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Ray of Sunshine Wellness + Leonie Dawson + Self Love Cards + Attitude Revolution

It’s a beautiful day here in Brisneyland, and I’m hoping that wherever you are, you’re having a great Thursday. It’s that time of the week where I do a spot of reflecting on a few things that have been giving me joy. I’d love to hear what’s lighting your world up!

Ray of Sunshine Wellness Lovin’

I was beyond thrilled to be featured on Alana Scheikowski’s site, Ray of Sunshine Wellness last week, as one of her Sunshine Sisters. Sunshine Sisters is a new weekly interview series on Alana’s site. This amazing woman is on a mission to help women  heal their relationships with themselves and their bodies, and build a life of happiness and health. The questions Alana posed were super insightful, and really got me thinking about the way I do go about my self care and self love, and just how far I’ve come.

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Certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a holistic health coach, Alana is guiding many women towards the life of their dreams. Alana also offers Creative Services, designing eBooks, blogs, eCourses as well as editing services. So happy to be aligned with this wonderful woman!

Leonie Dawson and her magical workbooks

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful Leonie Dawson is – well, I can, and it kind of goes a little something like – would you like a decent dose of magic sprinkled in amongst your goals and dreams? I mean the kind of magic that actually makes things happen? Well then, Leonie Dawson and her wonderful little workbooks are made for you. So many of my intentions and goals for 2013 have come true or are in the process of coming true, it’s been a tad freaky. I even saw things I had written in to my workbook come in to fruition before 2012 finished, because yes, before you ask, I am an overly organised Capricorn and couldn’t help but begin scribbling in Leonie’s workbook before 2013 had even begun.

Leonie Dawson Workbooks

‘But it’s APRIL!’ you huff, ‘This is NO TIME to be setting intentions for 2013! That work flew its coop on January 2nd!’. And this is where I chime in and gently tell you that you’re off your rocker, and please stop shouting and flailing your arms about because you’re starting to scare the children. It’s never, ever too late to set your intentions for any period of your life. Years just make a kind of neat little set of parentheses around a pocket of time. That’s all. And these workbooks (there’s a personal one and a business one) are cheap as chips. Cheaper even. $9.95. Go get ’em.

Sacred Self Self Love Cards

I came across these beautiful Sacred Self cards at the Self Love and Sisterhood event here in Brisbane, and have also used them during one of the Night of Stillness sessions. They are gorgeous little cards imbued with so much love and profound wisdom I just knew I had to get them for myself. Michelle Marie McGrath has the most amazing business going – she is literally a ‘Lovepreneur‘, helping thousands of people find what it means to love themselves wholly and completely. What a gem of a person!

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I am absolutely loving the Self Love cards, and have been pulling one every morning after meditating. Over the weekend, I decided I wanted to pull another in the afternoon, and after giving them a good shuffle – I pulled THE SAME ONE from that morning. Woo woo woo! They are very cool. And would be a perfect little gift for a loved one. And you know what? That loved one could very possibly be you, couldn’t it just?

Michelle has also sent me through a bottle of the beautiful Sacred Self Peace Alchemical Oil to try. I cannot wait to put it through its paces and see how I feel after wearing it. Will report back soon!

The Attitude Revolution – Meditations

The divine Ms Tahlee Rouillon of The Attitude Revolution is reclaiming her love (and significant expertise) in the making of music by creating meditation tracks, which I recently learned is something she used to do a lot of, but hasn’t for awhile. Anyway, turns out Tahlee has been keeping a huge gift from us all, and she’s now back in the studio creating meditation tracks. Woohoo! I love this one Tahlee’s created on Ways to Let Go. It’s a short two minute clip, but is amazingly relaxing and profound. Looking for a guaranteed mood shifter in under five minutes? Click on over and chill out.


Tahlee is also about to launch her exciting Attitude Coaching program, which will help you ‘Change your mind about your body‘ (love that!). Hop on over to The Attitude Revolution to check it out.


That’s all from me this week, lovelies! Let me know what you reckon, and as always I’d love to hear about what you’re loving on, too! 



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