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When you visit Crystal Castle in the Byron hinterland (a blissful and peaceful place which largely pays homage to the Buddhist and Hindhu religious traditions,  and has more crystals scattered about the place than you can poke a stick at), you’re encouraged to leave that space thereafter as an ambassador for peace. Since visiting this enchanting place during a misty, rainy day over the long weekend, I’ve been thinking about and reflecting on just ‘how’ people can practically do this and truly be ambassadors for peace in their worlds. And thenceforth for our world.

This also coincides with me currently drafting the Pockets of Peace manifesto. And by drafting, I mean words are swirling in my head which I’m gradually siphoning and sifting through, tossing and turning and trying on for size. It’s a process that I’m taking my time with, but I’m really trying to tap in to what truly resonates within people’s bones. Within my bones. What makes someone think, ‘YES. I can do that’.


Ironically, as I start to draw my attention to drafting my manifesto, I’m also embracing a certain degree of chaos and wildness at the moment, which has me in a wee bit of a spin. Now don’t think I haven’t noticed that this ‘courting chaos’ phase of mine coincides with Game of Thrones season three coming to an end, or, the horrifying Red Wedding Thrones episode (may we never speak of it again). But I think it definitely has far more to do with being halfway through a cycle of Tigress Yoga at the moment – and if anything’s going to help unleash dormant energy that needs to be expressed – it’s the practice of Tigress. Awesome, but powerful.

I’m keen to write about and explore my shadow, feminine strength, chaos and wildness – but this is for another post – for now I’m focusing on nutting out this manifesto – and I need your help!

I’m super keen to draw on the collective wisdom of anyone and everyone who reads Pockets of Peace. I would love to know what you do to personify peace, to channel peace, and to cultivate peace in our world.

I’ll start with a few of my personal faves, and I would absolutely love it if you could contribute your thoughts in to the comments below.

Cultivating and being a channel for peace

Meditate. Everyday. Cultivating a depth of peace within me is of utmost priority and focus for me. Every dingin’ day.

Get back to nature. Ground. Feet on the earth, connecting and plugging in to the beauty and peace our environment invokes within us.

Be kind. First and foremost to myself.

Serve. Find a cause that lights you up and contribute time and effort to it. Shining my light in a way that furthers the goodness and peace in the world is a cornerstone of my existence.

Choose love over fear. I ask for guidance to do this every day. I don’t get it right all of the time by any means, but it certainly helps to broaden my options from pure emotional reactivity to expansiveness and consideration of a situation in a holistic sense. If we were all to do this collectively, what kind of effect do you reckon that’d have? Mind-blowing, I reckon.

Random acts of kindness. Cook a meal with love, do a favour without being asked, wash up the dishes at work, write a thank you note. Something, anything kind for no reason or recognition.

Remember to relax and unclench my jaw. This. Several times a day. Instant peace.

Take three conscious and deep belly breaths. Come back to the present moment. So much angst and conflict is caused by either living in the future, or the past. Get back to the now. My mate Eckhart Tolle and his books The Power of Now and A New Earth are priceless resources for this.

Energy healing and bodywork (Reiki, Ka Huna, Kinesiology, Acupuncture). I cannot even begin to tell you how much I adore energy work – it’s without a doubt the quickest and most effective way I’ve found to really hone in on where I’m at, what needs clearing, and getting deeply honest with myself. Oh, and did I also mention it makes me feel amazing? Yeah, that too.

These pointers are simple, easy to do and are generally not too onerous that I can weave them in to my day to day existence. I’d love to hear if you have any you’d like to share!

Over to you, gorgeous! Pop your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Michelle Marie McGrath

    hi gorgeous, I meditate or have a bath with my Peace Alchemical oil and very consciously state “I call all parts of me that are in turmoil into my heart now. I choose to be a channel of peace. Peace begins with me”. I also have a tshirt that says “Peace begins with a smile” and sometimes when I’m out and forget I’m wearing it, people will smile at me on the street and I think ‘wow everyone is very friendly today’ and forget temporarily that I’m wearing it. I love having these reminders.

    I light a candle every night – to me this a beautiful symbol of peace and I often dedicate the flame to send peace to every Being.

    love xx

    • Carly

      Ooh, I love these Michelle! Especially calling all parts of you in turmoil in to your heart – accepting and welcoming it all. Thank you so much for your suggestions, beautiful lady! xx

  • Tahlee

    Gorgeous woman! You’ve pretty much named all of mine. One I would add is mindful movement. A really good, kind workout is like a reset button. Current faves are Reformer Pilates and hula hooping by the river 🙂

    • Carly

      Mindful movement – awesome! I am LOVING the sound of hula hooping – so good for us to get that sacral energy a-movin’. Thank you, hon! xx

  • Tracey

    Beautifully said already lovely. I always think lying in a hammock with a good book is a great way to feel peaceful. Also taking time to reflect on the good things is good for inner peace especially in our chaotic lives. xxx

    • Carly

      Thanks, honey! Hammock lying with a book sounds completely blissful – and I hear you have an abundance of them 😉 xx

  • Helen {The Little Sage}

    Perfectly timed post Carly… I’m taking some time out in July to find a new sense of peace for me. In doing so, I want to set a new tone of peace and rhythm for my family too. I’m switching off and have started opening up to all the things I’ve wanted to be doing for a while – yoga classes (both group and one-on-one), walking, meditating far, far more, connecting with the energy of my food more… Perhaps I’ll have more of an answer then…

    On another note, the call to finding your shadow feminine energy is interesting. I’ve just finished writing a blog post on finding my yin and how I’m setting July aside to do it. I love when there is that kind of synchronicity.

    Perhaps one last thought on how to cultivate peace: Just be in your heart. Open from there. It’s love, therefore is peace.

    Helen x

    • Carly

      Thanks, lovely lady! I absolutely adore that you’re prioritising cultivating peace for you and your family. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. I’m totally not surprised that we’re in sync with this shadow feminine energy work – there’s a fair amount of synchronicity happening for us at the moment! xx

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