Your Quantum Light Business
Pop-Up Mastermind!

Instant Frequency Upgrades for your Soul Business - Learn the Quantum Codes & Energetic Secrets to Having a Thriving Soul Venture - with Carly Stephan

Woohoo! I'm SOOO EXCITED FOR THIS! I'm spilling the secrets about the true needle movers you need to make a quantum leap in your soul business - and they're NOT what you think.

Join me and an amazing crew of soul-aligned babes as we dive into Seven Days of  Quantum Light Business Foundations - we'll co-create a coherent field of quantum magic for EVERYONE to benefit from (we're rippling out into the world, baby!).

Experience the magic of the light bulb that turns on and leads you to inspired action that creates:

- An email (or two) that generates $10,000+*

- A program idea that initiates your next six-figure launch*

- The next inspired pivot in your business that launches you into a higher stratosphere of impact*

- An injection of magical inspiration that blooms into a viral social media post - leading to an enormous influx of new clients*

- A synchronous and easeful creation of a soulmate team to support your work*

- Clients turning up out of nowhere and signing themselves up to work with you*

(*All of these are regularly experienced by me / my clients.)

In this Exclusive Pop-Up Soul Business  Mastermind You'll Receive:

  • Instant Access to A Quantum Upgrade  Audio to Activate You into Infinite Possibilities
  • 7 Days Access to 6-Figure  Coach & Mentor Carly Stephan in a Pop-Up Mastermind Environment.
  • 1 x Live Quantum Light Business Foundations Masterclass.
  • 1 x Live Q&A Session - come equipped with all of your curiosities and queries! 
  • You’ll get access to Carly to ask any and all of the questions you need  before the end of our time together, within our Q&A Livestream and Mastermind Interactions!
  • Click below to secure your spot (at an absolute STEAL of a price), and you'll receive an email with your Quantum Upgrade Audio straight away - as well as a link to join the pop-up facebook group for your Masterclasses!
Client Testimonials!
"Carly is equal parts cheerleader, visionary, wise guide, and soul sister –with an extra dose of magic for good measure. I feel so much more aligned and anchored in myself and my soul’s purpose after working together, and the foundations of my coaching business have been solidified from a much deeper (and more soulful, playful) place"
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Sarah Messner
Founder - Sacred Journeys
"Working with Carly was the best, most valuable investment I have EVER made in myself. During the entire process, I felt supported, nurtured and safe to speak up and be myself, something I hadn’t felt in a long time. I have always been a bit of a closet spiritualist and it was such a relief to have someone whose values and beliefs are aligned with my own."
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Amy Lea
Human Design Guide and Mentor, Astrologer

For the last 5 + years Carly has run an entirely soul-led 6-figure Mentoring & Coaching business, created paradigm-shifting programs, techniques and tools to guide her clients into realms of business and creative success they'd only ever dreamt of, and learnt from the top mentors in the fields of personal development, business, marketing, and quantum energetics. Carly works with leaders and visionaries who are here to create epic impact with their contributions.

Prior to launching her business, Carly spent over a decade consulting and working for international aid and development for organisations like the United Nations, International NGOs,  and the Centre For Social Change, mentoring and guiding individuals and communities both locally and overseas in Kenya, South East Asia, the Pacific region and Australia.

Carly has taught, tutored, facilitated, mentored and coached hundreds of people, both men and women, from school-level to university-level - many of whom have become leaders of their own movements of change and extraordinary contribution.

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