the Desire Mapping process is all about knowing how you actually want to feel, rather than just going after a goal for the sake of achievement, or because it’s next on ‘the list’. Instead, really dig deep and ask, ‘Why do I want this goal in the first place? What’s the feeling I’m really striving for in chasing after this goal?’ And using this feeling or desire to guide your life choices. Knowing how we want to feel gives us crystal clear clarity and guidance on what we truly want to be focusing on in our lives.

I did a mini Desire Map exercise half way through last year, so this is the first time I’m going through the whole process and it’s truly illuminating. I’m letting my core desired feelings marinate a little for the moment (which is part of the process) but when I’ve clarified them I’ll pop them up here.

Head on over to Danielle’s site to get the low down on the goodies she has on offer to make 2014 your best year yet.

That’s me for this week, I’d love to hear what’s lighting up your world in the comments below, sweet thing. xx

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