Thrilling Me Thursday! Site Launch + Fire Starter Sessions + The Punch + Self Love + Melbourne


My very first Thrilling Me Thursday post! Hooray! This will be a short and sweet little weekly post about what’s lighting up my life at the moment. A handful of happiness for you to put in your pocket.

Let’s dive in to this week’s bliss list:

Launch of Pockets of Peace

I have to say, first and foremost what is thrilling me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes is the loving support and beautiful feedback I’ve been getting since launching Pockets of Peace last week. It has been quite the experience, jumping in and getting thoroughly drenched by it all. I’m not going to lie, there is most certainly still an element of sensitivity and vulnerability to the whole exercise. But I’m feeling my way through it.

Image Source: Emma Kate Creative

Image Source: Emma Kate Creative

Fire Starter Sessions

Danielle Laporte’s bright and bold tome is such a joy to read. She states it as no one else can – shooting right to the core of what it is that’s going on with you if you’re umming and ahhing about claiming your greatness and igniting your passions. Her book, Fire Starter Sessions is the BEST way to put a rocket under you, and take off in to a world that excites and ignites you.

Side note: expect raised eyebrows and a quizzical look on the face of the person who stops you for an explosives check at the airport if you carry it in your handbag. “It’s about igniting your passions, really!”.


One of my favourite parts of Danielle’s book (which has been expanded in to her awesome sounding Desire Map book and multimedia extravaganza), is identifying your core desired feelings. Instead of asking you what you want to do, achieve, get, experience – she reduces it down so simply.

Danielle asks, ‘how do you want to FEEL?’

You want a thrilling career?
You want to be able to paint beautifully?
You want to own your own house?

How will you feel when you’re doing these things, or when you’ve achieved your accomplishments? Passionate? Creative? Secure? Danielle says to go for the feelings first, cultivate those feelings inside you – work at making yourself feel them TODAY, and you will not only feel great, but you’ll also draw those experiences and things towards you.

I am on the very last page of this book, and am so reluctant to finish it. I think I might just have to start from the beginning again. It’s that good.

The Punch publishes

As you may have seen from my Spotlight on a Cause post, I wrote an article on the issue of domestic violence against women in PNG and it was published by The Punch last week. I was so happy to have it out in the public domain, and again to get a lot of love and support for it was an absolute delight. The article did however attract some of the most crazy and at times upsetting comments on The Punch website that I had to stop reading them. I will be writing a post on the whole experience and coping with it all, soon.

The Punch

Self Love and Sisterhood

Hosted and organised by the beautiful Yvette Luciano of Earth Events, I had the delight and joy of attending the inaugural Self Love and Sisterhood event here in Brisbane last Wednesday. There are also events coming up in Sydney and Melbourne, so check them out!


Held to celebrate and discuss the important concepts of self love, acceptance, and joining together as women to support one another, rather than tearing one another down, we heard from four wonderful speakers who are ambassadors for all of these concepts – Melissa Ambrosini, Jess Ainscough, Tara Bliss and Amanda Rootsey. These fantastic women all live and breathe their messages, while still being able to acknowledge their struggles. A major take away from the evening? Show up every day for yourself and exercise that self-love and respect muscle, because the ego is not going anywhere any time soon.


The room hummed with beautiful energy from over 100 gorgeous women and the evening was an absolute miracle salve to my frayed nervous system after the publication of my Punch piece earlier that day – I arrived frazzled and left on a wave of bliss.

I was so happy to speak at the event on behalf of the UN Women Brisbane committee, on the topic of International Women’s Day and this year’s cause, which Yvette super generously donated a massive amount of moolah towards.


Stunning photography by BayleighVedelago

Weekend in Melbourne

At the end of an absolutely epic week, it was such a pleasure to take Friday off to celebrate the wedding of my beautiful cousin Melissa, in Melbourne. The ceremony was divine – held in a flower-filled Conservatory at the Fitzroy Gardens, followed by the most epically delicious wedding feast in all the history of wedding feasts.


Me and Wen

The folks over at Cutler & Co outdid themselves. Every mouthful of food from the canapes to the crazily delicious wedding cake were delightful. At the end of the evening I could not fit one more morsel in my mouth. Until they brought out some little peanutty chocolate petit fours.


The rest of my weekend in Melbourne was spent with beautiful friends up in Bendigo, about two hours out of Melbourne. Picking fresh veggies from the backyard, lunching by the lake, star gazing the Milky Way in the clear night sky, roo-spotting. Blissful.

How about you? What’s been thrilling you this last week or so? I’d love to know, pop your list in to the comments section below.


  • Thrilled to bits

    Thanks for this post Carly. You certainly have had a thrilling week or two. Thanks for the opportunity to share what is thrilling me this week…(because I am so excited about it!!!)

    I resigned from my job on Tuesday and I am absolutely thrilled! It is something that I had been considering for a long time and I finally made the decision to change the direction of my career and I am so excited about what lies ahead. I have been smiling constantly; I find the idea of a fresh start and a chance to explore new opportunities so exhilarating!

    Also on my thrill list this week:
    Myanmar (Burma)
    Tea on planes
    White pants
    Today’s beautiful cool but sunny morning

  • SJ

    My little thrill tomorrow is spending time with a good friend in her last few days before she becomes a first time mum! Oh and it was a bit of a thrill to close my eyes for a half hour this afternoon 🙂

  • Caroline

    A day late, but I’m fricken thrilled out of my mind that after a long week of 6am shifts, my three-day weekend is finally here! And the cherry (literally) on top is my dietician says after an arduous four months eliminating most foods to test intolerance levels, I can gradually start reintroducing foods, including – you guessed it – cherries. Whoop! X

  • caitlin

    This week a friend called me and I realised he does ALL the calling in our friendship, felt grateful for that. The next night I got a surprise package of beautiful vintage cotton fabric from a dear high school friend, who’d inherited it from her grandma. FRIENDS were making me happy this week!

    • Carly

      Thanks so much for sharing, Caitlin! I’m sure you’re going to make some gorgeous pieces from that beautiful vintage fabric. Can’t wait to see! xx

  • Lou

    Came to your blog through In Spaces Between and happy to be here! Can’t wait to read more about your journey (added you to my bloglovin feed Have you been to Melbourne much? It wasn’t the nicest weekend weather wise here, Sunday was like winter! I’m heading to the sistahood event here in Melbourne, have read so many great reviews on the Brisbane one 🙂
    Cheers – Lou @ The Honesty Path

    • Carly

      Thanks, Lou! I was in Melbourne when it was particularly hot, and it sounds like the weather changed massively within a week. I’ve been to Melbs quite a few times throughout the years, such a lovely city.

      You will LOVE the Sisterhood event, such a wonderful atmosphere to soak up xx

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  • suzanne

    hi beautiful,
    Love your energy! I have just ordered the book ‘the fire starter sessions’…
    and am very excited about reading and applying it!!
    So thank you for all beautiful suggestions!
    Love Suzanne*

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