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Raspberry Magazine

I am completely stoked to be in the inaugural edition of Raspberry Magazine, the heart-centred creation of my soul sis, Alana Wimmer. I’ve written about the Art of the Solo Soul Retreat, which is a bit of a follow up to a previous post I wrote on this here blog, Dude, where’s my juice? There are also pieces by the delightful cover girl Claire Baker of This is Lifeblood, beautiful gypset lifestylist Vienda Maria, and location independent coach Elizabeth Mackenzie of Your Highest Self, plus many other totally rad women.


The first edition is absolutely free and is full great advice and awesome tips for up-levelling your life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, change-maker, business maven, or passionate mama – this magazine is going to have something for you. There is so much goodness it’s an absolute no-brainer to get the annual subscription for only $33 clams. Total bargain for mega value. Can’t wait for the next issue!


Following her passion full tilt and launching her solely meditones focused business, Sonesence, is another totally rocking soul sis o’mine, Tahlee Rouillon. It is so, so, so soul-achingly awesome to see a person fully and completely leap in to their truest passion. And this is what Tahlee’s done in this past year, as she’s transitioned from The Attitude Revolution – lovingly putting it to bed – and birthed Sonesence in to the world. Seeing this baby from conception to birth (makes me sound like a bit of a voyeur, eh?) has been such a joy, and I’m just thrilled to see Sonesence already soaring.



If you’re a peace-seeker in need of the MOST amazing meditation tracks, or a wellness entrepreneur who’s hankering to add a meditation track or album to your fantastic offerings – Sonesence is the place you need to head to, lovely one! The best in the business are already there, so you best join them.

Sacred Self Organic Perfume

I’ve adored Michelle McGrath and her Sacred Self products for many moons, and I am absolutely blown away by her latest love-soaked offering. The Sacred Self ‘I Love My Life’ range of organic perfumes is so super delicious – the I Love My Body roll-on is a permanent fixture in my handbag. This little lovely I am now a wee bit obsessed with is chock-full of love, organic essential oils like bergamot, juniper, cardomom and ylang ylang, flower essences and (AND) clear quartz crystals. *emits almost inaudible fairy squeee*.


When I wear it there’s absolutely no sneezing, sniffling or sensitivities, which are so often the side effects of me putting any form of perfume or fragrance on. It’s so wonderful knowing I can slather myself in this stuff, without the concern of multiple sneezing fits in my very near future.

Get your mitts on some, stat!

Home made Home

Since buying my apartment earlier this year, I’ve set about gradually furnishing my place bit by bit from various sources – I love mixing up high and low end prods to create a kind of boho but still ‘put together’ homey feel. I’ve upcycled old pallets for my coffee table, a tree stump was sanded back and has become a side table, and I’ve also got a sublime day bed made from sustainably farmed teak forests in Indonesia. Throw in furnishings from every corner of the globe, and you kind of get my style.

Let it be known, if it isn’t already, that buying your own home stands for: Haemorrhaging One’s Money, Endlessly.  So when it came to sourcing a dining table, I was determined to find something that suited both my taste and my limited budget perfectly (HAHAHA laughed the gods).


I knew what I wanted – a kind of farm house style chunky solid wooden table, with a bench seat to match. After searching high and low and blanching at the cost of many many options available to me, I came across this lovely local company that makes custom orders! For less than what my apartment cost! Home made Home here in Brisbane specialises in fantastic custom made wooden pieces for your home – breakfast bars, dining tables, any kind of wooden piece of furniture you can think of. I absolutely LOVE how it’s turned out (pic above). Andy provides a superb service with a really quick turnaround, so if you see a wooden dining table in your future – hit him up!

That’s it from me, sweet peeps. Would love to hear what’s thrilling you! Pop your thoughts in the comments below. Love xx


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