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Weekend at the Goldie + Sourced Grocer + New Zealand Legalises Gay Marriage + Anatomy of the Spirit

It’s funny how quickly Thursdays come around now! It’s Thrilling Me Thursday, where I share a handful of things that have brought me significant joy in the last week. Happiness shared is doubled, so who knows what happiness shared with many is! Acknowledging things we’re grateful for, begets more of it, of that I’m sure.

I think this is a great way of putting it: “What if you gave someone a gift, and they neglected to thank you for it – would you be likely to give them another? Life is the same way. In order to attract more of the blessings that life has to offer, you must truly appreciate what you already have.” – Ralph Marston

With that in mind, let’s dive in to this week’s bliss list.

Gold Coast Weekend (Colour Run aborted)

Some friends and I went away to the Goldie this weekend past, primarily for the Colour Run which was supposed to take place in Helensvale on the Sunday. Alas, due to torrential rain the organiser had to cancel the race at the last minute on Saturday afternoon. Ironically we awoke on Sunday morning to crystal clear blue skies, and a light breeze. So we did what any self-respecting Queenslander would do on such a day and headed to the beach instead. Currumbin was in fine form, and we made the most of the sun, feeling the last days of summer slowly slipping from our grasp.


It was a blissful weekend full of mega laughs, great food, dancing, and relaxing. I came back feeling completely refreshed and felt as though I’d been away for a week. It made me realise how important it is to schedule in regular getaways, even if it’s just an hour away. It does wonders for my wellbeing.


Sourced Grocer

I’d heard a lot of good things about Sourced Grocer in the last year, and it’s been on my list of places to check out (which is ever-expanding here in Bris) for awhile. Now that I’m working just around the corner, I’m able to take a leisurely stroll down there for lunch. The place does not disappoint. The team at Sourced have transformed a fairly bleak warehouse-type space in to an incredibly inviting cafe/grocery store.

Sourced Grocer

The place is a veritable treasure trove of locally sourced and organic produce, as well as a cafe full of delicious yummies to satisfy every taste. It reminds me of a few of the deli/grocer style places that are abundant in New York. Supporting local growers, producers, and artisans, Sourced is committed to the cause of sustainability, which totally floats my boat.


New Zealand Legalises Gay Marriage

Well done to our Kiwi cuzzie-bro’s for passing this landmark legislation. Voted in at 77 – 44. It makes me so ecstatic that we’re finally seeing some leadership in our region in and around this issue. I just wish Australia was doing more of the leading. But more power to you, friends over the Tasman – you thrill me to bits.



Anatomy of the Spirit

I started this book last week and have been tearing through it. Such a fascinating read from a medical intuitive named Caroline Myss. It’s not new, but is one that’s popped on to my radar quite a few times in recent months.

Anatomy of the Spirit

Working with doctors, Myss is able to diagnose illness using intuitive means and in this book she sets out the links between spiritual and emotional stresses and the illnesses these can create in different parts of the human energy system. She also delves in to a fascinating synthesis of three spiritual traditions: Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism, and describes in detail what she terms the ‘anatomy’ of the spirit.

With this book, Myss aims to provide people with means to sense and correct energy imbalances within themselves, before they manifest as physical illnesses, and also show how to recover both emotionally and physically from existing illnesses. I did my Reiki I about seven years ago, and one of my aims this year is to progress on to Reiki II. Energy work and the results it gets absolutely fascinates me. Such a great read.


Sourced Grocer Image Source


That’s it from me, I’d love to hear what’s thrilling you this week, let me know in the comments below!


  • Daile Kelleher

    A super thrilling post this week Carly! I was lucky enough to have joined you for that fabulous Gold Coast weekend and I have to say – it recharged my batteries too. It is always important to take time with good friends, good food and good times!
    I will have to check out the Sourced Grocer as well – it sounds right up my alley with it’s sustainable produce 🙂

    • Carly

      Thanks, Daile! We had so much fun! So glad to hear you felt recharged too. Will have to do it again soon. And come in for lunch one day, we can go to Sourced Grocer together 🙂 xx

  • SJ

    That was my thrill for today – go NZ!!! It’s not often I’m happy to give a shout out to the Kiwis but Australia’s arse is officially kicked on that one 😉
    Can you believe the Colour Run was cancelled….

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