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Ten Toes Yoga + Northey St Organic Markets + Julie Parker + New beginnings + Girls Season Two

It’s that time of the week again, folks! Get on the gratitude train and share what’s thrilling you.

Ten Toes Yoga

Now if this isn’t generosity and giving at its finest I don’t know what is. Rachel and the team at Ten Toes Yoga have given each of the attendees of the Self Love and Sisterhood event (hosted by Earth Events) in Brisbane an entire month of free yoga classes at all of their studios. In the spirit of self love, Ten Toes Yoga wanted everyone who attended to benefit from a whole month of their amazing classes for free, no strings attached.

ten toes yoga

So for the entire month of April I am going to be seriously acquainting myself with as many of their classes as I can. I’ve spent some time at their stunning studio in Ascot, and cannot wait to try the others.

Northey St Organic Markets

Northey St isn’t new to me, but I was there last week and being there reminded me of how much I love this place. It is such a fantastic spot to pick up your produce, directly from the farmers and all entirely organic. Breakfast with friends at the Chai cafe, or from any one of the delicious food stalls is such a treat.

Me, struggling to find my way out of a tree of kale.

Me, struggling to find my way out of a tree of kale.

The market is nestled amongst the trees at Northey St City Farm, in Windsor, which is a non-profit community organisation premised on helping people to enjoy and participate in using the principles of permaculture. Around since 1994, the four hectare farm is host to more than 1500 exotic and native fruit trees, bushtucker plants, shrubs and ground covers.

Northey St City Farm advocates for environmental and economic sustainability in a healthy, diverse and supportive community. A beautiful ethos and one that deserves enormous support if you’re in and around the Brisbane area.

Julie Parker’s eBook

While I was in the final throes of preparing to launch my blog (read: procrastinating like a pro), I came across Julie’s beautiful site, appropriately named ‘Beautiful You‘, and my gaze alighted upon a lovely little eBook she has called Build Your Biz + Blog With Love’ Digital Guide. This little book was a fantastic find and really helped me fine tune and reframe aspects of Pockets of Peace that I was kind of struggling with. A god-send in a little peachy-pink wrapper.

Julie Ebook

So if you’re thinking about building either a business as an entrepreneur, or a blog that truly reflects you, this book comes with a huge ‘highly recommend’ stamp from me. Julie offers a ‘pay what you want‘ option for her eBook, which is super kind! But I think it’s more than worth its asking price of $27, considering the myriad of experts, advice and great tips that Julie has poured in to this book.

New Beginnings

Look at the little basil plant I’m growing, from seed! Woohoo. Fingers crossed I can keep it alive long enough to feature in a caprese salad. It makes me SO HAPPY to see these tiny little shoots pushing their way through to the sunlight, birthing themselves.

photo (7)

I have tidings of a similar nature that are in the works (check out that super smooth segue, yo). New beginnings are happening for me, career wise. I’m hanging up my hat at FDC after four and a half years and heading on over to a brand spankin’ new and exciting start-up here in Bris-vegas. Will still be working in my beloved international aid and development, but with numerous other super cool things in the mix. Yay! Details will abound once I start, never you worry.

Girls Season Two

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the show GIRLS has blown me away and I’m now a huge fan. So I set about bringing myself up to speed with season two over the Easter long weekend.


Try as I might, I really did want to stretch it out over the four days but I was pretty much done in less than two. It’s just too addictive. This season was surprisingly different to the last, which was pretty light-hearted. Season two tackles a range of very moving and real issues. Insecurities, addictions, family neuroses, self-esteem, and some pretty serious psychological disorders are all experienced by the beloved GIRLS characters this time around. But the beauty of this show is its ability to make deep pathos and poignancy go seamlessly hand in hand with uproariously funny shenanigans. I heart this show very much.

What going on with you this fine, Thursday? Anything particularly thrilling to report? I’d love to hear it!


  • Caroline

    I fricken love GIRLS so much, I want to marry it and have its babies. I’m dying waiting for season 3. In the meantime, I’ve started downloading eps of Game of Thrones, which is an entirely different kettle of fish but brilliant drama and very addictive in itself. Highly, highly recommend it. There is something so soothing about watching a marathon of your fave shows – no ads or interruptions – doncha think? xx

    • Carly

      Dudette! Samesies! I am on to Game of Thrones too and fricken love it. Harrowing, though. I am totally with you on the marathon without ads and interruptions. Only thing is that NOTHING is going to get done now. xx

  • Julie Parker

    Thank you Carly! What a beautiful surprise for me to see my ebook here and I’m SO glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for spreading the word.

    • Carly

      Pleasure, Julie! I loved your eBook and will be referring to it often! I hope many others get as much joy from it as I did xx

  • Sarah

    SO SO generous of Ten Toes Yoga! I live in Brissy too and am hoping to get along to as many classes as I can within the next month. The Ascot studio is beautiful, isn’t it? I may see you there (or at Northey St!) 🙂

    • Carly

      I know, I heart the Ten Toes team so much for their generosity! And yay that you will be going! Will definitely look out for you xx

  • Susana

    Carly, can’t wait to see you in one of my classes at Ten Toes (shall our schedules cross paths). Love that you’ve been loving it!! XX

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