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Mondo Organics + Book Club + The Joynery + Crafternoon

Mondo Organics

I’ve been to Mondo for snacks a couple of times, but haven’t had a full meal there before – until a couple of weekends ago. And it was spine-tinglingly delicious. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for their mushroom gnocchi – seriously probably the best I’ve ever tasted.


My gorgeous companion was a vegan, and Mondo were able to supply a completely separate menu full of vegan friendly delights. I love Mondo’s ethos and their dedication to sourcing the highest quality local and organic produce available. Reducing food miles and respecting the earth with sustainable farming practices = big tick in my books.

The Busy Girl’s Book Club

Further to my post this week on some of my favourite books, I had book club on Tuesday and got to reflecting about how much I absolutely love it, and all of the ladies in it. My beautiful friend Daile initiated it last year, and brought a diverse group of brilliant ladies together who would likely not have met had it not been for the Busy Girls’ Book Club.


Our book discussions bring so much more of a depth and tone to my reading experience than I likely would have had simply reading it on my own; the different perspectives, insights, and opinions are so wonderful. When we get together it often becomes a little less about the book and a lot about connecting with one another. And feasting on the amazing food everyone’s brought. Our most recent gathering was Mexican themed – cue delicious corn bread, fish curry, vegie tacos, burritos, spicy guacamole, chilli con queso and chilli chocolate cake. Sounds more like food club, huh? Delish.

The Joynery

With a tagline of ‘Follow your joy’, how could I not love what The Joynery is all about? Their aim is to host accessible and community-focused classes, to connect people and help them find new passions and creative outlets.


Faced with the quandry of ‘what to do when you’re hunting for a new hobby?’ the Joynery are a Brisbane based crew who bring together a diverse group of talented people with different skills who are willing to share said skills with people like you and me, at a low cost. So whether it’s learning to play the ukelele, or constructing a bee friendly crate garden (above, with my friends from Bee One Third), there’s a myriad of skills to learn and fun-ness (possibly not a word) to be had at their classes.

Anyone wanna come and learn the uke with me?


After my week of no reading – I’ve been keen to explore the realm of hobbies that do not involve reading (hence The Joynery being on my radar). I flippin’ love craft of all kinds, and I came to the realisation that I just don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like. Reflecting during my aforementioned week of media deprivation, I jotted down a few things I wanted to learn how to do – and one of them was crochet.


So I mentioned this to a gorgeous colleague who offered to teach me, and she proposed that we have a Crafternoon. So we did and I brought my long unfinished painting along, and there was also clay-making and jewellery making – but I spent most of my time trying to master the art of crochet.

I am pleased to say that I now have the beginnings of what looks like a yarmulke for a teensy head – and have also earned myself approximately one hundred thousand grandma points.

That’s it from me this week, I’d love to hear what’s lighting up your life right now! Tell me what’s thrilling you in the comments below.


  • Daile

    Yay for Book Club! It was so lovely to see everyone on Tuesday and made me realsie how much I enjoy it!

    I have been wanting to check out Mondo for a while and it sounds great. Might have to drag my vegan brother along for lunch one day.

    What is Thrilling Me? Online dating 😉 haha

  • Caroline

    Man, you make me wish I lived in Brissie and could join your book club. I’m just going to have to look around for one that’s as delightful as yours sounds down in Sydney.
    P.S. Save that kippah as there are more than a few Jewish babies who would look adorable in that!

    • Carly

      There’s got to be something similar in Sydders for you, honeybunch. Thanks for being sweet about my crochet creation but it’s pretty dodge! 😉 xx

  • Erin

    Craftanoons are the best!

    Tigress yoga, which you speak so highly of, is thrilling me. I am so happy to have this in my life now.

    • Carly

      Crafternoons are awesome – time absolutely flies when you’re absorbed in crafting! I’m so pleased to hear you’ve taken up Tigress and that you’re enjoying it! Bring forth that shakti energy. xx

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