What’s your daily success?


Do you feel like a success every day? Or does success feel like something that’s just-a-wee-bit-beyond-your-finger-tips out of reach? Maybe it’s so many arms lengths away from your reach you can just see it somewhere near the horizon waving its cute little flag, taunting you to come get it? A flag that’s only really ever flown by people with perfectly shiny hair, awesome teeth and sky-high-crazy-cool lives? I get it. It’s so seductive to think that success is a rarified feeling, reserved only for those you perceive as worthy of it. I used to think the same.

But I don’t think it needs to be. Enter – your daily success.

Kirra Beach

After recently finding myself increasingly frustrated at getting to the end of the day with a to-do list still eleventy gazillion miles long (and beginning to feel just slightly overwhelmed), I decided to do a long overdue reframe.

I ruminated and reflected on what it would take for me to feel like an AMAZING human on a daily basis. What set of circumstances within my control could I influence every day, that would make me feel freaking fantastic? Nourishing practices that I know have me operating optimally. Needle-movers that don’t have me audibly eliciting a loud ‘urrgggghh’ at the thought.

I jotted some ideas down, then whittled them down to just a few easy peasy ones. This became a lesson in combining deliciously nurturing practices devoted to my wellbeing, wrapped in the sturdy arms of discipline – doing it every day.

So this is what my DAILY SUCCESS looks like:

  • Self massage: I am a complete massage addict, so why not give myself a little treat everyday? I’ve become partial to a morning foot massage with some moisturiser or coconut oil. But hand massages are awesome too.
  • Dance: I tend to go to a couple of dance classes a week, one is free form (No Lights, No Lycra) and another is Samba No Pe (Brazilian dancing), but I also just love to dance so I make a point of switching on some music and grooving away at home. It gets me fully inhabiting my body and out of my head.
  • Meditate: This is a daily commitment for me, and has been every day for about five years. I’ll cleanse my chakras, or listen to Sonesence meditiones, or just sit in silence observing my breath in a state of mindfulness. There are a myriad of methods to tune in.
  • Write: Some kind of written expression is crucial for me. It needn’t be long, it just needs to happen. I can feel tension build up if I haven’t done it in a couple of days. I’m sure other writers and creatives can relate.
  • Drink lots of water: It just makes everything better. It really does. Better skin, better bodily functions, less headaches, H2O is awesome.
  • Spend time with my plants: Living in an apartment I miss the daily earthing I used to get living in a house. So I either get my feet on the earth in a park nearby, or I’ll commune with my balcony plants. I don’t know why, but they make me really happy. And I swear they grow better when I pay more loving attention to them.
  • Laugh: There is nothing like a good laugh to clear away tension, stress or to just knock my energy vibration up a notch. Laughing with family and friends is the best. But if I find myself at the end of the day without emitting a giggle, I’ll pop on a youtube clip for a couple of minutes (probably with cats in it) and have a laugh.
  • Love: Towards myself, towards others (family, friends, strangers), or beaming love out to our planet. It’s crucial for me to feel connected and in love every day.
  • Do my Kundalini yoga sadhana kriya: I’m about half way through a 40-day kundalini yoga practice prescribed to me by my great teacher Sam of Sirgun Yoga. It’s a kriya practice comprised of yogic postures, movements, pranayama (breathing exercises), chanting and meditation. I continue to be blown away by this yoga, which I’ve been practicing for a few years now. Doing it daily takes it to a whole new magical level! My commitment to this daily practice is strong, because missing even just one day means I have to go back to the beginning and start again…

I’ve popped this list on my notice board, and I cannot begin to tell you how it’s revolutionised my days. Anything I do beyond this is just even more wonder and joy. I think it’s one of the simplest yet most effective practices I’ve implemented in my life to date. And instead of being dragged down by my to-do list, I embrace that having a never ending one is just the marker of a full and juicy life!

Give it a go! Jot down a few ideas right now. What would make you feel amazing every day? What could your daily success be?

Maybe you already have a daily success practice? I’d love to hear what some of your go-to’s might be, lovely one. Please let me know what they are in the comments below!

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  • Sophie

    This is such a good idea! I’ve been getting a bit fed up with my day to day to dos as well and want to create more space for the things that light me up so I’ll be trying this out today!

  • Etta

    Love this Carls. I had a HUGE evaluation of what I considered to be a successful/productive day when I decided to leave law once and for all and embark on my life coaching journey. Good to have a reminder about this now too – you have inspired me to do another check-in with myself and my daily to-dos to ensure that they make me feel amazing on a daily basis.

    • Carly

      Wonderful, Etsky! Glad that it was a little reminder, we can always do with a bit of a recalibration every now and then. Loads of love xox

  • Lisa

    Carly, I have been feeling very unfulfilled and very unsatisfied lately and then I stumbled across this.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    – with love –

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