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Created and curated especially for you – here are some freebie spiritual guidance resources to kick-start and re-juice your commitment to living in your highest state, here on earth.


What story are you currently telling – and creating – for your reality?

Every word we use to describe ourselves and our lives energetically contributes to the reality we either presently, or eventually, live.

As the living, breathing creators that we are, each of us, moment to moment, are energising different higher or lower vibrational timelines available to us at all times.

“I can’t do that scary-but-exhilarating thing I’ve always wanted to do.”
“I’ll never be able to afford THAT.”
“How will I ever attract the partner of my dreams?”
“Who am I to live the life of my dreams?”


We say these things and inadvertently make small but significant decisions that keep us playing on the sidelines of our lives, and far short of our highest potential.

Our soul longs for more, and truly knows we’re capable of so much greatness.

Want to make a change? You can start simply by getting conscious about the stories you tell yourself. The patterns that run your life, perhaps without you even realising.

Try doing an audit of all the ways you refer to yourself, daily (both implicitly and explicitly). Write it down. Become aware of the story you’re weaving, because it’s a preview to your coming reality.

If you want to be guided in this process, and frankly feel like you’re totally DONE with playing small, I have a completely free 5 Day Activation Challenge called Upgrade Your Life, available in my private Facebook group, Woman Exalted.

During these five days you’ll receive (for F-R-E-E):

– The Upgrade Your Life Resource Guide PDF
– PDF worksheets and content to play with and fill in
– Video content
– A highly supportive group environment to share and connect in my Facebook Group, Woman EXALTED.
– My highly potent 12 minute Cosmic Connection Meditation

Total Value: $333. Costs you: Zilch. Sound like your kinda jam? YAY! COME ON IN,


Grab a copy of “Brightening You, 8 Ways to Fill Your Life With Light” – your go-to guide for living a light-filled life. This guide is chock-full of info on my top eight tips for adding more light to your life – practices and tools that I constantly call on to fill my life with light.

And I’m talking about light in multi-dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cosmic! ALL OF THE LIGHT.

Brightening You - Cover - iPad

Opening yourself and your energy centres up to light in all its forms and allowing the universe’s energy to move through you will literally create heaven on earth in your own personal cosmos. And as within, so without – these heavenly vibes flow in to the collective consciousness, reflecting back at you as your reality.

What we do in the microcosm has a ripple effect in to the macrocosm, this I know for sure.

Brightening You is a guide for souls who KNOW the truth of their light at their core. That alignment to this light is the only ‘work’ they ever need to do to realise their highest potential and live an amazing life. No more fixing, or less-than thoughts, you know the truth of your divinity here on earth.

You’re so much more (infinitely more) than flesh and bone – and I want to make sure you to know this. Even more than that, I want you to FEEL this in the depths of your being.

Brightening You will give you a solid bunch of actionables which I’ve found invaluable in my own personal journey – all of which will give you immediate energetic upgrades when you implement them. GRAB YOUR FREE COPY NOW.


Here’s a PDF Copy of my Spiritual Go-Tos – the resources, practices and people I call on all the time to support me on my journey –  Carly’s Spiritual Toolkit. Click on over, print it out and use it as and when you need!

Carly's Spiritual Toolkit - iPad


Do you yearn to be seen in your highest light? Connected to divine, light-filled women and held in a safe and sacred space? I created the free Facebook group, Woman, EXALTED, to do just that. It’s filled with some of the highest-vibin’ women I know on earth.

As a group we are tapped into and turned on by both our divine feminine and divine masculine gifts and revel in the dance between them – ready to live as the full embodiment of our highest truth and light. We feel into our highest states, and explore our erotic edges.

We support our kindred women folk who are on a similar path, and see their successes, joys and achievements as our own – for they truly are. The magic we recognise in others is that which we also possess.

Together we hold a collective energy that vibrates us ALL in to higher dimensions, states of being, flow, and consciousness.

I share a whole heap of FREE content in there that is not available anywhere else. Think group energy activations, videos, FB LIVE chats, and group-only exclusive offers for working with me.

Come on inside and join us if this sounds like your jam!

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