Stop Following Other People’s Rules. 

It’s Time To Listen To Your Inner Voice.

Illuminate Your Truth.

You’re nailing your spiritual to-do list. Yoga. Sound bath. Oracle reading. Done.
Nothing changes.
Nobody notices that your smile isn’t quite as genuine as it should be.
No-one knows but you.
Your mind is always racing. So fast that you can barely keep up with it.
There’s a little voice inside you, quiet but consistent, calling out to be heard and acted on.
Illuminate 1:1 private mentoring package is here for you to learn to listen. Honour your true self, find your own path, and stand confident in your truth – fast.
If you’ve been faffing around with freebie online content for awhile, trying to find your way but still feeling the ache of something missing inside – a transformational program like Illuminate is absolutely what you need. This container is for babes who want authentic and embodied RESULTS, STAT – ones you will feel within your very bones. Those are the kind of results I get my clients.
Illuminate supports you to live the richness of who you really are. Bin that spiritual to-do list, centre in the bone deep-knowing of your divinity and master your destiny!
 Transcend The Spiritual To-do List.
You feel a sense of unease. All the time. It’s not obvious to anyone else. And you don’t know if this feeling will stay with you forever.
It will. Unless you listen to that voice deep inside you, calling you to wake up.
There’s a worldwide movement of women shifting their attention to this inner voice. Brave enough to choose their truth and live at their highest potential.
As a mentor and coach, I am one of these women. After working in a range of professions (as an international community development worker, writer, speaker, professional mentor, and energy healer), I’ve been called to support you to build a true connection to yourself and embody your truth in the world.
It’s time to pay attention to that inner voice.

Be Your Inner Light.

Accelerate Your Manifestation Powers. 

Live A Liberated, Joyous And Utterly Purposeful Life.




Illuminate 1:1 Mentoring Package:

Illuminate mentoring is entirely bespoke for you, and intuitively-led. Tailored just for you. While I create a structure for your program and our sessions together, I’m always open to the flow of what your soul is calling in at that moment.

I’m based in Brisbane Australia most of the time, but my services are available globally, thanks to the magic of Zoom! (Most of my client base are internationally based.)

A half-day Activation and Alignment session to kick things off
A 1:1 50-minute Zoom session online every 2 weeks 
A lesson in our private online space for you twice a month
Voxer / FB Messenger access to me
A 1:1 VIP Immersion Day during the second half of our journey OR upgrade to a bespoke in-person retreat day/night retreat!
An exclusive online space for you to drop into whenever you need – I am present for you, for the entire time we work together.
Unlimited email support
My Light Healing Activation Meditation Track
My Cosmic Light Connection Meditation Track
Video and audio recordings of our sessions (if online)
Access to my 12-Day Luminosity Series
Access to my Signature Program Anchor Your Light
My complete energetic support for the entire program. Your energy system is activated, aligned and transformed during our time together!


Create A World That Comes Directly From Your Own Inner Conscious Light.

Since you decided to take control and complete Illuminate, you’re comfortable owning your sovereign power every day.
You feel liberated, energised, joyous, juicy and utterly purposeful.
You’re no longer afraid to express, share, assist, and delight everyone you come into contact with. Including yourself.
Especially yourself.
You listen to your truth.

You follow your inner nudges and urgings and know what your next aligned step is.


It Wasn’t A Dream. It Was Always Your Destiny.

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Accessible payment plans are available.




  • You’re done with mindset shifts and you’re ready for embodied cellular shifts that create real change.
  • You want to transition out of your current job and step into your soul-led career.
  • You’re ready to turn your side-hustle into a full-time real-world-earning business.
  • You’re ready to up-level what you’re available for in life, love and success in this world.
  • You desire clarity in WHAT your soul purpose and vision is, and be guided into making it a reality.
  • You feel a heart leap and the energy of this offer lights you up and you feel a giant expansive feeling of YES deep in your heart or gut.
  • You aren’t yet ready or able to take full responsibility for your awakening journey.
  • You’re currently experiencing acute trauma, this is best treated by a counsellor or psychologist who can guide you through a trauma-specific process.
  • You’re not ready to claim your greatness, and truly choose yourself.
  • You struggle a lot with being a self-starter.


"I feel so empowered. I feel like I can handle anything life brings my way, and like I am thriving more than ever before. Carly gave me back my own power and showed me just how beautiful and worthy I really am. I’m now embodying that beauty and light, wow wow wow. I couldn’t have picked a better mentor to guide me through the craziness of this past year of my life, and hold space while I came back into my own power."

"Since working with Carly as a mentor and coach, my Shakti Yoga online immersion has become a successful ongoing offering and the most profitable thing I’ve ever offered. I have said my last goodbyes to the broke healer archetype and widened my capacity to receive with so much more ease. I am about to launch next year’s Teacher Training, and three women have already signed up five months before the program begins! I have hired a paid assistant for the first time in ten years of working for myself, and know that I will be taking a holiday at the end of this year without the financial stress that used to hang over me whilst caught in the hours for money paradigm. I’ve got a wait list of women wanting to receive the healing work I offer without needing to promote it! No longer am I working week-to-week, but I am creating a legacy, and I know that what I am creating now is setting me up for a long time to come. This is just a short list of the big magic that has unfolded as a result of taking the leap and saying YES to working with Carly. I can’t even explain exactly what it is Carly does, but I can confidently say that it works! All it requires is your willingness to say YES and dive in - and watch the magic happen."