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Today’s Thrilling Me post is chock-full of fabulousness, ready for you to devour.

I think it’s so important to take stock of the wonder and delight in our lives, be grateful for it and give thanks for its presence – and also share it! Be sure to let me know what’s thrilling you in the comments below.

A Night of Stillness

Created by the wonderful Susana Frioni and Tara Bliss, A Night of Stillness has been thrilling me every month since late last year, and the most recent evening was held this past Sunday.


I’d been looking for something in Brisbane that was similar to what the Conscious Club guys down in Sydney have going on – a place to get together with people that doesn’t involve shouting at one another over crappy house music, while gradually becoming less and less conscious over the course of a night.

Cue, A Night of Stillness, a sacred space held for women here in Brisbane who are keen to go deeper with their meditation practice, and share their presence with other like-minded women.

Susana and Tara have created an evening for those who have a reasonable amount of meditation experience and want to go deep in to that stillness together. The meditation is followed by 15 minutes of journalling, and then about half an hour of sharing and connecting with one another about things that came up during meditation, or what’s been going on for us lately. It’s a beautiful, calming, peaceful and joyful space to be in.

A Night of Stillness is such a beautiful and blissful way to spend an evening, I’m ALWAYS on cloud nine when I leave, and have the most peaceful and restful sleep afterwards.

Blog Loving from In Spaces Between

The wonderful Rach over on In Spaces Between does a regular post on Blogs to Bookmark, and this week she featured lil’ Pockets of Peace in her post.

ISB Page

If you haven’t acquainted yourself with her beautiful website, may I give you a gentle nudge over in her direction? She is amazing. Rach’s raison d’etre is to help bright sparks create bigger, bolder, richer, more radiant lives – and the best news is that Rach recently launched her blog and life coaching business, which has gone off like a frog in a sock.

Rach was my beautiful ‘blog doula’ in the months leading up to launching Pockets of Peace, and her advice, support and suggestions were INVALUABLE to me. I heart her so much.

If you haven’t got your paws on her delightful eBook, More Magic, All The Time: 20 Ways to Create Your Best Life Ever, get to it! It’s full to the brim of inspiration and it’s also FREE.

Brene Brown on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

I watched this video with goose bumps on my arms and little tears smarting the edge of my eyes. For the entire time.

Right at the beginning of the show Oprah and Brene talk about the ‘Comments Section’ of articles, with particular emphasis on news sites. You should see them both when they speak about this – eyebrows raised, nodding heads – these ladies KNOW better than many what it’s like to fend off the trolls that frequent the comments section with nasty and non-constructive criticism.

Brene and Oprah

This spoke directly to that little wounded part of me that is still recovering from being on the receiving end of some horrible comments for my PNG domestic violence Punch article. Brene and Oprah explore the vulnerability thesis of Brene’s latest book, Daring Greatly, and it is just golden. So worth the time to watch and re-watch. Daring Greatly is now on my ‘must-read’ list for my next Book Depository binge order.

This is part one of a two part series. Originally intended to be just one episode, Oprah and Brene were on such a roll a second part was decreed by Oprah at the end of it. I cannot wait to watch the next installment.


I’m a bit of a late comer to this show, and recently whizzed through season one in about three days. I LOVES IT. For so many reasons. It’s awkwardly realistic, to the point of confronting – and we very rarely see this in a television show out of Hollywood, which often produces shows so glossed over and shiny you can see your reflection in them.


Dunham is pushing the boundaries of what we find acceptable to look at on the television screen. Dunham’s character Hannah is reliably nude in pretty much every episode, but she hasn’t got the body of a Victoria’s Secret model. And this is wonderful. We so badly need a plurality of body shapes in the media.

On her nudity in GIRLS, Dunham states: “Another part (of doing nude scenes) feels like, not ‘F*ck you,’ but a way of saying, with these bodies, you know: Don’t silence them. I say I’m not a political person, but it’s a political statement in a way. I know it’s going to gross some people out. There’s people who don’t want to see bodies like mine or bodies like their own bodies.” Word, lady.

Dunham is a genius through and through. Creator, writer, director, executive producer, lead actor – shiz, this girl is so many shades of amazing you just need to shut the door and watch.

I plan on devouring the entire GIRLS season two over the Easter long weekend. Cannot wait.

Omvana App

The latest app to grace the stable of my Iphone is the lovely, Omvana. Susana, mentioned above, referred me to it.


The app allows you to choose from hundreds of guided meditations, inspirational speeches, poetry and much more, to listen to at your leisure. With Omvana you can blend the Vocal Tracks with Ambient Tracks, which include sounds of nature, and relaxation sounds to thoroughly bliss you out.

My fave combo so far is the Tibetan bowls with some of the spoken meditation tracks.

How about you? Does anything on my thrill list appeal to you? Let me know what’s lighting up your world right now! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


  • Christopher Fitch

    I really like your blog. It’s interesting and cool. I think it is very well presented and nicely done 🙂

    I personally think it would be great if they had a night of stillness for us sensitive new age guys! Thoughts?

    • Carly

      Thanks, Chris! I think A Night of Stillness for men sounds like a great plan – maybe you can be the chief instigator of one 🙂 xx

  • Amelia

    Hi Carly,

    I just love your blog. I found you through the lovely Rach and I’ve been devouring your past posts.

    I’m a little envious of being able to attend the night of stillness – it sounds amazing. We need something like that (and the Conscious Club) in Melbourne. 🙂

    Amelia x

    • Carly

      Thanks so much, Amelia! So lovely to hear from you.

      I must admit I’m surprised that Melbourne doesn’t have something like ANOS or Conscious Club. I would have thought there’d be opportunities galore for you guys down there. Will keep my eyes and ears peeled for anything happening down there of a similar ilk. xx

  • Jessie Wells

    Thanks Carly, congrats on your ‘blog loving’ from In spaces between’, and thanks for this inspiring Thursday post.
    it’s so lovely to know that this Stillness initiative exists in Brisbane! And Chris – I agree a night for guys sounds like a really helpful initiative. Some friends recently started a group for both men and women, but only have space for 10 so it filled up really quickly. Perhaps if you’d like to start such a group for guys or others you know, you could take inspiration from the women’s one, and/or think about doing something like my friends did, based on talks at

    • Christopher Fitch

      Wonderful thanks for the great idea Jessie. That could indeed be a worthwhile initiative :). Would you like to help me further by summarising the talks? hehe :). Are you living in Brisbane as well? And Carly – perhaps you could tell me a bit more about the night of stillness for women and I could draw inspiration and ideas from that? I believe I could secure a location in West End and the whole thing is definitely do-able.

    • Carly

      Thanks, Jessie! And what a great idea re the audio dharma series! xx

      Chris, yes, let’s discuss and you can get something going for men! Am sure West End would be nice and central. xx

  • Emma Kate

    Carly, I spent hours on the couch this afternoon pouring over your posts, clicking on links and soaking up so much from each. I watched Brene + Oprah right through, and found Brene’s original TedX talk after that, and also had goosebumps, tears, laughter and so many smiles and ‘AHA’ moments. I am so grateful for connecting with you – Pockets of Peace is giving me so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3

    • Carly

      Oh Emma! That makes me so happy to hear! I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful experience from watching the Brene episodes – I’m planning on re-watching and re-watching to fully absorb all of the magic. Her TedX talk is also still an inspiration to me. Much love coming your way, lady xx

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