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Brain Pickings + The Attitude Revolution’s Coaching + Bee One Third + Hyperbole and a half

Brain Pickings – The Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us

I’ve followed the delightfully curated musings and inspirations of Maria Popova, known as Brain Pickings, for quite awhile now on twitter, and she never fails to give me some kind of food for thought, or a burst of inspiration. One of her most recent postings included one of the brilliant (as usual) RSA Animate features, which draws a cartoon illustrating a speech made by Dan Pink, on the Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us.

Brain Pickings

It’s a fascinating short clip on the  counterintuitive scientific results of two studies that have revealed what influences our behaviour, and the super interesting half-truth of why money can’t buy us satisfaction. Watch it and be pretty surprised at his findings.

The Attitude Revolution starts coaching

My girl Tahlee Rouillon from The Attitude Revolution has just launched her brand spanking new Attitude Coaching packages, which look like the perfect vehicle to take you on an amazing journey from Town Body Hate, population: You – to a whole new level of self acceptance, self love, and general kick-arsery, frankly.


Tahlee is a beautiful human, who will nurture and support you through what can be (and often is) a time of massive shifts in perception, habits and outlook. She has three different packages, aptly revolution-oriented and named: Allied Forces, Cease Fire and Special Ops. Loves it. So if you or anyone you know could do with some of Tahlee’s soulful experience and wisdom, click on over here and get her as your coach already!

Bee One Third

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a bit more about Jack and Kat and their business Bee One Third over the last couple of weeks, thanks to my new job as Program Manager at the newly opened Centre for Social Change.

Bee One Third’s mission is to educate Brisbane on the vital and amazing role the honey bee plays in our ecosystem. Aside from producing honey, bees all around the world pollinate hundreds of our fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. 97% of everything you put in your mouth is in some way connected to honey bees.

Jack and Kat

Bee One Third provides a service that uses historic and proven organic methods to re-home wild colonies and swarms of bees onto the rooftops of Brisbane. They install and maintain beehives on top of cafes/restaurants and businesses that are looking to take part in this ecological practice.

The guys at Gerard’s Bistro in the Valley have a hive on their roof, and use Bee One Third honey in their desserts. Last Friday I was there for dinner and had two of their honey-laced desserts (not to myself, mind), and they are DIVINE. Just delicious. Scrumptious. So if honey is your thing, or perhaps you fancy learning more about what they do? Jump on over to Bee One Third’s Facebook page and get in touch.

Hyperbole and a half

Allie from Hyperbole and a half has provided me with an insane amount of giggles in the past, with her ability to draw comic versions of stories that occur in her life. She has an astute wit, and her ability to really get in to you and tickle you RIGHT THERE on your funny bone, has me in complete jaw-dropping awe, every time I read her stuff.

Allie Hyperbole and a half

Her cartoons have been absent for quite awhile, and it turns out this is because Allie has been trudging through the lonely mudflats of depression. However, this has not affected her ability to draw and write one of the most beautifully crafted, accurate, compassionate and hilarious portrayals of what it’s like to suffer from depression. Many people I know, including myself, have plumbed such depths in the past, and it’s easy to forget just how it feels. But I know that one tiny bit of light (or in Allie’s case, a tiny piece of corn), can help so very much.

Go Allie!

That’s my love list for this week, what’s been lighting up your world? I’d love to know. Pop your comments below and share the joy!


  • Mez

    I loved Allie’s piece on depression on Hyperbole and a half, her pictures bring so much depth to her words and it is such an insightful piece! Definitely a must read for people who have close friends struggling with depression to give them a better understanding of what people are going through x

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