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This lovely little blog-hop found its way to me via the wonderfully talented Kylie over at Navigate Create. Kylie is an amazingly multi-passionate woman who is currently completing her PhD in copyright law, and has found a way to combine her passions by writing a blog on some of the legal struggles many creatives bump up against. So if you’ve ever had any kind of legal query relating to creativity – chances are Kylie has written about it, or will so in the future. So follow her already! You can start by reading her gorgeously penned Why I Write post.


What am I working on?

At the moment I’ve got a few things planned for Pockets of Peace, but it’s finding time to get to do them that’s my current challenge. There are so many ideas I have bouncing around my head, it’s all just a matter of focusing on one and following it through. Although I will say, there are  plans to write an eBook! Watch this space.

In my day job as an aid and development practitioner I’m working on a slew of pretty interesting things – the on ground implementation of a community enterprise development project in Fiji, a number of community development oriented workshops here in Brisbane (including self care for development workers, weeeeeeee!), a few guest lectures, and some upcoming training and consulting activities are keeping my plate pretty full. I also write articles in the aid and development space, a few of which are currently in the pipeline.

And I’ve just become co-host of a global development podcast called Mission Creep – fresh and frank voices in Global Development – with Brendan and Weh from WhyDev.

Why do I write?

Regardless of the reason I’m writing, whether it’s journalling, blogging, or writing articles – I write to communicate and connect to myself, to others, and to the Universe. Expressing myself in written form is the divinely creative thread that connects me to something much larger than my own tiny mind.

With anything I write and share publicly, I write to contribute my two cents, and be of service. I share my experiences, insights and opinions in the hope that it may potentially help others in some small way. Maybe my writing makes someone smile, or reflect on life a little differently, or perhaps be reassured that they’re not alone in thinking that Jamie Lannister is not such a bad guy after all (Game of Thrones inside joke, soz).

And privately I write to get my thoughts, feelings and reflections on to paper to enable the continued unfolding of the relationship between me and my higher self.

How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

I don’t know that my writing necessarily differs dramatically from others in my genre, but I endeavour to write in a way that is truly reflective of me and my experiences. This incorporates everything from my day job in aid and development, to what I’m loving right now, to causes I love, and what I’m personally exploring or learning. I imbue myself in to all of my writing, and this is probably what makes my writing a little different (said every writer ever, I know).

How does my writing process work?

Hahaha, would we call it a process? No, no, we wouldn’t. My ‘process’ goes a little like this: ideas swirling around in head about what to write, one of which will nag its way to the top of the pile and begin forcing its way out with either a sentence formed, or a title, or if I’m lucky, a little paragraph.

This gets written down, which tends to lead to a far longer post than is blog friendly, so I fiddle about with it, then I may throw in a bit of procrastination, or as I like to call it ‘leaving it alone for a little while’. When I bite the bullet to get it finished, I do a final pretty ruthless edit, which still results in me probably having missed commas or excess apostrophes that I will eventually find and correct, sometimes even months down the track. Do any other bloggers re-read their posts months later or is it just weird ol’ me?

Passing on the baton!

And now I’m passing on the Why I Write blogging baton to three very bright sparks in the blogging world. I’ve deliberately chosen blogging friends from different genres, just to mix it up a little. I think it’s wonderful when we’re exposed to different people, stories and areas of interest. I also know and love each of them dearly IRL!

Helen Jacobs at The Little Sage


Helen is one of my closest soul sisters, who I met through the blogging world and I knew pretty much straight away that we were kindred spirits. Helen’s also the founder of one of my favourite sites, The Little Sage – your guide to intuitive living, especially in business, motherhood and wellness. Helen and her team help people like you and me live life from the heart, following our inner guides and intuition to create a life of purpose, passion and meaning. In my view, everyone could benefit from honing their intuition, so Helen’s site is a must visit.

Daile Kelleher at KissMeOutOfDesire


Daile is a dear friend who I met through book club, and she is an utter delight both online and in real life. We started blogging around the same time and have shared a few of the mutual fears and joys at expressing ourselves in a pretty (nay, very) public forum like the interwebz. Daile blogs about a range of things, from dating, to music, to poignant reflections about personal topics we can all relate to. And she has the CUTEST cat, Bixby, who even has his own twitter. Need I say more? He’s gorgeous, she’s gorgeous, and you should follow them both!

Sally Wilson at Words to Live By


Sally is another friend from way back, who recently sashayed on to the blogging scene with her delightful little space on the web called Words to Live By. Her blog is dedicated to food, writing and creativity, and stories about the good things in life: travel, design, books and family. With a background in journalism, food writing and editing – Sally’s got this bloggin’ business all sewn up! If you’re a thermomix user (I wish I was!) Sally’s been posting some delicious recipes of late – Date loaf with walnuts, anyone?

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  • Kylie

    Carly, this is beautiful! And no, you’re not the only blogger who re-reads their posts months later! Must be the perfectionists in us 🙂 Well done on Mission Creep – that’s terribly exciting! Really looking forward to listening to the first episode!

    • Carly

      Thank you so much lovely, and thank you for passing on the blog-hop baton! You’re so sweet re Mission Creep, hope you enjoy! Episode two is about to hit the airwaves! xx

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