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Susana’s Interview + Wellspring Retreat + Spring Blog Succulents + Self Love Card Rituals

Ooh there’s a lot of ‘S’ lovin’ in my Thrilling Me post today! I hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday – would love to hear about anything spesh that’s thrilling you this week – pop it in to the comments below!

Susana’s Delightfully Deep Interview

I was completely honoured to be featured in Susana Frioni’s Hot Women to Watch Interview Series last week. This monthly series has been a favourite of mine for awhile now, so to be asked to feature was a thrill.


What I absolutely love is the truly thought provoking and catalytic questions Susana asks in the series – such as, “What question are you living right now?” – um, brilliant! Seriously deep – Susana is awesomely good at really drawing out the juice of an interviewee.

Wellspring Retreat

At the beginning of this year I put out an intention that I wanted to attend a really great meditation, yoga, energy retreat – not just for relaxation but one that also sought to be reflective, highly transformative and challenging. Nothing had really presented itself to me, until my Reiki master Kaya Slater sent an invitation through to a retreat she’s co-hosting in September this year called The Wellspring Retreat.

Wellspring Retreat

The retreat’s other hosts are two amazing people who are also some of my favourite energy healers of all time – Stace Callaghan (my kinesiologist) and Paulie Harrold (kahuna bodywork extraordinaire and shaman). Some of the retreat activities include: yoga, deep meditation, grounding bodywork, playful dance and movement, ‘spring-cleaning’ healing processes, energy work and regenerating rituals, transformational kinesiology. In other words, heaven. Cannot wait for this amazing retreat.

Spring Blog Succulents

I met the lovely Catherine from the Spring Shop and Spring Blog a couple of weeks ago at the Jan Power Farmer’s Markets at New Farm. She sold me a gorgeous addition to my burgeoning succulent collection (literally, my aloe vera is growing like wildfire – anyone need any??). Her name is Pink Lady and she is just delightful.


Catherine also taught me an awesome little way to propagate succulents from leaf cuttings which has excited me no end. I have since thieved (well it was in a public space so maybe not technically thieved) a leaf from a much bigger version of Pink Lady, and have followed all instructions to propagate some mini Pink Ladies. It’s all going well so far, so hopefully there are some little buds in a few weeks! Go check out Catherine’s little space on the web for more delightful blog posts and gorgeous offerings!

Self Love Card Rituals

I don’t really need to tell you how much I love Sacred Self’s Self Love Card set – this is an established fact. What completely thrills me is that in my lil’ house we’ve kind of come up with a bit of a self love card ritual. Instead of keeping the cards in my bedside table drawer, I thought it would be even better to have them out on our coffee table, so everyone could enjoy pulling a card every so often.


So me and the two gorgeous gals I’m lucky enough to have as housemates have now begun presenting one another with the deck and encouraging each other to draw a card. We’ll share what we’ve drawn, reflect on it, laugh, grin and sometimes freak out at drawing the same card twice in a row. It’s awesome, and I love it.

What’s thrilling you this week? I’d love to hear from you below!


  • Catherine @ The Spring

    Hi Carly,

    Thanks for the shout out! I hope you’ll have more mini-pink-ladies than you know what to do with in no time… and succulent theft from public places… in my books… is no theft at all! Hope you’ve been having a beautiful week – will you be down at the markets again at New Farm on Saturday? x Catherine

    • Carly

      Pleasure, lovely lady! Haha, yes I guess you’re right – it’s not like I’m uprooting the entire plant! I can’t make it to the markets this weekend, but probably the next one. Hope you are splendid and look forward to seeing you again soon xx

  • Michelle Marie McGrath

    hi gorgeous, I’m so happy to hear how you are using the cards. That’s perfect. Thank you so much love xxx

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