• Guide you to refill your tank to overflowing!
  • Clear your body’s energetic slate
  • Resource you to gradually and gently shift from depletion to potent energy richness 
  • Reconnect you to the essential truth of who you are
  • Tune you into an elevated frequency effortlessly
  • Give you the exact transformational and activation processes I use daily to connect to energetic richness (these are invaluable)
  • Help you feel a profound sense of effervescent energy bubbling through you 
  • Provide you with powerful prompts and suggestions to directly support your own personal exploration
  • Reconnect you with the inner light that’s already within you & your energetic field
  • Be a pocket guide and touch-point for you to connect with whenever you need to – go at your own pace (none of this is time-bound)

The Nine Light Rich Audios You'll Receive:

During this series you will move through three phases: Recharge, Recalibrate, and Richness.

Audio One: New Possibilities

In this audio you'll learn how to create new loops of possibilities, to move beyond any of your current stuckness.

Audio Two: Nervous System Regulation

This audio gives you practical tools for regulating and creating resilience in your nervous system.

Audio Three: Child's Play

Engaging with the wisdom of your inner child, we're restoring inner balance of what you've previously repressed.

Audio Four: opening to the light

How we block our own light and receivership often without realising it.

Audio Five: Introducing Pronoia

How to become happy for no reason (and how this is a powerful way to access light.

Audio Six: Accesing Support

An invocation for connecting to unseen support from guides and your higher self.

Audio Seven: Your Energetic Orientation

Learn the life-changing concept of your true energetic orientation.

Audio Eight: Increase Your Inner Light

Learn practices to easily amp up your inner light quotient.

Audio Nine: Energise Your Life!

How to use your light to energise and bring richness to every area of your life.

Your Investment = AUD 197
or 3 x Monthly Payments of 72

This series is designed to support you to energise into your most abundantly over-flowing self. 

None of us have been unaffected by what’s happened in our world over the last few years. And it’s time to replenish.

This is your invitation to pause, take a breath, tune into how you’re really feeling – and then be gently guided through three phases of support: recharge, recalibrate and richness.

My intention with this series is to help you weave fresh new energy into your body & being – and allow you to rebuild with a truly renewable source of fuel! And for this to ripple out to the rest of the world – healing, recharging and resourcing all who need it.

You will have access to audios indefinitely and whenever you desire – once you’re in, they’re yours forever.

(P.S If you have a hearing issue or impairment, please let me know and I will have transcripts available for you.)

Three Weeks of Transformational Audios

Grab yourself three weeks (9 guided audios in total) of supportive and energising audios loaded with tips, tricks and guidance to take you from depleted and drained to juicy and light rich!


‘Love love love your Luminosity Series!’ - Jess
‘I absolutely LOVE your Luminosity Audio Series, Carly! Your journalling prompts are amazeballs, so much is coming through for me!’ - Amy
‘It makes me a bit teary, this Luminosity offering of yours is SO magical and generous.’ - Emma
‘Luminosity is brilliant. Such a special, unique, powerful 12 days. Thank you!’ - Etta
‘Entraining with your energy in these audios feels SO amazing!’ - Kim
‘Loving the daily audios and receiving the yummy energy! Your voice is so soothing and warm!’ - Maggie
‘Loving Luminosity! Feeling so good and inspired!’ - Lindsey
‘I absolutely loved Luminosity, thanks Carly! So much valuable info and have loved exploring in my own way.’ - Gail

3- Weeks of Supportive and Energising Audios

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no pressure to do this series quickly, or ‘keep up’.
The audios are yours and can be accessed at any time – once you’re in, they’re yours forever.
This series isn’t about advocating a one-size-fits-all approach – what works for one person most definitely does not guarantee it will be helpful for someone else.
But by following along and playing with what calls to you, it’s very likely that something will spark in you that helps shift your own energetic self-care and helpful habits – and it’s your commitment to what works for you that will shift MOUNTAINS for you on a daily basis.
Your transformation truly is in the small decisions you make for yourself, every day!

Grab yourself three weeks (9 audios in total) of supportive and energising audios loaded with tips, tricks and guidance to take you from depleted and drained to juicy and light rich!