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Bloggy lovin’ + Handmade Naturals + Food Connect + The Four Agreements

Bloggy Lovin’

When I started Pockets of Peace, one of my intentions was to perhaps in some small way make a positive difference in someone else’s life through my writing, whether it’s a small tip that resonates, or a suggestion to try something, or to go somewhere that enriches and enlivens the soul. Not too grand an intention, but also something that I don’t underestimate the power of either, because I too have been inspired in small and large ways by articles and blogs that shine light in to our world.

Filled with Joy

So it has been much to my delight that I’ve received little notes of encouragement, message of congrats, or comments from gorgeous souls who read Pockets of Peace and get something from my writing. Last week I received an email from a man who stumbled upon my blog whilst doing a spot of soul-searching during a particularly dark period. He let me know that he’d successfully implemented some of the tips I’d been posting about, most specifically from my 7 Ways to Feel Better post, and was starting to see the light again. His heartfelt written thanks brought tears to my eyes and made me feel like one zillion pounds sterling (okay, I know they’ve devalued but I’m pretty that’s still quite a bit of dosh). And this got me thinking about the value of just saying THANK YOU to people who’ve made a difference (big or small) in our lives. It’s so thrilling to hear things like that, so I’m going to start giving more and more thanks to the people who’ve made a difference in my life. And more often.

Handmade Naturals

Over the weekend I did my every-few-months stock up of beauty and bathroom goodies, at one of my favourite natural and no-nasties stores here in Brisbane, Handmade Naturals in Highgate Hill.

Handmade Naturals

Corinne, who owns the store, not only stocks an array of different beauty brands, household items, and toiletry products, she also hand makes the most divine body washes, cleansers and moisturisers. I adore the showers gels, which come in Citrus Fresh and a gorgeous Lavender scent. And the moisturisers – both body and face – are beautiful too. I love the rosehip and jojoba face cream, which is jam-packed full of beautiful ingredients and feels amazing on your skin.

Handmade Naturals also has an online store, so if natural products float your boat, you have to check them out.

Food Connect

One of the hats that I wear, working as a development practitioner, is chair of the Brisbane Development Circle, a group I helped to found a few years ago which brings together Brisbane-based people in the international and local community development sphere every couple of months, to share knowledge and talk about pertinent community development issues.


Our most recent event was on Food Sovereignty, and we heard from amazing speakers who are doing wonderful work to ensure the long term viability of smaller scale and artisinal farmers, who can sometimes be rail-roaded by bigger agri-business interests. One of our speakers, Erin, was from Food Connect. Food Connect is a social business which aims to support local farmers, and provide fresh and affordable healthy food and connect communities. They pride themselves on being a community enterprise that aims to make a positive change and “puts the culture back into agriculture”.

I make an effort to get to the local markets to buy my produce often, but this is by no means consistent and I’d like this to change.  Food Connect, their ethos, and the set-up they have really resonates with me, so I’m going to see how I can go about ramping up my access to even more sustainable fresh produce via their delivery service.

The Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements, has been on my list of books to read for a long time now. So during my most recent book depository binge it was popped in to my virtual supermarket trolley. I’m so glad I got it, because it’s a little gem! So easy to read, and accessible, with some of the most simple but profound pieces of advice I’ve ever read.

Four Agreements

Ruiz, who is a shamanic healer and teacher,  writes from the perspective of traditional Toltec wisdom and beliefs. It’s called a practical guide to personal freedom, and I couldn’t agree more with that statement. It’s truly practical, and takes no time at all to read, giving you concrete steps about how to listen less to your ego, which he labels the Judge and the Victim, and more so to your heart and inner truth. That’s a recipe for personal freedom if I’ve ever heard one.

That’s it from me this week, I’d love to hear what’s filling you with glee! Pop your thoughts in to the comments below.


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