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Hungry for change + Lightworkers + Face brush + Brandi + Brene (part deux)

The smell of hot cross buns is in the air, and I’ve already got a chocolate bunny staring me down at my desk – it must be Easter! But before we dive in to a heavenly four days off, let’s take a moment to share what’s thrilling us this fine Thursday.

Hungry for Change

I’ve been meaning to get this on DVD for awhile as I’d heard so many great things about it. But great news is that it’s just been released to stream online for free until 31 March (woop, you have all weekend to watch). It’s a great documentary about not just the food and diet industry, but what it really means to nourish yourself with food. It’s not rocket science – eat more of what comes from nature, in an ethical and sustainable manner, and less from cardboard boxes. But it’s the way that each of the doctors, nutritionists and health experts break it down for viewers, that makes it super interesting to watch.


The best piece of advice I found was to not give up on everything you eat that’s not great for your body all at once, but ‘crowd it out’ with the good stuff. Just add more greens, more vege juices, more super foods – and then eventually your body just won’t want to binge on unhealthy stuff all the time. And it’s so true.

Click here to watch it online.

The Lightworkers Cottage

If you’re a resident of Brisbane and you haven’t discovered Lightworkers Cottage yet, you best acquaint yourself with this place asap. It is absolutely heavenly, and when I say this I mean you walk in to the house and you can literally feel the positive energy as you step inside. It’s palpable. Your body buzzes and an intense zen calm comes over you. It’s an oasis, right smack bang in the middle of New Farm.


I’ve been going to Lightworkers for awhile now, and I see Stace for out-of-this-world Kinesiology and Kahuna, and Chris for energy healing and musculoskeletal therapy.

Barb and Ken, the founders of the Cottage have brought together an amazing bunch of healers, who offer an array of mind-body-soul nourishing therapies. Do yourself a favour and book in for one. You can even just drop in for a herbal tea and relax in the gorgeous surrounds. Hello, blissville.

Dry Face Brushing

No I haven’t suddenly developed a hirsute problem, nor do I have a particularly dry face. But I have got a dry face brush, and it is wonderful.

Many of you will have heard of dry body brushing, which is awesome for getting lymph moving through your body (also great for cellulite), and giving yourself a light massage before you jump in to the shower. Well for years I’ve not brought the brush near my face because I knew it was too harsh for it. Enter stage left, the Jute Dry Face Brush from Bodecare, which I bought from Relauncher a few months back.


Jute plant fibre is soft enough to use on your face, but with enough toughness to give it a good exfoliation and massage for circulation. Best of all it takes less than a minute to do before you pop in to the shower. You do need to ensure that you’re moisturising well though, as it can dry skin out if you just leave it. I love facial oils like argan oil and rosehip oil to moisturise.

Alison from Relauncher has a great article on how to use the brush most effectively, including the best directions to brush to ensure great results.

And my results? Anyone fancy bright and smooth skin, no more under eye puffiness, reduced under eye circles and a general glow? Yes? Well head on over to Relauncher and grab yourself what people* are calling nature’s Clarisonic.

A warning though, Alison stocks a range of amazing health and wellness goodies, so your shopping cart may be heaving by the time you checkout.

Brandi Bernoskie

This lovely lady came to me via Blog Milk, which is where I purchased the design template for Pockets of Peace. Brandi did my WordPress custom install, and she was an absolute delight to work with. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and she always explained everything clearly and concisely. I have rudimentary knowledge of html coding (am now SO thankful for that compulsory commerce module I had to take at uni) so having Brandi on board to help me out has been a godsend.


Even now, several weeks later, when something crops up for me that I need help with, Brandi is super responsive and helpful. I am so so thankful and thrilled to have her on my team! If you ever need any assistance with WordPress on your own site, I cannot recommend Brandi highly enough. She can do a full site design and coding, basic site set up, customisations to themes and other general support. Super talented and sweet, click on over to her site to learn more about this wonderful lady.

Brene Brown on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday (Part Deux)

Following from last week’s Thrilling Me post, I have to include the second part of Brene’s Super Soul Sunday interview because it absolutely gave me the chills. Again.

In this episode Brene and Oprah delve more deeply in to shame – the intensely painful feeling that we are unworthy of love and belonging. And why it’s lethal.

Brene on Oprah Part 2

A highlight was also Brene’s Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto. It’s absolutely beautiful.

And fabulous news is that Brene is visiting Australia to launch Daring Greatly in and around the June/July period this year! Cannot wait to see this lady in person.

*Okay, fine! Just me.

What’s thrilling you today, lovely people? Let me know in the comments below!


  • Alison

    Hi Carly

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I’m completely honoured to have such beautiful words written.

    I love your blog too:)

  • Brandi

    I’m so swooning that you included me in a post with Brene Brown – she’s totally one of my heroes.

    Thank you for all of your wonderfully sweet words. I’m most definitely here for you whenever you need anything!

    • Carly

      Such a pleasure to include you, Brandi! Haha, I have two double B names featured on my love list today. Both amazing ladies 🙂 xx

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