Are You Getting Sucked In By It All?

I’m truly not one to buy into the whole ‘end of year’ mad rush and crazy-making energy and behaviour – but even I have to admit that tuning into the collective at this time is exhausting me and sucking me into the throng of ‘quick quick quick!’. 

It manifests in my body as a low buzz of anxiety that sits in my auric field around my heart space, and I have to lean into my practices to shift it, regularly.

(Sure, it also doesn’t help that I live in a country whose government feels it’s appropriate to fiddle with politics and gear up for our upcoming cricket season, while our land (including old-growth rainforest) literally burns. The collective pain-body is immense at this time, so take deep care of yourself if you’re in Australia and feeling this keenly.

What I’ve noticed can tend to happen at this time of year particularly, is that we allow ourselves to get swept up and sucked into the busy-making energy, and don’t actually allow ourselves to pause and slip back into our own sovereignty, and decide: I’m going to cultivate my energy, and have that dictate my outer experience, rather than the other way around.

We allow the swirling energy to hurl us onto the hamster wheel and we start madly peddling alongside everyone else, because… well, that’s what everyone else is doing! So that must be right. Right?

Wrong. Unless it energises you of course, and if it does – you go hell-for-leather, babe!

Instead of going into panic or depletion mode at this time, I have an invitation for you: take your power back and lean into the practices, tools, and techniques you have that you KNOW help you reconnect to the stellar energy that is already within you.

Become the strongest and most luscious energy in the room, and watch as people begin to calm down in your presence, or begin to feel lighter and freer just by being around you.

Because YOU have the power to do that – you know that don’t you?

Your very presence can shift a room, shift a household, a neighbourhood, a community, a country, the world, our galaxy and beyond.

YES. Your energy can be that strong and influential.

Keeping myself connected to this knowledge has been one of the biggest sources of power I’ve had as I’ve navigated an amazing 2019 – not without its own tumult and challenges, to be sure! 

But truly, it’s felt like I really went next-level with life this year and I absolutely know what the backbone of my ability to do that has been: my consistent energetic and embodiment practices, habits, and choosing my truth-in-the moment over and over and over again – in full imperfection and messiness and dropping things, then re-committing and reconnecting and continuing.


And now, I’m ready to spill the beans on everything I’ve been up to – which is why I’ve created my latest audio series – Luscious Luminosity, 11 Days of Audios to Invigorate your Inner Glow!  


I’m pouring my heart and soul out into each day’s audio, to let you peer behind the curtains of my life – and into all the secret energy and embodiment practices that have me in my most luscious, juicy and light-filled self, daily.


What I’ll be sharing in this series is far more than I ever do publicly – there’s a lot of intimate knowledge I’m loading this series up with.


Luscious Luminosity is designed to:


  • Guide You to Activate your Irresistibly Juicy, and Magnetic Self

  • Give You the Exact Tips I’ve Used to Be Deeply Devoted to My Energy + Body in the last 12 Months

  • Reconnect You With Your Feminine Fullness and Essence

  • Help You Feel Effervescent Energy Bubbling Through Your Body

  • Assist You With Creating Your Own Replenish + Rejuvenate Program! 

  • Provide You with Prompts and Insights for Your Personal Exploration

  • Reconnect You with the Inner Light That Is Already Within You

  • Clear your Body’s Energetic slate, in preparation for the Energies of 2020

  • Be a Touch-point for You to Connect With Whenever You Need to – go at Your Own Pace

  • Tune you into a Higher Frequency Immediately


My intention for this offering is that in sharing the what, why and how behind my critical ‘needle-mover’ activities and processes that keep my energy lusciously luminous, you are invited into your own adventure of curiosity and experimentation to find what works best for YOU.

This isn’t about a one-size-fits-all approach, as what works for one person most definitely does not guarantee it will be as helpful for someone else. 


But by following along and playing with what calls to you, it’s very likely that something will spark in you that helps shift your own self-care and helpful habits – and it’s your commitment to what works for you that will shift MOUNTAINS for you and a daily basis. 


Your transformation truly is in the small decisions you make for yourself, every day.

Are you ready to ditch this season of dizzy depletion, and say YES to your own luscious energy? We begin on November 28.

But – Luscious Luminosity is available to purchase NOW at a crazy low pre-launch special of just AUD $39! That’s just $3.60 per audio. This price is only available for a few days, and then it will double. 

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