Episode 13: How To Release Resistance and Claim Your Legacy

Lately, I’ve been watching incredible documentaries to purposefully put myself in the way of other people’s genius. Entraining with that energy is so enlivening for me and I love putting myself in the way of other people’s brilliance. 

One of them that I recently watched was 14 Peaks, a documentary series featuring a Nepalese mountaineer and his team, Nirmal Purja. They set out to scale the 148-thousand-metre peaks in 7 or 8 months. 

This documentary is super inspiring, not just in the scaling of these epic mountains which takes endurance, skill, and expertise — but in how the Nepalese are taking back the prestige of scaling these mountains. Which by the way, they do everyday! 

These Sherpas really reclaimed their absolute expertise and what seems like beyond-human capacities to climb these mountains. Having lived in Nepal and  frequently seen people casually walk up mountains for a day trip and have lunch in their thongs (flip flops) and jeans — it was so phenomenal to watch and observe their brilliance once again on the TV.  

Another one that I’ve recently watched was the 100 Foot Wave, about the infamous Nazare surf break in Portugal.

The sea hits an undersea canyon at a depth of 16000 feet (yep 5000m) before it races through towards the shore, resulting in monster waves that the surfing world only discovered recently.

In one episode, a big wave surfer (Hawaiian Kai Lenny) was interviewed, and he said he was so scared of surfing Nazare after being tossed around by it a few times and wiping out (the risk of injury and death here is very real), that he considered never doing it again.

But Kai’s also a pioneer of next-generation big wave surfing and he had this realisation at some point about this pinnacle of big waves, along with what he’s here to do in this lifetime – pushing the edge of it, and he said these words:

“Over the years it’s completely changed and now I long to surf Nazare.

It’s such a challenge, and I’ve just decided to accept that challenge.”

His words blew me away because I realised that it was the perfect descriptor of the soulful entrepreneur’s life. *Insert whatever challenging life choice you made or are about to make.*

We get in the water (or are sometimes thrown in, as I was!) and we learn to swim, paddle and then surf bigger and bigger waves as we go along.

Sometimes getting tossed around in the white water, gasping for breath, feeling suffocated by the undertow, or even wiped out — doubting our capabilities and afraid to go back out there.

And other times we glide and hit the sweet spot of that gigantic wave, fully charging it (in surfing parlance) and owning our brilliance and work in the world.

What I realised though, when I heard those specific words come out of Kai’s mouth is: the enterprising soul work-life chose me — but I hadn’t yet fully CHOSEN IT in all of its myriad of experiences.

To give you a bit of background of my soulful entrepreneurial journey:

I was very reluctant for a few years. It started during the time that I was working in the International Aid and Development and I may have possibly just started my blog and also started to tune in to my right path. 

A particular oracle card that said Entrepreneur came up for me. And this card came to me almost every time I pull a card for daily guidance. 

Almost every time, it made my stomach turn and contract because there was nothing in me that desired to step into entrepreneurship.

That card kept turning up over and over again. 

And it ended up being the truth of what was actually coming for me! 

Through incremental steps, the emergence of this path came to be.

I transitioned out of my role in 2016 and it was a leap of faith. There was fear. It was scary. And even though I got better and better at it as I went, I still was not quite fully choosing it after it had chosen me.

I hadn’t yet decided to accept the challenge of it!

But this is a challenge I know my soul fully chose into, long ago.

I realised I hadn’t been choosing to accept the challenge of really bringing it in a wild way for my legacy, but instead resisting the exhilaration of it and trying my best to ‘make it comfortable’.

I realised I needed to stop trying to contort and control it, when the wildness and uncertainty are exactly what I’ve chosen and been given the incredible skills to navigate and thrive in (hello mystic and energetic maven) — just like Kai and his cutting edge big wave surfing.

What I’m really required to do is accept the challenge, f*cking charge it, and SURF my heart out.

Sure there will be wipeouts.

Sure I will get mouthfuls of sand and flail in the depths sometimes.

I didn’t opt-in for the comfortable ride this lifetime, and am I ready to fully accept that?

YES. 1000 times yes.

And it’s what you’ve chosen and been given the skills to do, too — in a way that only YOU can!

So a question for you: are you ready to decide to accept the challenge of your soul work and legacy?

Because truly accepting it in all of its ups and downs and victories and challenges — will help you to see that it isn’t supposed to be any different from what it is — a wild uncontrollable beast of a thing that YOU get to ride in this lifetime, adding the flare and pizzaz that only you can.

And once you’ve truly accepted the challenge of your legacy and who you’re here to be — resistance melts away and lets you fully claim it in a way that you possibly never have before.

PS. Is it time to gift the world with your highest, most ecstatically juicy and light-filled self? (Yes, it is!)

Your new energised quantum soul business & life is here, waiting for you to claim it. 

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In this episode of the Lead With Your Light Podcast:

  • The documentaries that I’ve been watching lately. Deliberately  putting myself in the way of other people’s brilliance [1:24]
  • The words that Hawaiian Kai Lenny said in an interview that blew my mind [4:54]
  • For those who haven’t heard about my soulful entrepreneurial journey yet, this part is for you [8:25]
  • My realisation that my soul had already chosen this challenge a long time ago, but part of me was still resisting it [13:05]
  • Are you ready to drop your resistance and accept the legacy calling for you  – and claim it fully? [16:40]

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