The Biggest Revelation

I often struggle to accurately articulate what it truly feels like to live life the way I do. I’ll catch up with much-beloved family or friends, and when I’m asked how I am, or how things are – I falter at responding.

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Desiring The False Light

The other night I was in my bathroom washing my face when I heard a whizz and then a snap as something landed right beside me. It was a small praying mantis – which I think are the cutest most

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Hiding From The World?

Every day this week I’ve been live-streaming short little 5D business wisdom drops over on Instagram (catch up on Day 2 here and Day 3 here!) – and consistently sharing the joy of my legacy and work with the humans who resonate with

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Must-Have Soulful Leader Codes For You!

I’d just had the most delicious painful/pleasurable 2-hour bodywork session with my longtime shaman/medicine man Ahren when he threw an insight my way that kinda knocked the wind out of me.  For many years now, despite knowing that I’ve co-created

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The Hidden Gold of 2020

I ate Christmas Cookies for dinner last night. Washed down with a warm earl grey with oat milk. There was nothing remotely redeeming about these cookies either – other than that the sugar, butter and eggs were definitely organic. I

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Being Who The World Needs You To Be

Do we have to choose between different aspects of ourselves vying for our attention, or is there a way to live all of them to the fullest extent possible? I often grapple with the many aspects of myself that vie

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The David Attenborough of Starseeds

Earlier this week, some of my soulies and I were deep in squeely-excited message chatting as we organised our upcoming adventure to go and SWIM WITH HUMPBACK WHALES in the wild. I KNOW – epic. Whenever I see a whale from afar in

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Have You Forgotten Who and What You Are?

I was finally reunited with a beloved bodyworker of mine this past weekend, after several months separated by a hard border between Queensland and NSW, here in Australia. To say I was thrilled to be in the hands of this

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Supercharge 2020

YAAAAAAY! IT’S HERE! Supercharge 2020 has arrived and I’M SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED! My babe Melissa Sandon (Founder of Soul Medicine Academy) and I have been weaving some magic in the last few weeks, and rather than keeping the high-level energetic mastery

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Are You Getting Sucked In By It All?

I’m truly not one to buy into the whole ‘end of year’ mad rush and crazy-making energy and behaviour – but even I have to admit that tuning into the collective at this time is exhausting me and sucking me

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Who I listen to the most

Most (good) spiritual teachers will espouse listening to yourself, your gut, your intuition first and foremost when it comes to any and all advice that comes your way. And it’s great advice. I always invite my clients to allow wisdom

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In Case You Need A Reminder

Hands up if you’ve been feeling the intense energy a-swirling and a-whirling in the ethers for the past few weeks? For so many people this is appearing as flutters of anxiety, flushes of fear, and a nagging feeling of things

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Inner Glow

You Won’t Get Your Glow From This

At my local shopping centre there’s a beauty studio that I often shimmy past as I head to my greengrocer and I swear it’s gradually been morphing itself from a waxing and general beautician place to an injectibles and dermal

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Announcing – The Amplified Mastermind!

The AMPLIFIED Mastermind is here, loves!  Quantum Upgrades for 5D Leaders and Visionaries – 6 Months of transformational support to turn your stellar desire into an anchored reality. Amplified is a super-catalytic Mastermind to shift your frequency into the stratosphere.

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