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This 9-Week Program is designed to take you from depleted and drained, to radiant and light rich in your life and work!

what to expect

Light Rich The Program is here to

Help You Unfreeze

We've all experienced the shock and awe of the last three years on planet earth. It's time to thaw out and flow with our light.

Refill Your Tank

Receive practical tools to clear your energetic slate, recharge your body, and refill your tank to overflowing!

Internally Resource You

We'll gradually resource your nervous system from depleted to potent energy richness.

Help You Experience The Power of Your Light

Learn how to connect to the truth of who you are, and feel the effervescence of your energy bubbling through you daily.

Fine Tune Your Frequency

Each Weekly Transmission Masterclass is designed to help you gradually fine tune and elevate your frequency, gently but with light speed.

Energise Your Life

Learn powerful and cutting-edge energetic techniques to bring richness to every area of your life!

The Nine Light Rich Modules:

During this series you will move through three phases: Recharge, Recalibrate, and Richness.

Week One: New Possibilities

In this week we'll learn how to create new loops of possibilities, to move beyond any of our current stuckness and apathy.

Week Two: Nervous System Regulation

This week we'll explore practical tools for regulating and creating resilience in your nervous system.

Week Three: Child's Play

Engaging with the wisdom of our inner child, in this week we're restoring inner balance of what's previously been suppressed.

Week Four: opening to the light

We'll explore how we block our own light and receivership often without realising it (and how to fix this!).

Week Five: Introducing Pronoia

We'll dive into the concept of becoming happy for no reason (and learn how this is a powerful way to access light).

Week Six: Accessing Support

We'll explore a powerful invocation and process for connecting to unseen support from guides and your higher self.

Week Seven: Your Energetic Orientation

We'll be learning the life-changing concept of aligning with our true energetic orientation.

Week Eight: Increase Your Inner Light

This week we'll learn cutting edge energetic practices to easily amp up our inner light quotient.

Week Nine: Energise Your Life!

We learn how to channel our light to energise and bring richness into every area of our lives

Your Investment = AUD 897
or 3 Monthly Payments of 328

The Why Behind Light Rich - The Program

Over the last 6-7 years I’ve been working on some really powerful cutting-edge energetic processes to connect you to your light richness, processes like anchoring in your personal light grid, connecting to your cosmic guides and tapping into your unique energetic orientation to tap into the fifth dimension and beyond.

This work is so coherent and light-filled and has changed my life in the most amazing ways: my soul work and career have been earthed and evolved, my soulmate beloved arrived, a kindred soul crew is gathered around me, and I have a feeling of living in grace and being supported by the structures of light I’ve built in my energetic field.

After the success of my Light Rich Audio Series (and the many women who wanted to dive deeper into this work), I was inspired to curate an intimate (and lower-cost) program to initiate you into the teachings covered in the audio series – which are worth thousands of dollars once you truly nail the processes for yourself.

I want you to be forever primed into your multidimensional, light-rich state.

This is my legacy work. And I’m so excited to share it with you!

Light Rich – The Program is a 9-week, personal, and intimate journey with powerfully activating hybrid masterclasses and coaching Q&A calls, with the opportunity for one-on-one time with me.

You’ll also learn how to activate your own Personal Light Grid (this process in and of itself is worth hundreds of dollars and usually only available to my private 1:1 clients).

You’ll know if this is calling you. Our light-rich energy draws us closer and closer until we are ready to fully claim it!

Why would I want to become Light Rich?

Light Rich – The Program is designed to help you inhabit the world with fresh new energy woven into your body and energy field – and connect you with a truly renewable source of fuel – your light!

But why would you want to connect to your light? What are the benefits?

Tangible benefits include:
  • Personal magnetism – your inner light shines so bright that you become a literal beacon to call in your soul peeps and desires with ease
  • Amplify your potency and lusciousness – it connects you to your body and energetic field in a way you’ve likely never felt before
  • Your intuition and your inner guidance system turn ON
  • Increasing your inner light quotient (how much light you hold, as opposed to density) will help you FEEL lighter, brighter, and more at ease
  • Helping you energetically influence the world around you, rather than it constantly influencing you

  • Enhancing your clair-abilities (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognisance) so that you begin to experience more of the world’s magic – seeing and sensing other dimensions, guides and perspectives you never knew existed.

  • Tapping you into living in the fifth dimension – which is a place you create inside yourself and beam out into the world!

During Light Rich, we’ll move through three phases: three weeks to Recharge, three weeks to Recalibrate, and three weeks to Richness! (There are also some yummy bonuses you’ll receive along the way, so trust me when I say: you’re in for A TREAT!).

What do I get?

During your time in Light Rich The Program, you’ll receive over $5000 worth of value:

– Light Rich Audio Series to Keep (Value $110)

– The Light Rich Program PDF Guided Prompts (Value $150)

– A Personal Light Grid Activation – Self-Guided Tool (Value $595)

– 9 Weeks of access to our private Facebook Group to ask questions, share breakthroughs and make invaluable personal connections! (Value $1500)

– 9 Weekly Masterclass Teaching Calls on each of the powerful Light Rich modules, including time for Q&A – and a recording of each call (Value $1500)

– 9 x Weeks of guided processes to recharge, recalibrate and energise you into higher states of being, in all that you do in work, life & play! ($900)

– 9 x Weeks of Access to reduced 1:1 Coaching Session rates with Carly (Value $1350)

Your Investment = AUD 897
or 3 x Monthly Payments of 328

about your guide & mentor

Meet Carly Stephan

For the last 7 + years Carly has run a successful soul-led Mentoring & Coaching business, and in the process has created paradigm-shifting programs and tools to guide her clients into extraordinary business and creative success.

She has also learned from top mentors in the fields of personal development, business, marketing, and quantum energetics.

Carly works with leaders and visionaries who are here to create epic impact with their contributions.

Prior to launching her business, Carly spent over a decade consulting and working for international aid and development for organisations like the United Nations, International NGOs, and the Centre For Social Change, mentoring and guiding individuals and communities both locally and overseas in Kenya, South East Asia, the Pacific region and Australia.

Carly has taught, tutored, facilitated, mentored, and coached hundreds of people, both men and women, from school level to university-level – many of whom have become leaders of their own movements of change with extraordinary contributions.

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What Carly's Past Clients Have To Say

“Working with Carly was the best, most valuable investment I have EVER made in myself. During the entire process, I felt supported, nurtured and safe to speak up and be myself, something I hadn’t felt in a long time. I have always been a bit of a closet spiritualist and it was such a relief to have someone whose values and beliefs are aligned with my own."
Amy Lea Wittleton
Human Design Guide, Mentor & Astrologer
"Since working with Carly, I've tapped into an energy, confidence, and strength I’ve never felt before. I feel more like me than I ever have, in my entire life. My life has become more joyful, energised and inspired. I’m excited to show up in my business, to share myself with the world, and to stand strong in my value, which continues to expand every single day. I've embraced who I am, wholly and fully!"
Sonia Bavistock
Business Coach & Mentor

Your questions answered

Common questions

This is now a self-paced program that you can join when you please and go through as quicky or slowly as you like!

If you join Light Rich The Program and within 3 days of your purchase you find that it isn’t for you, you can request a refund. Your financial decisions are sacred and your responsibility, so please only choose to join this program if it truly calls you and you’re willing to back yourself as a sure bet.


Grab yourself nine weeks worth of coaching guidance and support loaded with cutting-edge energetic techniques to take you from depleted and drained to juicy and light-rich!

You’ll be learning the exact transformational and activation processes I use daily to connect to energetic richness (these are invaluable).

I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the sunny land upon which I live, work and play in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia: the Turrbal and Jagera People, and pay my respect to their ancestors and elders past, present, and emerging.